HÄLLAS – The Making of Conundrum – A sonic adventure rock odyssey

Along with their epic adventure rock album Conundrum, out since March 20 via Napalm Records, HÄLLAS have released an extraordinary documentary, The Making of Conundrum – A Sonic Adventure Rock Odyssey. The footage details the true story behind the album – specifically the writing, producing and creation process – while reflecting the incredible relationship between the band members, not only as musicians, but as friends. Although they all have their own specific vision of sound aesthetics, they’re still walking the same road leading to the essence of their individual imaginations coalescing into the sonic masterpiece called Conundrum. Kasper Eriksson states: “Instead of focusing too much on the… Continue reading

ORANSSI PAZUZU – Uusi teknokratia

Two weeks ago, Finland’s experimental anti-traditionalists unleashed ‘Uusi teknokratia’, the first single off their new album ‘Mestarin kynsi’, out on April, 17th. Today, ORANSSI PAZUZU have released a hypnotic music video for the song. The band states, “The video Zev Deans made captures the paranoid vibe of the track and expands it further by adding a whole new visual realm into it. An apocalyptic vision that leaves no other choice but to obey.” ‘Uusi teknokratia’ was directed by Zev Deans, produced by Rachel Kitson. Ryan Michael Kelly shot the video with executive producer Noah Young and associate producer Daniel Litt, starring Leslie Barany and Johnny Scuotto. Rachel Kitson and Zev Deans were responsible for the production design, Christine Snider for… Continue reading

ÆTHER REALM – Slave To The Riff

Melodic death metal masters AETHER REALM recently announced the upcoming release of their new, multi-faceted full-length album, Redneck Vikings From Hell, out May 1, 2020 via Napalm Records. With their new album, the band improves upon their already distinctive sound that’s been astonishing fans since day one – taking listeners on a stupefying rollercoaster ride of death metal, thrash and even neo-classical shred. Today, AETHER REALM has revealed a second single from Redneck Vikings From Hell – the unrelenting symphonic banger, “Slave To The Riff”. Wasting no time kicking things off with a nasty groove, “Slave To The Riff” is an ode to the heavier side… Continue reading

Kingsmen – Waste Away

Rhode Island’s rising metal band KINGSMEN will release their debut full-length album, ‘Revenge. Forgiveness, Recovery,’ on April 10th via SharpTone Records. The band has released another crushing new track, this one dubbed ‘Waste Away.’ Stream/download ‘Waste Away’ here: https://shrptn.co/wasteaway Commenting on the new single, vocalist Tanner Guimond says, “‘Waste Away’ is the soundtrack to an inner battle with self -oubt and anger. This track represents the process of ‘Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery’ through the mind of the individual who is fighting with their worst thoughts.” Pre-order the new album ‘Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery’ here: https://shrptn.co/kingsmen After a series of unfortunate events over the last few years that nearly ended the band, KINGSMEN buckled-down… Continue reading

YounA – [2020] – Zornvlouch

“Zornvlouch” is an ireful curse which was uttered to bring plague and wrath to this malign world. So let the untamed ghosts enter and let you be encased by obscurity! Let yourself fall into feral mania, lust and gluttony and dance with devils and evil spirits! The entire curse shall be released on June 1st 2020 by Into Endless Chaos Records and will be limited to 300 black pieces of Vinyl (273 regular and 27 special editions); the MC edition will be limited to 111 pieces. Pre-Sales: YounA – Zornvlouch PRE ORDER Continue reading

Robert Jon & The Wreck – Oh Miss Carolina

Robert Jon & The Wreck are back and ready to tear up Europe all over again with their new record, Last Light on the Highway. The impressive new album, recorded all across the United States and Australia, and selfproduced by Robert Jon & The Wreck, will be released on Friday 8th May 2020. The first single from the album “Oh Miss Carolina” will be released on Friday 27th March and will be accompanied with a music video. The band has been received with accolades and raving reviews for years now, from nominations of “Best Rock” and “Best Blues” and winning… Continue reading


ASH RETURN release their new album ‘The Sharp Blade Of Integrity’, released on 1st May on Swell Creek Records After the sudden end of HC legend MIOZÄN, it become obvious very quickly for 4/5 of the band members: giving up was not an option, but to continue under the same name wasn‘t even up for debate. Although the main influence was to remain in the classic hardcore style of the late ‚80s, the new sound would be combined with classic metal influences à la IRON MAIDEN for example. As luck would have it, Tank, Kniffel, Gerrit and Outso quickly found Johnny from… Continue reading

Crimson Star – Living A Lie

Pulling in from a variety of influences vacillating from Queens Of The Stone age, Foo Fighters, and Black Sabbath, through to Muse, CRIMSON STAR have created a sound that is loaded with vigorous riffs, forceful energy and infectious refrains. The band’s brand new single, Living A Lie, is out now – The single is prised from the threesome’s hotly-tipped new EP, entitled The Old Dawg, which arrives on Friday, 3rd April. Coming at you from Birmingham, the birthplace of Heavy Metal, CRIMSON STAR have been building their following since their inception at the end of 2013. The hard rockers have… Continue reading

BEAR Video

Belgian progressive metal/hardcore unit BEAR will release their Propaganda full-length this May via Pelagic Records. BEAR invokes the spirit of great hardcore bands of the ‘90s; bands like Catharsis or Gehenna, bands whose raw energy, uncompromising delivery, and relentlessly violent performance was as energizing and invigorating as it was puzzling for the oftentimes baffled audience, who had their teeth caved in by guitars thrown in their direction, and a frontman charging through them like a derailed freight train, coming to a flaming halt at the end of the room, behind the mixing desk. BEAR hails from Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest… Continue reading