A Heart Beats – Dazes The Mind

Early memories of lace and the scent of flesh have inspired the duo of instrumentalist Tuukki (known from power electronics acts such as Cloama and Strom.Ec) and vocalist Paile (who once played drums in Beastmilk) to co-operate as A Heart Beats, whose debut single Dazes The Mind is now out on the Svartronix label. The duo’s influences come from new wave, anarcho pop, Bronski Beat as well as the legends of Soviet synth pop, Alyans. The band’s music is born out of separate, often disparate musical elements colliding and resulting in delicate but exciting pop music that basks in dark light. – I am interested in challenging my own routines and conceptions. As soon… Continue reading

The Rocket Dolls – The Grip

Brighton rock trio The Rocket Dolls are thrilled to begin the year with a brand new single The Grip, set for release on 7th February 2020. To coincide with the track launch, the band is also announcing a full UK headline tour in May 2020, including an explosive launch party in their home-town on 1st May.  To get a taste of the new single you can watch the video for The Grip here: Following the first single Enthusiasm And Fumes, The Grip further displays the band’s broad and sharp songwriting capabilities. The Rocket Dolls are not afraid to tap into the… Continue reading

The Outfit – new album ‘Viking’

Chicago, IL- The Outfit, from Chicago, have been creating a buzz since coming on to the rock scene. Their first single  “Soldier Boy” released in 2018, secured the #34 spot on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Chart. The band isn‘t re-inventing the wheel, and it never tries to; that’s it‘s charm. The three words to describe the band is original, bold, rock. The Outfit shows they have the chops of veteran musicians, yet the forward thinking attitude to make an impact with a fresh unique sound for today’s music scene. The instant gratification track “Viking” has been received enthusiastically by crowds at… Continue reading

Mecalimb – “Collector Of Souls” EP Release Date

Norwegian death metal combo Mecalimb are proud to announce that their new EP “Collector Of Souls” will be out on 14/02/2020 via Wormholedeath. Band statement: Finally, Mecalimb is releasing their brand new EP “Collector Of Souls”. And again, via WormholeDeath, which was an easy choice for us. We need great people with experience, knowledge and good communication to fix every small details for us, so we can reach out to both new and old fans throughout the big wide world.And now, to the Ep. Yes. We know people have been expecting a full-length CD, and you know what? You`re in for a treat.… Continue reading

Kings Never Die – “Raise A Glass” ft. Vinnie Stigma and Mike Gallo

Hardcore band KINGS NEVER DIE have released a video for “Raise A Glass”.  The song features Vinnie Stigma and Mike Gallo and is the title track from their upcoming 7″ that will be released via Upstate Records next week. The band commented “When you spend 35 years of your life loving and listening to Agnostic Front, a band who has stood the test of time, loves each other and their friends and fans….and that we (KND), actually had the honor to finish and create something together with them is incredible.  The second I put together the original idea and chorus, I heard Stigma’s voice… Continue reading

KREATOR – Mille Petrozza on why the band recorded a live release

Sunday, 16th December 2018: The cold fingers of winter have already reached out for the British capital but there is one place in London that is set on fire as KREATOR thrill their fans with an extensive live show and take their breathtaking performance once again to another level. The band’s new live album London Apocalypticon – Live At The Roundhouse will be released on February 14th 2020 via Nuclear Blast. In a trailer released today, Mille Petrozza discusses why the band decided it was the right time for them to record a live release. London Apocalypticon – Live At… Continue reading