A SAD BADA/INFAME/GOETHYA/AURA HIEMIS “4 WAYS TO DIE” (Australis Records) This is a 4 way split between a bunch of bands that I haven’t heard of before. In that aspect this is a really cool introduction into new bands to discover. This way you can listen, form an opinion and then continue to discover. I like splits that feature bands that aren’t too far from each other musically. I gotta say that this one turned out to be a really cool one and I have found a couple of really cool bands that I want to investigate further. Anders Ekdahl Continue reading

COFFIN BIRTH/GRAVESTONE “Demons From The End of The World Vol II”

COFFIN BIRTH/GRAVESTONE “Demons From The End of The World Vol II” (Australis Records) I am not at all familiar with either bands on this split but from what I have gathered they are death metal. And since I do like death metal I am looking forward to hearing this one. COFFIN BIRTH has a sound that is primitive and makes me think back to the 80s when death metal and extreme metal was new and exciting. It is a raw sound that almost cuts like knives. This is a band that I am looking forward to following. GRAVESTONE have been… Continue reading

DESIRE OF PAIN “Immensity”

DESIRE OF PAIN “Immensity” (Australis Records) I will continue saying this until the day I die; I love discovering new bands that I haven’t heard of before. DESIRE OF PAIN’s second album is supposedly a mixture of melodic death and black with surprises. This has the possibilities of being something really cool. It sure is heavy. Don’t know3 how melodic I think it is but I like what I hear. They mix the heaviness with cleaner bits’n’pieces. This one is the kinda album I gotta spin several times before it sits really comfortable with me. But it does have potential.… Continue reading


DEZAZTRE NATURA “Asfixia” (Australis Records) I have always had a great ear for the Chilean metal scene but as with most things more interesting things have come my way and I have somehow lost touch with the Chilean scene. Which have meant that I have totally missed out on a band like DEZAZTRE NATURA, a thrash band with clear hardcore influences. In my book this is a crossover band. this one turned out to be really cool. As always it could have grooved even more but it still grooves enough to form a single guy mosh pit in my living… Continue reading


ENDIMION “Latmus” (Australis Records) I am new to this Chilean doom metal band despite this being their second album. The first one was released in 2011. Which kinda explains why I haven’t heard of the band before now. That, and the fact that they are Chilean. As I listen to this is get an old school kinda feeling from it. There is a vibe to this that I like. This is not a classical doom metal band. It has more of the death doom thing going on. As I listen to this there is a feeling of familiarity yet I… Continue reading


LAPSUS DEI/OFFICIUM TRISTE “Broken Memories” (Australis Records) This is a split between a Chilean and a Dutch doom metal band. I have in the past been a tad negative against split records but I gotta admit that it is a great idea for bands to share a record, because that way we get to sample a couple of bands and then decide if we want to investigate further. Both these bands play the sort of doom that is equal part death. And since My Dying Bride is one of my all time fave bands this is right up my alley.… Continue reading


PERPETUAL AMONG US “Thy Will Be Done” (Australis Records) This is just an EP but since I haven’t heard anything with this Chilean black metal horde before, this is the perfect introduction. I often end up being at a loss for words when I review black metal records. Not because I don’t know what I feel but more because it is harder to put to word what I feel in a way that really gives you an idea what to expect. I feel that way with this one. Musically there is nothing hard to understand about this. This is at… Continue reading

PUTRID COFFIN “Under the Cemetery”

PUTRID COFFIN “Under the Cemetery” (Australis Records) This is one of those albums that grow on you. At first I thought that this was nothing special but the more I listened the more it grew on me. This is the kind of record that will please those of us that enjoy Nifelheim, or think that Bathory’s “The Return” is the greatest album ever released. Primitive and brutal extreme metal. Perhaps best described as deathrash, this thrashes like there is no hope for mankind. A total full on metal assault. This is pure old school 80s extreme metal. This one turned… Continue reading

REBIRTH IN FLAMES “Lucifer’s Cosmogony”

REBIRTH IN FLAMES “Lucifer’s Cosmogony” (Australis Records) I love it when I get to discover a labels whole roster. That way I get to find new faves that I might not have been able to discover otherwise. Especially cool when I also get a closer look at a specific country’s scene. I don’t remember the last time I heard this many bands from Chile as I have done going through Australis catalogue. REBIRTH IN FLAMES is yet another new fave. They play a sort of black metal that has traces of death metal in it. In a way this reminds… Continue reading

SOULBURNER “Blessed by Fire”

SOULBURNER “Blessed by Fire” (Australis Records) If I got this right this is a rerelease of SOULBURNER’s debut album from 2008. Since I haven’t heard this band before it is fittingly to start from the beginning and then work my way through the two other albums they have released. This is supposedly melodic death metal but I am not sure I agree with that tag hearing this debut album. We might have a differing opinion about what is or is not melodic. To my ears this is brutal death metal. Not mega super brutal death metal but still brutal enough… Continue reading