ARKHON INFAUSTUS ” Passing the Nekromanteion”

ARKHON INFAUSTUS ” Passing the Nekromanteion” (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions) This is a band I remember from their Osmose days. I don’t think I ever got around to checking them out but I have been well aware of them for some time now. But from the few tracks that I have heard on various comps I remember them to be really cool. Listening to this new EP makes me realize how bloody majestic they sound. Musically I’d say that they are death metal with an aura of black metal, or perhaps the other way around. That they have songs … Continue reading


COLDCELL ”Those” (Czar Of Bullets) Swiss black metal might not be the most common thing in my collection but it has one of the most prominent places thanks to Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. And with the passing of Martin Eric Ain not so long ago it is with a bit of reluctance I take on this album from COLDCELL. But at the same time I feel a great honour to be able to sit here and listen to a new generation of Swiss black metal purveyors. COLDCELL, deliberately or not, carry on the legacy of Celtic Frost in that they … Continue reading

DISHARMONY ”The Abyss Noir”

DISHARMONY ”The Abyss Noir” (Grimm Distribution) This is a Greek band that are new to me. I did not know what to expect from this lot but from the word go I understood that this was going to be a ride along the progressive scale of metal. And as much as I enjoy listening to this kind of metal, Dream Theater being a fave, as much does it mess with my head. To my ears this is all over the place. And even though DISHARMONY are a bit more straight forward, a bit more thrashy, they still have that intricate … Continue reading

THE ERKONAUTS ”I Shall Forgive”

THE ERKONAUTS ”I Shall Forgive” (Indie Recordings) Even though I’ve interviewed this lot a while back I still did not know what to expect from this new album. To be honest I have no idea what their previous album sounded like. My memory slips and this is one that has fallen between the cracks. But upon hearing this new album I really wish that I could remember the previous one because this is bloody nice. To my ears this is a meeting of the extreme with the melodic. In a way they remind me of Sweden’s Bombus. In how they … Continue reading

HEIR ”Au Peuple De L’abime”

HEIR ”Au Peuple De L’abime” (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions) I have certain labels that I follow a bit closer. Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions is one of these. Whenever I get sent a new release I feel like it is x-mas all over again. So far I have not been disappointed by what I have heard. I don’t think that HEIR will let me down. To describe the black metal that HEIR plays is best done in the manner of a ritual. Because that is what it feels like listening to this. As if you are a part of … Continue reading

MACABRE DEMISE ”Dead Eyes Stench Of Death”

MACABRE DEMISE ”Dead Eyes Stench Of Death” (-) This is a compilation that collects the ep “Dead Eyes” from 2009 and the album “Stench Of Death” from 2011. I have totally missed out on MACABRE DEMISE and their death metal. But listening to this early material I have no idea why I haven’t been told about this band. Because this is brutal death metal. No melodies to be seen for miles. So if you like your death metal full of blast beats and stop and start this will be right up your alley. As somebody who fully and thoroughly enjoys … Continue reading

NAGAARUM ”Homo Maleficus”

NAGAARUM ”Homo Maleficus” (Grimm Distribution) Looking through this lots discography I realize that I am very late in discovering them. But better late than never as they say. This Hungarian lot have that post rock vibe going that seem to be so hyped lately. I have nothing against that. I have had some bloody nice experiences with post rock-ish black metal and hope to have even more in the future. Not being familiar at all with NAGAARUM I did not know what to expect from this album but it surprised me in positive way. When I listened to this I … Continue reading

NO RETURN ”The Curse Within”

NO RETURN ”The Curse Within” (Mighty Music) This is a French band that I do remember. Not how they sound but from their logo. I might even have a record of theirs in my collection. That is how much I recognize them. Having formed in 1989 and released their debut record in 1990 we are talking about a veteran band on the French extreme metal scene. I might even have that debut album. And if so this is like a 27 year reunion. But since my memory is what it is all I have is this new album. And I … Continue reading

NOMINON ”Chaos In The Flesh – Live”

NOMINON ”Chaos In The Flesh – Live” (Deathgasm) From what I understand this was originally released on cassette back in 2016. NOMINON is a band that I have been following from the side line since 1999. Not being the most avid follower I have picked up a record here and a record there but always enjoyed what I heard. This is Swedish death metal the way Swedish death metal sounded in the 90s. Having formed in 1993 NOMINON were right smack in the middle of it all. And that you hear. This live album features tracks from that very first … Continue reading

SORROWS PATH ”Touching Infinity”

SORROWS PATH ”Touching Infinity” (Iron Shield Records) If you follow SORROWS PATH in Facebook you might have seen this one being advertised as SORROWS PATH’s greatest album. At least in the eyes of the band. I can but agree. This is a great album. If you expect an album full of happy go lucky power metal you look in the wrong place. This is instead an album full of emotional power metal. A bit like latter day Kamelot. SORROWS PATH paint with the broad emotional brush. You won’t leave hearing this and not be affected. This is dark yet very … Continue reading