BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION ” BCC IV” (Mascot/Provogue) This is a band whose name I’ve seen plenty of times but haven’t really checked out. But I feel the time is now with a new album out. As I am not at all familiar with the music I have no idea what to expect or where they come from, from the previous album. But I am looking forward to making this lot’s acquaintance. With a line-up of Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian and Joe Bonamassa this is a super group whether they like it or not. And with this being their … Continue reading

BLAZON STONE ”Down in the Dark”

BLAZON STONE ”Down in the Dark” (Stormspell Records) I might be totally off but I get some really strong Running Wild vibes from this band’s name. It can just be that I really want to hear some really cool pirate metal or that there is a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie out that triggers that urge. But it does start on a happy note. The Running Wild vibe continues even after the music has started. And that makes me a happy sailor. This is some really cool pirate power metal. You can almost feel the sing along aboard a … Continue reading

BOOL ”Fly With Me”

BOOL ”Fly With Me” (Boersma Records) I am a stickler for band names. It has to feel right for me to pick it up. A band name like Satan’s Penguins doesn’t sound too cool and yes, that is an actual band name. BOOL might have another meaning in their native tongue but to me that just sounds like some sort of canned food manufacturer. So it is good that I am not a food critique. I don’t really know how to describe this. To my ears it is too hard to be called alt rock. I guess it is best … Continue reading


DIABOLOGY ”S/T” (-) This is apparently just a bunch of kids playing metal. Not that age matters. It is all about the music but truth be told that with age comes experience. The older you are the longer you’ve lived. But I am not age discriminating. This could very well blow my socks off. I gotta say that the first thing I thought to myself was that this sucks major league but then I started to listen to it and while it isn’t my fave release this week there is something to this that made me think of a cross … Continue reading


FIVE THE HIEROPHANT ”Over Phlegethon” (Dark Essence Records) I have no idea what a Hierophant is. Yes, I can google it but what fun is that in that when you can let your imagination race like hell trying to draw pictures of what it is. And what the band name is all about I have no clue either. It sure does sound cool. This is instrumental. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is some sort of twiddly diddly kind of album. The universe of this band is pretty weird and twisted. It mixes different styles in … Continue reading


KING ZOG ”S/T” (-) I do not know who KING ZOG is. But I sure will try my darnest to find out. With a name like that this gotta be some really cool stuff. The name alone conjures up images of grandeur. It could very well be that it is just the opposite, that the name is there to trick us into thinking that this is gonna be big and beautiful. And beautiful it isn’t, unless you find beauty in the ugly. This is doom metal of the darker and dirtier kind. Like Black Sabbath’s debut played even slower. But … Continue reading

LONEWOLF ”Raised On Metal”

LONEWOLF ”Raised On Metal” (Massacre Records) Whenever I see the words lone wolf I’m taken back to my childhood and the western movies I watched back then. Me and my dad used to watch these kinds of movies together. And still to this day I am a big westerns fan. One of my all time fave movies are Rio Bravo with John Wayne. I do not know if LONEWOLF will be that lasting on me but I sure hope that this album is gonna give me a good time. This is the 9th album this French heavy metal legion releases … Continue reading

NUMENOR ”Chronicles”

NUMENOR ”Chronicles” (Stormspell Records) NUMENOR is a band that I haven’t come by before. It’s going to be fun diving into the universe that this band calls home. It is always cool to discover new acts. You never know what they’ll bring with them. This Serbian band turned out to be a really cool acquaintance. They mix power metal with more extreme metal and they do it in such a good manner that they put a smile on my face that is hard to wipe off. There is so much life in this album that it will bring a smile … Continue reading

PALANTIR ”Lost Between Dimensions”

PALANTIR ”Lost Between Dimensions” (Stormspell Records) I don’t know why but I get a feeling that this can very well be something along the lines of prog. It can be that I have the word palatine haunting me in the back of my head. I really don’t know why I get a feeling that this can be prog of some sort. Well, I better check it out to stop my mind from going bonkers. There is an element of of prog in this band’s sound so I wasn’t too far off. But most of all this is melodic metal. Not … Continue reading

TOMBSTALKER ”Chaotic Devotion”

TOMBSTALKER ”Chaotic Devotion” (Boris Records) I don’t like to walk through a cemetery late at night. There is a creepy feel to it that really upsets me. I usually don’t scare that easily but having watched way too many scary movies I’ve been affected. But there are obviously those that don’t fear the dead and that stalks tombs. Those are the TOMBSTALKER. This is just as old school as I wanted it to be. Cool as fuck death metal with that murky sound that I like so much. Swedish death metal mixed with some Autopsy-like death. It hardly gets any … Continue reading