ATARKA “Sleeping Giant”

ATARKA “Sleeping Giant” (Death Mask) British death metal is not my greatest strength. When it come to the UK death metal scene I am still stuck in the 80s to mid 90s. In a world where there was so many more cool death metal scene to check out I kinda neglected following what was happening in the isles. But I am no stranger to checking out new stuff. Like ATARKA. I gotta say that this one did impress me. I am not the greatest fan of this whole growl/clean singing but this one worked in favour of me. I would… Continue reading

ATHLANTIS “02022020”

ATHLANTIS “02022020” (Diamonds Prod) If my memory serves me right, I have heard a couple of this band’s previous releases. And if my memory is correct, I wasn’t that impressed by these releases. Looking back at this band’s discography I notice that I seem to be a every other release. I missed out on their debut from 2003, reviewed their second album from 2012, missed out on the first 2017 release, reviewed the second 2017 release. I then missed out on the 2019 release. And now I sit there with their new 2020 release. Usually when it comes to Italian… Continue reading

CASE 39 “Kick The Devil”

CASE 39 “Kick The Devil” (STF Records) This is one of these album that doesn’t really rock my juices from the look of it. But I am old enough to know not to judge a band by its album cover. Many bad covers have hidden really cool albums. And this is not one of the baddest album cover I have seen. Musically this is dirty hardrock/metal with a Motorhead vibe to it. Maybe even some punkish vibe to it too. This one brought back memories of hearing Belgian Killer for the fist time. Like a mad combo of hardrock, metal… Continue reading


EL MISTI “S/T” () I like all kinds of rock and metal as long as it moves me. Which makes it really cool once you discover new acts that moves me. EL MISTI re new to me but this really got my groove going. I have no idea what to compare this to but there is a really cool, dark groove to this that I like. It isn’t too happy stuff. to my ears this is one of these crossover acts that can appeal to both the indie rockers as well as the hardrockers, as long as they are adventurous… Continue reading

EXIT TO EDEN ”Love and other Nightmares”

EXIT TO EDEN ”Love and other Nightmares” (NRT) This one is not to confuse with the Exit Eden band. This is a whole different beast. new to me I don’t know what to expect from it. The first artist that popped up when I heard this one was Marilyn Manson. An artist that I am not that great a fan of. There is also a goth touch to this that I do like. Listening to this is realize that this is one of those releases that I only like occasional songs from, and since I am more of an album… Continue reading

FAUSTTOPHEL “No Liars Among The Fallen”

FAUSTTOPHEL “No Liars Among The Fallen” (Another Side Records) This is one release I have been looking forward to hear. I remember their previous one as a really cool record. And I have no reason not to think that this one too will impress me. Musically this is melodic, symphonic black metal. it is hard to not like this one from the start. There is that little bit extra to this that makes it stand out and grab you by the crotch, whether you are male or female. This is the cool stuff. My kinda black metal. This is one… Continue reading


HOT HELL ROOM “Stasis”’ (STF Records) I like this band’s name. HOT HELL ROOM. Say it quick and you get why I like it. Musically this is hardrock. Even back in 1982 when I got into heavy metal, hardrock didn’t really tickle my fancy that much. Sure, I did try the big ones of the 80s but they never really stuck. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot appreciate a good hardrock album. I might not be that well versed in the present scene, but I know of I like what I hear. HOT HELL ROOM are a bit heavier… Continue reading

HUBRIS “Metempsychosis”

HUBRIS “Metempsychosis” (Art As Catharsis Records) Post instrumental rock is not something I do come upon that often. When I do so, I most often end up liking what I hear. Swiss HUBRIS are no exception. This is the good stuff, even though there are no vocals. But you don’t need vocals to create great music. Think of this more like a painting than anything else. With each stroke of the guitars the band paints a more and more distinct picture. In the end you end up with an experience so grand that you almost want to cry. This is… Continue reading


ONIROMANTIC Chaos Frames” (Buil2Kill Records) This is yet again one band that I am not all familiar with. And upon hearing this album I am kinda glad that I haven’t. This is not at all my kinda metal. To be honest, this does very little for me. Sure, there are songs on this one that I like better than the others but for most of the time this one leave me untouched. Musically I would like to describe this a goth-ish metal with a very theatrical vocalist and with touches of other kinds of metal. Maybe with a different vocal… Continue reading

2nd SIGHT “Samsara”

2nd SIGHT “Samsara” (Kernkraftritter Records) 2nd SIGHT are supposedly deeply rooted in in the 80s metal tradition. If that is so, you’ll hear no complaints from me. I am a huge 80s metal fan. Mainly because I was around back then to let it shape my taste in metal. 2nd SIGHT does have that 80s vibe to their music but to say that it is like being back in time is not fair on either the band or the bands from that era. This is one of these albums that proves that good metal is timeless. It doesn’t matter if… Continue reading