Mother’s Cake – Streetjaman – Live at Bergisel

The ancient Greek and Roman amphitheatres were renowned for their sound quality, with claims made about the acoustics being so perfect that spectators watching from the back seats could hear the actors with perfect clarity, two millennia before microphones were invented. Other studies seem to expose this assumption as a myth. But hey – they are certainly rad venues for live performances, which is what Austrian rock act Mother’s Cake certainly prove with their dazzling takeover of Bergisel – a ski jump arena transformed into an amphitheatre to accommodate 25,000 spectators. The band’s performance begins with an aerial drone shot… Continue reading

I’LL BE DAMNED – The Entire Universe

Rebel rockers I’LL BE DAMNED are back and set to release their second full length album titled ‘Road To Disorder’ on August 31st 2018! Dark issues, clad in explosive tunes: The direction is similar to that taken on last years’ self-titled debut sensation. Denmark’s hottest Rock sensation since Volbeat has just unveiled first and exciting album details and release a first single to the track ‘The Entire Universe’, which is now available to stream here “Road To Disorder has something for the whole family; Punk, Sludge, Blues, Hard Rock, Heavy, Orchestral and all things in between. It is our salute to everything hard and heavy. We… Continue reading

Throat – No Hard Shoulder

Finnish noise rockers Throat have revealed their new video “No Hard Shoulder.” The track hails from the band’s highly anticipated second album, Bareback, set for international release on August 31st via Svart Records. See & hear Throat’s “No Hard Shoulder” in its entirety . Throat’s sophomore album, Bareback, sees the band plunge headfirst into unprotected encounters with musical elements hardly even hinted at on their previous releases. With a new and improved lineup, Throat spice up their version of ’90s-inspired noise rock with more melodic post-hardcore and indie rock ingredients yet show no fear in throwing influences from AOR all the way to harsh noise into the concoction. The result might… Continue reading

VENUES – Fading Away

German post hardcore outfit VENUES have released the second single off their forthcoming debut album, Aspire, which will drop on July 27 via Arising Empire. Watch the official music video for ‘Fading Away’ featuring Chris Wieczorek (ANNISOKAY) here Vocalist Robin commented: “We are beyond excited to unleash our brand new single ‘Fading Away’ today! The music video was created by our good friend Marius Milinski (offtonewadventures) once again. We are super  happy and proud that the one and only Chris Wieczorek (ANNISOKAY) did not only contribute great guest vocals on this track but also made the effort to take part in the music video too!” Get the song here: Aspire is now available… Continue reading

The Last Band – The Hunt Part 2

While “The Hunt” was about grinding and selling your ass for crumbs this song shines light on a different perspective. Whatever we say or do in life, whoever runs the show and what mess you might wind yourself up in just remember this! “Lies that we told won’t mean shit when we’re old, we’ll be alright alright” This is “The Hunt part II”! Continue reading

Manticora – Echoes Of A Silent Scream

The Danish thrash/power metallers have unveiled the video for “Echoes Of A Silent Scream”. Another MANTICORA concept double effort, it is based on the thriller/horror novel that lead singer Lars F. Larsen has written. The novel itself is scheduled for a May 2018 release, while the two concept albums will be released as two separate albums, one year apart. “To Kill To Live To Kill” cover artwork is a stunning picture, painted by the extremely talented Danish painter David Troest, and it resembles the stories of the novel. Larsen explains: “We have always tried out new cover artwork artists for each… Continue reading

We Are Sentinels – FROM MY TOWER

The third video From my Tower from We Are Sentinels’ debut album takes us once again into their epic, high-fantasy world of magic, myth and epic battles for the fate of mankind and all that is good. This song focuses on the consequences to a life of glorious battles in the name of virtue, or to say it in Jonah Weingarten’s own words: “A tale told from the perspective of a reflecting Sentinel, a warrior wishing to escape the perils of war. Dreaming of a better world and a place where violence and death don’t exist.” Continue reading

FROM INSIDE – Before I Leave

UK Alt-Metallers, FROM INSIDE, return with their mesmerising sophomore EP, When I’m Breathing Without You, out 14th September. The emerging foursome have also just premiered their brand new video for Before I Leave, which can be viewed here. FROM INSIDE are an exciting alternative metal band who hail from the UK’s culture capital, Liverpool. Expressing a sound that fuses sweeping atmospherics with driving distorted guitars, all framed by layered orchestral synths and emotional lyrics and themes, FROM INSIDE will challenge and ignite the listener. The quartet launched themselves onto the scene at the beginning of 2017 with their debut single,… Continue reading

Mammal – live

“Mammal is f**king excellent to watch; there’s no denying it. They have so much energy in their playing and performance that you cannot help but get swept away in it. These guys are building a loyal fan base and you can see why. The veritable frenzy that happened during the playing of Hell Yeah made me feel that I was watching a pack of wild animals unleashed – which is frankly what you want when you’re watching good rock’n’roll.” – Carolyn Miller, Drum Media Mammal are the real deal. Like some scarecrow prophet, vocalist Ezekiel Ox spits out his passionate… Continue reading

Ultra-Violence – Cadaver Decomposition Island

Italian thrash metal band Ultra-Violence who are set to return on 27th July with their new album ‘Operation Misdirection’ through Candlelight Records have shared the video for latest single, ‘Cadaver Decomposition Island’, one which represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Lead vocalist Loris Castiglia comments, ‘I thought a lot about the visual part of the song while I was working on the lyrics. We felt like it would fit perfectly with the music. Considering that the song doesn’t follow a classic structure but is constantly changing and evolving I decided to divide the whole theme in three parts: decomposition of the human body, merging… Continue reading