VEXED – Debut Album

The UK’s most exciting new talent, fearless alt-metal upstarts VEXED, instantly turned heads and took names with the release of two recent standalone singles – including the fearsome “Elite” featuring Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon – creating a palpable underground buzz and giving fans a hefty sample of what to expect in the future. Now, the wait is over – the crushing Hertfordshire foursome have resurfaced with the announcement of their aggressive and uncompromising debut full-length, Culling Culture, out May 21, 2021 via Napalm Records. With their devastatingly heavy first output, VEXED underline their refusal to be pigeonholed into sonically conformist categories. Their instrumental dagger is sharpened by… Continue reading

When Rivers Meet – “Walking On The Wire”

British husband and wife blues rock duo When Rivers Meet are pleased to announce the release of their new single “Walking On The Wire” on Friday February 26th. “Walking On The Wire” is the third single taken from their debut album “We Fly Free”. It follows hot on the heels of their previous singles “Battleground” and “Did I Break The Law”. The new single will be accompanied by a music video filmed in the Essex countryside utilising stunning aerial drone footage. When Rivers Meet is comprised of husband and wife, Grace, and Aaron Bond. Grace takes the lion’s share of lead vocals, plays mandolin and fiddle. Aaron… Continue reading

LEAGUE OF LIGHTS – new album

League Of Lights are an electronic pop-rock duo comprised of Farrah and Richard West. Their third and most accomplished album to date, ‘Dreamers Don’t Come Down’ is an outstanding collection of songs that is redolent in places of early ’80s synth pioneers like John Foxx, as well as ’00s exponents of the genre such as Ladytron. With a powerful secret weapon in Farrah’s voice, plus uptempo songs such as ‘The Collector’ and ‘Persephone’ boasting club-banger choruses to kill for, the duo possess crossover pop nous in abundance. Meanwhile, slower and lyrically introspective tracks such as ‘Dreamers’ and ‘Lines In The… Continue reading

Hardwicke Circus – Walking On Broken Glass

“If you drive into Carlisle,” says Hardwicke Circus frontman Jonny Foster, “the first roundabout you’ll hit is Hardwicke Circus. Whenever we’d travel anywhere, I’d say, ‘We’re from Carlisle,’ and the response would be, ‘Where the fuck is Carlisle?’ But there are no excuses now.” Hardwicke Circus aren’t your average guitar band – a six piece collective from the wilds of Carlisle, a band who value the song above the single, a group who have a sound soaked with the classic sounds of rock n roll history but still sound completely of the moment, individuals channelling their differences into a similarity… Continue reading

SPIRAL GRAVE – Debut Album

It feels like a legacy, but most likely a news that will make every doom heart beat faster: Members of the final lineup of doom legends IRON MAN, have announced their return with SPIRAL GRAVE! SPIRAL GRAVE, comprised of vocalist Screaming Mad Dee, Iron Louis Strachan (bass), Mot Waldmann on drums and former LORD guitarist Willy Rivera – whose aggressive riffing sets the mood for the band’s heavy as hell, in your face doom – was born after the tragic death of IRON MAN founding member Alfred Morris III. They quickly carved a place for themselves in North America’s heavy music scene, playing well-received sets at New England Stoner Doom Fest or… Continue reading

Messiahvore – CULT WORSHIP

Today they release a new single from the album ‘Cult Worship’. ‘Cult Worship’ is a sludgy, doom drenched track with an industrial fusion, aggressive and thick. ‘Cult Worship’ has an industrial vibe. Riffs are aggressive and tight, then open and noise-infested with sonic wind and feedback. ‘Cult Worship’ begins with a stylistically tribal intro beat that bleeds into a minimalistic verse, then brought together by a straight-forward driving chorus. The song is meant to push and pull until its final bombastic summary. Lyrically, the song seems to be an introspective search and request for individuals to think for themselves. With the current state… Continue reading

Les Chants du Hasard – Le Reflet

LES CHANTS DU HASARD is the project of Hazard. It was born with the idea that Metal is a musical style that deals with extreme emotions, anger, violence, darkness and despair and whose goal is to create an aural experience of those emotions, something more than just music, that would drown the listener. Mainman Hazard wondered what would be the best way to create such music and the answer he found is that one needs the most expressive musical means. Now, what is the musical vessel with the most possibilities, the most nuances and that has been refined for centuries… Continue reading

Twisted Illusion – Apocalypse…

With a diverse and expansive slew of influences panning from Rush, Toto and Dio to Queen, TWISTED ILLUSION will re-release their newly recorded debut album, Temple of Artifice, on Friday 28th May, which is the album’s fifth anniversary of its original release. The alluring prog rockers have just released the first of a hatful of singles to support the album, proceeding with Apocalypse …#lol, out now TWISTED ILLUSION hail from Manchester and were founded by front man Matt Jones in 2014. Serving up a hugely enthralling sound built around intriguing guitar parts, dynamic drums, thoughtful structures, and powerful vocals, TWISTED… Continue reading

RICKY WARWICK – You’re My Rock’N’Roll

Today sees Ricky Warwick release his first solo record in five years with ‘When Life Was Hard And Fast’. To celebrate the release of the new album, Ricky has also released a lyric video for the album’s closing track ‘You’re My Rock And Roll’ – a bombastic ode to the powerful, majestic and life affirming addiction that is rock ‘n’ roll. Ricky comments on the release of his new album “This album is a statement of my intent, a love of rock n roll, songwriting and playing from the heart. The only way I know how. I’m so honored I now have the opportunity to share it with all of… Continue reading

TrollfesT – Happy Heroes

After announcing their new EP, Happy Heroes (out March 19 via Napalm Records), the kings of True Norwegian Folk Metal TROLLFEST release the EP’s title track, “Happy Heroes”, along with a truly Kaotic animated music video. Viewer discretion is advised! TROLLFEST unleash their next troll adventure as soon as this tune kicks off! The video is a Kaotic, mad and colorful mess, where our trolls attempt to become powerful super heroes – however their plans to save the world don’t end up as planned. “Happy Heroes” takes you on a ride through an absurd world, musically accompanied by triumphant saxophones, heavy riffs and… Continue reading