GAEREA “Unsettling Whispers”

GAEREA “Unsettling Whispers” (Transcending Obscurity Records) Portuguese black metal is much more than you think it is. All is not just Moonspell. But then you knew that already so I am just pointing out the obvious. And I do have featured Portuguese black metal in the past. And most have been really cool acts. So it is with some excitement that I take on GAEREA. I gotta say that at first I was a bit hesitant that this would be anything good. Because the first track starts so somber and continues that way even after it picks itself up from… Continue reading

GHOSTBOUND “All Is Phantom”

GHOSTBOUND “All is Phantom” (A Sad Sadness Song) There are times when I just get flabbergasted and don’t know what to say or write and I just sit here and listen. This is one of those times. I had no expectations whatsoever on this but boy did it blow me away. I honestly don’t know how to describe this as it is an amalgamation of so many different styles, and so far apart styles too. You got post rock mixed with black metal mixed with alternative mixed with atmospheric metal. You kinda get my drift. It really shouldn’t work but… Continue reading

LAMIRAL “This Ep Has No Name and It’s Alright”

LAMIRAL “This Ep Has No Name and It’s Alright” () Belgian hardcore was (and perhaps still is) well known worldwide at one time in history. I know because that is how I got my eyes opened for it. At times I feel it was easier back in the 90s. sure, we didn’t have the Internet but we did have fanzines and even though it required an effort from all parts involved it made for more of a community feeling. You ordered a fanzine, waited for it. Discovered cool new bands, sent off for their demos and then waited for it… Continue reading

THE NEGATIVE BIAS “Lamentation of the Chaos Omega”

THE NEGATIVE BIAS “Lamentation of the Chaos Omega” (Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fondamentum) I don’t know why I overlooked this one back in December because this is some really cool black metal with a symphonic twist. If you like your black metal with that choir feel to it then you really ought to check this out (unless you already have and know what I just now discover). I really like it when the bass is predominant in the sound. It adds so much to atmosphere. And you can hear the bass really well in this. Just a little cool detail in… Continue reading

NOVA “Soli Contro il Mondo”

NOVA “Soli Contro il Mondo” (Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fondamentum) This is an old one, having been released already back in December 2017 but since I missed out on it back then and also because it is too good to be forgotten I am doing this review now. At first I thought that this was gonna be some sort of medieval folk music kinda thing but it quickly turned into a black metal band. But they do have that medieval feel to their black metal. Kinda like had In Extremo, or any band of that sort, had gone black metal. I… Continue reading

OWL “Orion Fenix”

OWL Orion Fenix” (Zeitgeister Music) This is a one track EP. Yeah, I know what you are thinking; fuck digital singles. But this is not the usual 3 minute single that leaves you feeling like you have been fucked over and not even having cum. This is a 20 minutes plus single from this German one-man project. Musically this is some heavy shit. It has elements of death, doom and ambient metal in it. A concoction that I like a lot. And this is so cool that I wish I could feel it, touch it and play with it. That… Continue reading

ROSTRES “Les Corps Flottants”

ROSTRES “Les Corps Flottants” ( Wooaaargh/Celestine Records / Dingleberry records / Slow Burn records) Post rock is something that have been around since the 80s basically with acts like Bauhaus, Joy Division and the likes but it is just recently that I have gotten my ears on the modern form for it in the form of instrumental bands like this that I am listening to right now, ROSTRES from France. In the last couple of months I have stumbled over so many great instrumental acts that I start to wonder if there is some sort of conspiracy towards me, trying… Continue reading

XAEL “The Last Arbiter”

XAEL ”The Last Arbiter” (Test Your Metal Records) And here again we have a band that has a name that starts with an X. I have a hard time properly pronounce the bands name. yeah, I know. It is a minor issue, but I do like to sound out a bands name to get a feeling for it. But with this band’s name I am not really sure what I feel. Musically this is some sort of symphonic death metal. The first time I read the description of XAEL’s music I thought it would be a total symphonic blast but… Continue reading

Dare – “Out Of The Silence II”

Dare – “Out Of The Silence II” (Legend Records)  It’s fitting that this is on Legend Records cos Dare are nothing short of being legendary themselves! Formed by ex Thin Lizzy keyboardist Darren Wharton back in 1988, Dare broke big immediately, getting signed to A&M for a 4 year album deal, resulting in this incredible debut which is still regarded as one of the great AOR releases during that era. Now, some 30 years on, Wharton and longtime guitarist Vinnie Burns (Asia, Ultravox, FM) have decided to revisit the album and completely re-record it, but this time giving the 10 tracks a harder and… Continue reading

Tad Morose – “Chapter X”

Tad Morose – “Chapter X” (GMR Music)  A festival mainstay during the 90s, Tad Morose dropped off the scene (although never forgotten by their fans) largely due to personnel changes, leaving today only founder guitarist Christer Andersson from the original line up. Along the way, this Swedish band have had some famous vocalists like Urban Breed and Joe Comeau (Liege Lord) but current singer Ronny Hemlin (Steel Attack) certainly does the job on the 14 tracks here, which is just as well given the huge contrasts this band offer between their progressive tranquillity and powering metal mayhem! Following the release of “St. Demonius” in 2015,… Continue reading