BORIS with MERZBOW – Boris

Relapse Records presents 2R0I2P0, the brand new collaborative album from BORIS and MERZBOW, out next week on December 11th. Watch and listen to the cover of “Boris” by The Melvins HERE. An album that is at once familiar and unique for its time, melodic and harsh in equal parts, 2R0I2P0 aims to find sonic harmony. After all, 2R0I2P0 translates to “Twenty Twenty R.I.P.” “This year was a period of trial for everyone in the world,” BORIS comments. “This work becomes a monument to the requiem of the previous era. From here, a new world begins again.” The 10 track album… Continue reading


Ukrainian metalcore beasts SPACE OF VARIATIONS have unleashed a brand new video for “Будут Наказаны” (“They Will Be Punished”), taken from their 2020 Napalm Records debut EP XXXXX. The footage was filmed during their unforgettable shows in Kyiv and the legendary Faine Misto Festival, as well as on tour supporting comrades and friends JINJER on their sold out European Macro Tour 2019. “Будут Наказаны” is a blistering burst of in-your-face Metalcore fury that has a long history with SPACE OF VARIATIONS. Singer Dima Kozhuhar states: „Будут Наказаны (They Will Be Punished) is actually one of our oldest songs, written in 2009 when I was 18… Continue reading

Mercutio – Playtime

UK based alt rock trio Mercutio are pleased to announce the release of an EP, “Chaos is King”, on Thursday 10th December 2020. The band can also announce themselves as main support on Inglorious UK headline tour in April/May 2021. Following the critical and commercially acclaimed release of previous single “Slap Bang” in July 2020 and second single “Playtime” in November 2020 , the bands EP continues to deliver supremely infectious rock songs. The band have also been added as main support on Inglorious UK Tour across April and May 2021. The full dates are as follows Thurs 22nd April… Continue reading

METALITE – Peacekeepers

The update for modern Power and Melodic Metal will be coming sooner as expected – with a new album called “A Virtual World” (to be released 26th March 2021) the Swedish Power Metal quintet METALITE returns to the metal dancefloor. Not even 1,5 years after they returned with their new singer Erica Ohlsson – who brought in a massive amount of energy and musicianship to increase the impact for the new heroes of Modern Metal – trendsetting, epic and of the highest quality. Now the band not only revealed the excellent cover art for “A Virtual World” on their socials,… Continue reading

Tristwood – A Blackcrowned Majesty

Tristwood, a band known for their unique style mix of black and death metal, grind- and postcore, industrial and synthwave, released their worldwide controversial and highly acclaimed album “Blackcrowned Majesty” this year. Now the first video of the band to the title track of the same name, which was produced by Nattawan Worachat ( in summer 2020, follows as a bonus. Metal must remain provocative. “In our opinion, art or metal is and remains something of value only if it provokes or challenges,” reports Neru, guitarist and one of the band’s two producers. The exclusive writing of a dystopian tale… Continue reading

Kreek – “Million Dollar Man”

Kreek is a new band fronted by ex-Bigfoot frontman Antony Ellis, which sees the vocalist keeping his foot firmly planted in the fertile UK hard rock scene from which he first emerged. Kreek perform kick ass rock ‘n’ roll with strong melodies, hooks and lyrics and are the next evolutionary step for Ellis after Bigfoot. “I had a blast with my former band, but as I had personal goals and growth in my songwriting skills, I realised this new outlet was very necessary,” he states. “With Kreek, I am very much the driving force behind the music and the band members are guys I handpicked… Continue reading

HAVEN – Samsara

Powerhouse label Argonauta Records is proud to welcome German-based post-metal act HAVEN to their eclectic artist roster. The up&coming five-piece from Berlin has not just signed a worldwide record deal, they are also celebrating the release of their brand new EP, titled “Vessel”, which is out now! HAVEN’s music is driven by topics such as self-reflection, consequence of action, the structure of ego, the weight of personal experience, and questions concerning the significance of human life as part of an all-embracing cycle of energy. Following an intensive phase of defining their sound – which brings together manic aggression, dark heaviness, and fragile… Continue reading

Wax Mekanix – Victorious

High velocity rocker Wax Mekanix has unleashed his video for the track “Victorious”. The song is from his album Mobocracy which was released on November 20th via Electric Talon Records. Waxim “Wax” Ulysses Mekanix is an American musician, songwriter, performer, producer, and founding member of NWOBHM cult rockers Nitro. (Not to be confused with the Hollywood band). Wax’s perspective and work can best be described as raw, authentic, bold, uncompromising, and disconcerting.  Out of a radically transformed America comes a statement from a veteran artist that’s of and for its time.  Mobocracy is a focused collection of strident, aggressive, snarling, howling songs that… Continue reading

SKAM ft Paul Mahon – One Track Mind

SKAM release new single & video ‘One Track Mind’, featuring Paul Mahon (The Answer)  today, 30th November, out on X-Ray Records This track sees the boys express the darker side of the SKAM sound, The fuzztastic buzzsaw riff heralds the story of a man with insomnia, the trouble he has getting to sleep and the thoughts in his head. All be it for a chilling reason…inspired by the strange notion that even the most innocent can have dark secrets and things hiding in the shadows. The track itself is the perfect blend of what Makes SKAM popular, hard hitting riffs and… Continue reading


HOUNDS rise up with the release of their formidable new single and video, Beast, out now! HOUNDS hail from the Isle of Wight and spit out venomous blasts of hardcore metal. Amalgamating their passion for angular metal riffs and aggressive hardcore, the band are recognized as one of the angriest acts to come through for many years. Their recordings are potent and hard-hitting, and the band’s live performances are nothing short of savage, as they express their full fury with utter intensity and conviction. Although HOUNDS are a new entity, the band are spawned from the ashes of cult Hardcore… Continue reading