Cannibal Corpse – “Violence Unimagined”

Cannibal Corpse – “Violence Unimagined” (Metal Blade Records) Unbelievable. If the title and album cover are anything to go by, then Cannibal Corpse must be the last US death metal band standing originating in late 80s. With over 30 years delivering their old school blood ‘n’ guts brutality, this 15th release proves they still reign supreme as headliners with legions of crazed fans around the globe! Uncompromising in their style, the band have refined their winning formula over each record, distilling the essence of death metal into a pure nectar delivered through ever increasing levels of musical excellence. As such, the arrival… Continue reading

Primal Fear – “I Will Be Gone”

Primal Fear – “I Will Be Gone” EP (Nuclear Blast) Having released their 13th album last year in “Metal Commando”, Primal Fear return with this 5 track EP, featuring a new song, 3 songs previously only available as bonus tracks on the limited digipack version of the aforementioned album, and the undoubted cherry on the cake, a long in the making vocal collaboration with Tarja Turunen! Boasting an enviable tenor-esque voice, Ralf Scheepers shows the true measure of his singing talent on the acoustic title track opener, with its gentle classical guitar plucking and Tarja’s stellar voice still as enthralling with both… Continue reading

Endseeker – “Mount Carcass”

Endseeker – “Mount Carcass” (Metal Blade Records) Formed in 2014, this old school Deutsch death metal band have become one of the premier outfits in their genre as a result of two prior acclaimed full-length releases and furious touring in their native Germany. Now comes album number 3 and it proves why both musically and cerebrally, Endseeker are a force to contend with! Taking their musical inspiration from across the death metal spectrum, there’s as much Bolt Thrower in there as Entombed and Gorefest, with little restraint in holding back the crust / punk element across the 9 tracks here, right down… Continue reading

My Refuge – “The Anger Is Never Over”

My Refuge – “The Anger Is Never Over” (Pride & Joy Music) Initially started as a solo project by guitarist / keyboardist Mauro Paietta, My Refuge grew into a band by the time of its debut “A Matter Of Supremacy” and now on this incredible sophomore has expanded into an awesome collaboration involving some 11 different vocalists from across the world! Having already performed at festivals and previously shared stages with Freedom Call, Elvenking, Furor Gallico, Domine, Drakkar and Primal Fear, it’s easy to see why the blinding musicianship behind their power metal has garnered them so much support. Opening… Continue reading

FM – “Tough It Out Live”

FM – “Tough It Out Live” 2CD (Frontiers Music) Right from their arrival in 1984, FM have remained a mainstay in the British AOR scene over the course of 11 studio albums, while becoming famous across Europe, North America and Japan over the years thanks to a string of hits! Celebrating the 30th anniversary of their second album, “Tough It Out”, that saw the band break it big in the UK through a 42-date tour and featuring contributions from Desmond Child (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi), Jesse Harms, Robin and Judith Randall (Mark Free), this 23-track double live album sees their sophomore,… Continue reading

Motorjesus – “Hellbreaker”

Motorjesus – “Hellbreaker” (AFM Records) You gotta love these guys….back in the 90s they were known as The Shitheadz until censorship issues from a number of countries, including the United States forced them to change their name to the possibly even more offensive Motorjesus ha ha! Well known across Europe and especially in their native Germany where they’ve enjoyed chart success, these dirty hard rock ‘n’ rollers have been performing their high-octane music on numerous tours with bands such as Motörhead, Anthrax, Prong and Mustasch as well as playing lots of summer festivals like Summer Breeze and Rock Hard over… Continue reading

Temple Balls – “Pyromide”

Temple Balls – “Pyromide” (Frontiers Music) Oh wow, talk about a red-hot fireball!!! This searing hard rock band from Finland have already made their mark as far as Japan, where rock magazine Burrn! voted Temple Balls as ‘the second brightest hope’ while they were additionally chosen as ‘The Newcomer of the Year’ on Masa Ito’s Rock TV. Opening for bands such as Sonata Arctica, Queen, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heep, Temple Balls supported Battle Beast on their 2017 sold out tour of Finland while venturing on their own for a five-day tour of the Ukraine. Now onto their 3rd release… Continue reading

Carnal Savagery – “Fiendish”

Carnal Savagery – “Fiendish” (Moribund Records) This could quite possibly be the best old school Swe-deth album this year! Formed in the early 90s outta the ashes of Cromlech, Carnal Savagery went on to play shows with Entombed, Dismember, Therion, Tiamat, Merciless, and Meshuggah. Despite some major label offers, this Göteborg band split and the members went on to play in other notorious outfits such as Divine Souls, Wan and Desolation. Last year, they decided to reform the death metal monster, unleashing their debut in “Grotesque Macabre” and now following up with this savage beast! If you salivate for the treacle thick distorted Boss HM-2… Continue reading

CONCEIVED BY HATE ”Putrid Realms Of The Occult”

CONCEIVED BY HATE ”Putrid Realms Of The Occult” (Satanath Records) Back in 2017 I was sent an album by a band that I knew nothing of. I even think it was my first El Salvadorian band. Knowing nothing about the band I didn’t know what to expect from them. But I gotta say that I was mightily impressed by what I heard back then. Old school death metal with a strong nod to the Swedish sound. When this new one dropped in on me I got my wishes set high. And I gotta say that this is blood beautiful old… Continue reading


FROM THE VASTLAND ”The Haft Khan” (Satanath Records) I just recently went back and listened to the FROM THE VASTLAND album that Immortal Frost Productions released because I wondered if I liked this one man come full band Norwegian immigrant black metal dude just because of the sacrifices Sina has made to be able to play his beloved black metal. I came to the conclusion that I liked the music simply because it was great stuff. Which brings me to this new(ish) one. This time I have no thoughts whatsoever about what I like about it because now I know… Continue reading