Frank Watkins – R.I.P

Sorry to hear that Frank Watkins, former Obituary and current Gorgoroth bassist has passed away aged just 47 following a long battle with Cancer. Frank joined Obituary when he was 21 years old and stayed with them for over 15 years, playing on all their albums bar “Slowly We Rot”. More recently he took up with Norwegian Black Metal terrors Gorgoroth under the name “Bøddel”, which means “Executioner” in Norwegian. Obituary had this to say: “Just got the very sad news that Frank passed away this morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

Krashkarma – “Paint The Devil”

Krashkarma – “Paint The Devil” (ESR/Membran/Code7) Prepare for Krashkarma! Made up of the fire n ice duo of Ralf Dietel on vocals/ guitars / bass and Nicole Skistimas on drums/ vocals/ programming, Krashkarma in many ways personify their Hollywood hometown, being made to appeal hugely to the masses of slavering rock hounds the world over with their brand of rock that kicks ass equally on vinyl as it does live and indeed going further into celluloid! That’s right, films, videos, soundtracks, call it what you want, but Krashkarma’s music is tailor made for it, so much so that Fox Sports NFL has … Continue reading

Voodoo Hill – “Waterfall”

Voodoo Hill – “Waterfall” (Frontiers Music) I used to think of Glenn Hughes more as a bass player than a lead vocalist but on this album he truly excels himself! A musical alliance between Italian axeman Dario Mollo and the legendary former Deep Purple singer / bass player, Voodoo Hill is certainly the culmination of a 30 years+ career for Mollo as a musician, songwriter and producer. Indeed, it is his virtuosic guitar playing, like on the epic ‘White Feather’ that truly provides the perfect platform from which Hughes can excel on this long awaited third release capturing the best … Continue reading