FLYING CIRCUS “1968” (Fastball Music) I wasn’t born in 1968. I have no idea what went on in that year that is so special that you want to name your album after it. But I have heard the music that came from the latter end of the 60s and I know of the importance that the second half has had on the music I listen to today. Bands like The Who, Beatles, Rolling Stones put their mark on the rock scene and with the free love and hippie movements growing stronger we got the 60s to thank for a lot.… Continue reading

JENNER “Test Of Time”

JENNER “Test Of Time” (Infernö Records) This Serbian band are back with new songs on this 3 track EP. I have tried to interview this lot a lotta times in the past but I seem to have failed miserably to get them to reply. I hope to have better luck this time around. And if not, I at least got this new EP from them. JENNER play heavy metal in the good old tradition. If you like up tempo and full on heavy metal this is the one for you to check out. Their debut album turned out to be… Continue reading


RIPPED TO SHREDS “亂 (Luan)” (Pulverised Records) I wish I knew my Terrorizer better than I, because then I would have known that this band has taken their name from a Terrorizer song. But that is also where the similarities end. Where Terrorizer is grindcore this is death metal. And it is not a beautiful death metal. This is gritty and shitty. Sharp as broken glass. Listening to this you get a large dose of aggression. In that way it is great angry management therapy. Yet I am not that convinced by it. To me there is something missing. That… Continue reading

THE SPIRIT “Cosmic Terror”

THE SPIRIT “Cosmic Terror” (AOP) I was impressed by THE SPIRIT’s previous album. and I have no reason to doubt that this new one will anything but good. If you like your death/black metal in the vein of old Dissection this will appeal to you. This is melodic without being wimpy. What I like about this is the energy it pours out from every possible vein of the music. This is pure energy. And that to me is a sign as good as any that this is a good album. I like it when the sound isn’t too perfect. There… Continue reading


AETHYRICK “Gnosis” (The Sinister Flame) I really liked AETHYRICK’s previous album. that one impressed the hell outta me. It is with really high hope that I take this new one on. Hoping that this one too will blow my socks off. Finnish bands has a tendency to be bloody great. And as annoying that can be to a Swede I for one salute anything Finnish that rocks me. This new one is also a keeper if you like your black metal on the rawer side of things. There is a Finnish tradition of ultra-brutal black metal that doesn’t sound anything… Continue reading

BLACK LILIUM “Dead man’s Diary”

BLACK LILIUM “Dead man’s Diary” () This is a new band to me. But somehow, I get the impression that I am gonna like this album much more than I expected I would. Not everything has to be full on metal for me to enjoy it, although it doesn’t hurt. It is with a certain feel of expectation that I take this one on. And from the very first note I knew that this was gonna be to my liking. I have a melodic stream in me that gets turned on whenever I hear a song with a distinct melodic… Continue reading

FRONTBACK “Don’t Mind The Noise”

FRONTBACK “Don’t Mind The Noise” (Black Lodge Records) If you live in Sweden you cannot have escaped the fact that Anlo Front has one of the best female rock voices in Sweden. She has a certificate of that from some sort of competition. But that apart this is my first real encounter with the band and their music. So far, I have stayed away from it just in case it would disappoint me majorly, but now is the time to face the music. I might end up loving this. There seem to be a hell of a lotta bands like… Continue reading

GOATREICH “Godfetor”

GOATREICH “Godfetor” (Ashen Dominion) Let us concentrate on GOATREICH. This Ukraine black metal band play the sort of black that makes me think of a band like Belphegor that goes for the throat and never let go until the end. This is that kinda black metal that you just gotta like if you are truly black at heart. Repetitive and brutal with few trace of melodies and no symphonic nonsense. This is truly a blast. I like all kinds of black metal but this does in a way take me back to the first time I heard Hellhammer and not… Continue reading

HAR “Anti Shechinah”

HAR “Anti Shechinah” (Blood Harvest) For some unexplainable reason I am looking forward to hearing this one. I know absolutely nothing about this band. All I know is that Blood Harvest is releasing this one. And if they like it then that is basically enough for me to wanting to check it out. This is chaotic black/death metal in the vein of bands like Incantation, Father Befouled etc. Bands that play a brutal form of metal, so brutal that to the uninitiated it might sound like white noise. To me, this is almost like a paradise, in hell. This is… Continue reading

HELL’S CORONATION “Ritual Chalice Of Hatefull Blood”

HELL’S CORONATION “Ritual Chalice Of Hateful Blood” (Godz Ov War) I don’t believe in neither God nor the Devil, but if I did, I guess that I would have a much better chance at a Hell’s Coronation that the opposite. Which kinda explains why the darker side is much more interesting than the lighter side. This is one release I am looking forward to hearing even though I have no memories of having heard anything by them before. Black doom metal. Take a bite on that one. You get two for one with this band. And the fact that it… Continue reading