UNLEASHED – The Hunt For White Christ

Here comes the second strike of UNLEASHED’s new album. It’s the title track of The Hunt for White Christ, which will be out on October 26th via Napalm Records! Singer and bass player Johnny Hedlund explains the story behind the new song: “After the despicable acts of terror against women and children in the South, and the devastation of the villages (as seen on the album cover), The Midgard Warriors decide to hunt down White Christ, all the way to Jorsala if need be.” When it comes to Swedish Death Metal, the traditional Stockholm way and death metal per se, there is… Continue reading

ELUVEITIE – ‘Slania’ [10 Years]

Swiss folk metal stars ELUVEITIE released their second studio album  ‘SLANIA’ over a decade ago and to celebrate, the band have announced a very special anniversary edition of this masterpiece.’SLANIA – 10 Years’ includes a raft of bonus tracks, including demos and acoustic versions, and will be released on November 16th via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band presents a new trailer about this anniversary edition. Check out the video and find out more about the recordings and the idea behind this masterpiece: Pre-order ‘SLANIA – 10 Years’ here: http://nblast.de/EluveitieSlania10Years In February 2008 the, then rather unknown, Swiss folk-metal newcomers ELUVEITIE published an album which would later be heralded as one… Continue reading

The Ocean – “Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic” – Vlog 2: Studio & Tour

After returning from the harsh cold of Iceland, The Ocean Collective returned to the comforts of their hometown Berlin to continue their recording process for the upcoming Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic. We get another peek behind-the-scenes video which premiered here today The video delves into the dichotomized mind of guitarist Robin Staps showcasing the bands inner workings and the importance of the string and brass sections that make this new album powerful and unlike previous material. Cellist Dalai Cellai makes an appearance on the new record and shares her thoughts on the importance of string instruments, and how they help balance… Continue reading


Old school heavy metal newcomers BURNING WITCHES are set to release their new album Hexenhammer on November 9th. Today, the band presents the first track by track trailer for the new album. Find out more about the idea behind the songs ‘The Witch Circle’, ‘Executed’,  ‘Lords Of War’ and ‘Open Your Mind’ here Hexenhammer is now available for pre-order on a variety of different formats: All formats: nuclearblast.com/bw-hexenhammer Limited Digipack CD: nblast.de/BurningWitchesCD Limited Edition Double Gatefold Black Vinyl: nblast.de/BurningWitchesVinyl Limited Edition Double Gatefold Red Vinyl: nblast.de/BurningWitchesNBShop Limited Edition Double Gatefold Blue Vinyl + poster: nblast.de/BurningWitchesNBShop Digital album: nblast.de/BWHexenhammerIT Hexenhammer was produced in the Little Creek Studio by the same team as its predecessor: V.O. Pulver (PRO-PAIN, DESTRUCTION, NERVOSA, PÄNZER) and DESTRUCTION legend Schmier, who also helped… Continue reading

CHROME DIVISION – Walk Away In Shame

For one last time, infernal hard rockers CHROME DIVISION will let their engines roar. After 5 full-lengthalbums and the band celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, the Norwegians led by DIMMU BORGIR‘s Shagrath have decided to go out with a bang as they gear up to release their final studio effort ‘One Last Ride’! Four years after ‘Infernal Rock Eternal’, CHROME DIVISION join forces again with their first lead singer Eddie Guz and have brewed up a new masterpiece crackling with metallic energy and spinning wheels, ready to be unleashed on November 16th through Nuclear Blast. While the album is bursting with testosterone-laden rock, the band still loves to create little contrasts and therefore, a very… Continue reading

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA – Talk Formation And Intention Behind The Band

Swedish classic/progressive rock supergroup THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA have released a short video webisode in which they talk about the formation and intention behind the band. Furthermore, the band has started a competition in which they will give away a signed ESP/LTD guitar. Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/thenightflightorchestraofficial/videos/2024573367763435/ Commented the band: ” where you can win ESP Guitars,, we also have a competition in collaboration with our friends at THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRAFor those of you wanting something to commemorate the inevitable amnesia of spending a night out on the town with enters your hometown on their evangelical European Tour this winter, preaching the gospel of hedonism,… Continue reading

Oh Hiroshima – Drones

Swedish Post Rockers OH HIROSHIMA will release their next album on Napalm Records. The three piece, founded in 2006, creates epic and melancholic sound landscapes, that can be described as violently peaceful. It sounds as if their instruments had feelings. So no doubt, their 2015 album In Silence We Yearn deserves the almost three million views on YouTube. The band states: “It’s official! We’re joining Napalm Records roster for the release of our 3rd album! It feels great to be doing this together with the people at Napalm Records, who have been nothing but incredibly friendly to us and supportive of our work. We… Continue reading

NORTHWARD – Floor And JV’s Musical Backgrounds

Only one and a half weeks until NORTHWARD, the hard rock project from masterminds Floor Jansen and Jorn Viggo Lofstad, will release their powerful debut self-titled album. Today, they release a third album trailer in which they talk about their musical backgrounds and how they found a rock sound of their own. The album is now available for pre-order via this link: http://nblast.de/NWNorthward Pre-save on Spotify: http://nblast.de/NORTHWARDpreSav The album will also be released on vinyl (black, green, red, white), out on November, 11. You can get it from The Nuclear Blast mailorder: https://www.nuclearblast.de/de/shop/artikel/gruppen/51000.1.nuclearblast.html?article_group_sort_type_handle=rank&custom_keywords=northward+vinyl It was during the ‘All Star Jam’ at Progpower USA Festival in 2007, when current NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen and PAGAN’S MIND guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad spontaneously joined forces… Continue reading

BATTALIONS – Forever Marching Backwards

BATTALIONS, belligerent champions of the UK DIY underground scene, revered by fans worldwide, lauded by the press and hairier than a bucket of black bears, are back with a meaty, confrontational as fuck new album Forever Marching Backwardswhich is released by APF Records on November 30th. Recorded and mixed by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios in the UK, the resulting album is a danger-fuelled 30 minutes of Battalions own brand of bleak, swaggering, riff-infused groove metal-meets-harsh-punk sound. To quote the band, this is ‘pure Humber sludge’. Comments vocalist Phillip Wilkinson:“Since beginning writing, pretty much straight after the recording of our 2017 album… Continue reading

Mutant Proof – Brave The Storm

Directed by GMAN, the band shot a visual post-apocalyptic story in Witten, Westphalia about two women on the run. The second video from their self-titled debut album also premiers Mutant Proof’s new drummer Bobby Schottkowski (Tank, ex-Sodom). Frontman Gerald Manns says: “Brave The Storm is our only lovesong. But I wanted to place it in an unexpected scenario. Hence the zombies! Working with Bobby is fantastic. He’s highly professional but relaxed. Concentrated but funny! And obviously a real mean machine behind the drums!” The new MUTANT PROOF drummer Bobby comments: ” I had a lot of fun during the filming of the… Continue reading