RINGS OF SATURN – GIDIM Album Details Part 1

 Alien themed tech-death masters, RINGS OF SATURN, arrive back on the scene to release their fifth full-length studio album. ‘Gidim’will be released on October 25th via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, Lucas Mann and Joel Omans discuss the details surrounding the new album. Watch as they speak about the album cover, the new line-up, the recording process and the musicians featured on the album. Watch the album trailer here Pre-order ‘Gidim’ in the format of your choice, as well as merchandise, here: http://www.nuclearblast.com/ros-gidim Pre-order the album digitally to receive ‘The Husk’ instantly (via Amazon and iTunes only!) or pre-save it via Spotify, Apple Music & Deezer: https://nblast.de/RINGSOFSATURNpreSave Listen to ‘The Husk’ in the NB… Continue reading

The Last Internationale – “Freedom Town”

The Last Internationale is thrilled to announce the release of their brand new studio album “Soul On Fire” on 8th November 2019. To coincide with the record announcement, the duo will launch the first single “Freedom Town” on 11th October 2019. The studio record follows their critically acclaimed debut album “We Will Reign” released in 2014, and it bears five years of human struggles within a thankless industry. Self-produced in the Estudios de Bandeira in Portugal, “Soul On Fire” features twelve powerfully intense rock driven -tracks and sees Joey Castillo (Queens of The Stone Age) on drums. Each song is… Continue reading

Edge Of Forever – “Native Soul”

Sporting a dynamic line-up that features founding member, producer, singer and keyboard player Alessandro Del Vecchio, guitarist Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere), bass player Nik Mazzucconi (Labyrinth) and drummer Marco Di Salvia (Hardline), Edge Of Forever are back with their long awaited fourth album, ‘Native Soul’. Easily their strongest record to date, it recalls the heavier yet still melodic sound of their acclaimed debut album. Originally formed by Del Vecchio in 2002, the band released the albums ‘Feeding The Fire’ (2004, produced by Marcel Jacob [Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman]) and ‘Let The Demon Rock ’n’ Roll’ (2005, produced by Bobby Barth [Axe, Blackfoot]. Both of these… Continue reading

PIST – If I Was You…

Riff juggernaut Pist who release new album ‘Hailz’ on 8th November through APF Records (Mastiff, Battalions, BongCauldron, Desert Storm) have shared a guitar playthrough video for new single ‘If I Was You…’. Filmed in association with Blackstar Amplification, guitarist John Nicholson describes the track as, “The fastest and most extreme song from the album, this was written shortly after seeing Uada in Nottingham which turned out to be a big influence for us.” The Bury, Lancashire based quartet’s new album ‘Hailz’ features 7 tracks that see them taking a step away from the stoner-doom label they were tagged with. Formed in… Continue reading

BLIND GUARDIAN TWILIGHT ORCHESTRA – Singing The ‘Legacy Of The Dark Lands’

Promising to be one of the most ambitious projects in metal history, BLIND GUARDIAN’s forthcoming release will be well worth the wait. The idea of recording an orchestral album originally formed in the minds of the two leading lights of the BLIND GUARDIAN universe – guitarist André Olbrich and singer Hansi Kürsch – during the 1990’s when BLIND GUARDIAN started to use orchestral elements to enhance their opulent sound. The monumental project started to take shape over recent years, and mirroring its epic sound cascades, the lyrical concept was developed. To create the concept, Andrè and Hansi worked alongside German bestselling author Markus Heitz, whose latest novel Die dunklen Lande was released on March 1st, 2019. The book is set… Continue reading

Angel Witch – “Condemned”

On November 1st, Angel Witch will release their fifth full-length, Angel of Light, via Metal Blade Records. Angel Witch’s 1980 eponymous debut on Bronze records created shockwaves that would resonate throughout the nascent realm of thrash, doom and death metal. Now, nearly four decades later, the band remain custodians of a style that transcends era and archetype. For a preview of their upcoming record, Angel of Light, the second single, “Condemned”, can now be heard HERE “Condemned” is also available as a flexi disc for subscribers in the current issue of Deaf Forever Magazine (Germany), out today. Please visit: https://www.deaf-forever.de/ for more… Continue reading

Praying Mantis – new live album

 Recorded live at Frontiers Rock Festival V in Milan, Italy on 28th April 2018, this brand new live release shows Praying Mantis performing a setlist of new songs and several classic tracks to a packed crowd, including selected cuts from their now legendary debut album, ‘Time Tells No Lies’. Overall, it showcases the repertoire of one of the most consistent British hard rock bands around. Originally formed in 1973 by the Troy brothers, Tino and Chris, Praying Mantis became one of the most influential bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). They are also one of… Continue reading

NILE – Vile Nilotic Rites

Technical death metal Egyptologists NILE are proud to reveal that their ninth studio album, ‘Vile Nilotic Rites’, will be released on November 1st via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band offers a lyric video for the second single and title track, ‘Vile Nilotic Rites,’ which can be seen here Karl Sanders comments, “‘Vile Nilotic Rites’ was a depraved yet fun song to write and record. Now that we are playing it live on tour, we are for sure enjoying sharing the song onstage with metal fans. ‘Vile’ is a catchy track with a lot of variety in the tempo; from crushing heavy, to… Continue reading


Crystal Viper’s Marta Gabriel has joined forces with Riot V’s Todd Michael Hall to record a cover version of “Shallow”, the Lady Gaga / Bradley Cooper hit from “A Star Is Born” movie. Says Marta Gabriel: “I recorded many songs in duet in my life, but this one here, is very, very special. Todd Michael Hall, whom you mainly know as the RIOT V singer, is not only a great friend of mine and a wonderful person, but also an incredibly talented vocalist. Few weeks ago we were talking about how great this Lady Gaga / Bradley Cooper song is, and that we should record… Continue reading