Igorrr – Cheval

IGORRR – the brainchild of French musician and eclectic composer Gautier Serre – will release their new album, ‘Savage Sinusoid’, via Metal Blade Records. On this record, electronic manipulations, accordion, saxophone, sitar, harpsichord, mandolin and strings sit comfortably alongside ruthless blastbeats, chunky riffs, death grunts and soaring operatic vocals – and as chaotic as this might sometimes seem, there is no lack of heart behind everything thundering from the speakers. For a preview of ‘Savage Sinusoid’, a video for the new single, ‘Cheval’ (featuring guest vocals by Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan!), can be viewed HERE. Continue reading

MUNICIPAL WASTE – Album Production

In less than 3 weeks, Richmond Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE will unleash their latest piece of toxic detritus, Slime And Punishment, on June 23rd via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, Phil and Tony discuss the production of Slime And Punishment. Watch the fifth trailer here! Phil ‘Landphil’ Hall  comments, “This one was a collaborative effort between musicians. I did the tracking and we had another guy (Bill Metoyer) do all the mixing.” Continue reading

ORDEN OGAN – Fields Of Sorrow

German power metal masters ORDEN OGAN proudly present the second single (and lyric video) off their upcoming album „Gunmen“ (out July 7th): “Fields Of Sorrow” is one of the ten stunning, epic, melodic tracks featured on the new release, which also offers a guest appearance of former Leaves’ Eyes/Theatre Of Tragedy vocalist Liv Kristine on the song “Come with Me To The Other Side”. Continue reading

Lethal Affection – Frozen In Time

If you’re looking for a band with shredding guitar, heavy grooves, and operatic vocals, look no further than New Jersey’s own Lethal Affection. The band was founded five years ago in New Brunswick by guitarists Joe Percario and Nick Kashmanian to shake up the musical landscape and put classic heavy metal back on the map. Joined by lead vocalist Noah Simon, and by drummer Cameron Rozell, this high-energy metal outfit is proving that rock and roll is still very much alive and well. Continue reading

KATAKLYSM – Illuminati

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of KATAKLYSM – to celebrate, the band will embark on a large headline tour through Europe in autumn. In support of these upcoming shows, the band now releases their lyric video to their mind-blowing classic ‘Illuminati’ off the re-release of Shadows & Dust/Serenity In Fire in one box. In support of these upcoming shows, the band now releases their lyric video to their mind blowing classic ‘Illuminati’. Watch it here Continue reading

Mr. Big – “Everybody Needs a Little Trouble”

“OK, we’re rolling.” With those three declarative words (spoken by producer Kevin Elson right after the music kicks in on ‘Open Your Eyes’, an instant callback to the beginning of ‘Addicted to That Rush’, the hard-charging lead track on the band’s self-titled 1989 debut), Mr. Big plants the flag between past, present, and future with ‘Defying Gravity’, the band’s ninth original studio album. Continue reading


The creativity and productivity of the German heavy metal trio RAGE seems to have no limits. Little over a year after the successful “The Devil Strikes Again”, RAGE are set to deliver their new, 23rd studio album, “Seasons Of The Black”, which will be released on July 28th. Continue reading