CANYON OF THE SKULL ”The Desert Winter”

CANYON OF THE SKULL ”The Desert Winter” (-) I get why you want to do a single track as your whole record. I do. But in doing so you set yourself a target that might be a tad too much. Some manage, like Sleep and edge Of Sanity. And those that failed have fallen off people’s memories. CANYON OF THE SKULL has done it even harder on themselves by doing a one track instrumental record. And doing a 37 minutes instrumental black metal track is perhaps stretching it too far too some. I don’t know if I agree with that. … Continue reading

CASKET ROBBERY “The Ascension”

CASKET ROBBERY “The Ascension” (-) My head is full of pointless knowledge. Well pointless to others but not to me. I find it highly useful. But sometimes there is a fuck up my memory bank and everything gets confused. Like with CASKET ROBBERY. The name sounds so familiar that I wonder if I have heard or done something with them before but when I search my mind I don’t seem to find anything sustainable about them yet when I search I find that I interviewed them back in 2016. That’s how fucked up my mind is. But I am … Continue reading


CHARLIE’S FRONTIER FUN TOWN ”In Dust We Trust” (Bambanes Crew) This band got a strange kinda sounding name but I have been doing this for so long now that I know that a band’s name is not to be trusted. This is my first encounter with this band and I gotta say that I like what I hear. It has a groove to it that makes my spine chill. It makes me think of bands like Transport League, Crowbar and especially Pantera. It is in that same groove league. Heavy as fuck but still accessible for you to enjoy it … Continue reading


FATHER BEFOULED “Desolate Gods” (Dark Descent Records) Incantation is one of my all time fave death metal albums. So when I got wind of FATHER BEFOULED a couple of years ago it was like a hell sent gift. Here I had a band that not only could tie me over until a new Incantation album emerged but also a really cool new death metal band to indulge in. And so has it been with every new FATHER BEFOULED album. This is death metal that to the untrained ear might just sound like sonic disturbance but to us in the know … Continue reading


JANET GARDNER “S/T” (Pavement) I have to admit that I wasn’t that keen on Vixen back in the day. But that had to do with them not being thrash, death or black metal. Today I enjoy what they did back in the 80s and forward. Now it is 2017 and Janet Gardner is ready to release her solo album. And like I said I wasn’t the greatest Vixen fan in the 80s so I have no clue as to how this solo stuff matches what she did with Vixen. All I can say is that it does have that 80s … Continue reading

KHAZADDUM “Plagues Upon Arda”

KHAZADDUM “Plagues Upon Arda” (-) There is an epic feel to this. From the band name to the album title to the art work to the song titles. There is a promise of something really cool to happen. And epic it is. Not in a Dimmu Borgir manner but more in a “Hall of the Mountain King” kinda way, if that makes any sense at all. This is to me a cross of black and death metal. But with the added aura of thrash and heavy metal. it is not hard to be dragged into the universe that is KHAZADDUM. … Continue reading

PAPER TANK ”Playground”

PAPER TANK ”Playground” (Division Records) The world is full of really cool bands. And it is a privilege to be able to get to hear at least some of them. PAPER TANK are yet again another band new to me. I am not a big connoisseur of bands that mix different styles. I usually stick to bands that are this or that but every now and then along come a band that mixes styles. And I find myself either being totally gob smacked or totally blank. With PAPER TANK I was totally taken by their mix of hardcore punk and … Continue reading

PREZIR “Contempt”

PREZIR “Contempt” (-) There is an aura of mystery about this release. I know nothing about the band other than that the band name is the Serbo-Croatian word for the album title. But in having a band name that is not an English word they do build a sort of cult around them. And that suites the black metal that PREZIR play. There is a dark and sinister feel to this. A foreboding of something disastrous to happen. This is the kind of black metal that I like to call full on attack black metal. Sure, there was an intro … Continue reading


SEVEN SPIRES ”Solveig” (SAOL) SEVEN SPIRES is a US band that has a hype going for them. I’ve only heard a single track from the prior to getting sent this CD but that one triggered an interest in me. So I am really looking forward to hearing the full album. The music can best be described as symphonic metal. Yeah, I know. It doesn’t say that much. Even symphonic metal has come to be a wide field of metal. But is found that there is a dramatic element, almost King Diamond like to this band. Not saying that they sound … Continue reading

Edguy – “Monuments”

Edguy – “Monuments” 2CD / DVD (Nuclear Blast) In many ways the story of German power / heavy metallers Edguy is what teenagers dream about. Founded in the early 90s at school when the founders were 14 years old with their name derived from a teacher, the band grew up in a small town that saw them play shows before attending concerts themselves! Some 25 years later and Edguy have toured the world and are a major name in their homeland – something that still amazes front man Tobias Sammet, along with his original band mates who’ve pretty much grown … Continue reading