Entombed – “Live Clandestine – Act I & II”

Entombed – “Live Clandestine – Act I & II” (Threeman Records) A unique experience, “Live Clandestine – Act I & II” was a special one off concert in 2 parts featuring the original members of Entombed (Nicke Andersson, Uffe Cederlund and Alex Hellid), the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and Choir to perform the band’s sophomore release in entirety! Presented by Swedish Music journalist / TV host Per Sinding-Larsen, who wittily covers the history of Entombed along with the impact of “Clandestine” on the Swedish music scene and then gracefully introduces the band members along with the orchestra, it’s clear that this… Continue reading

D-A-D – “A Prayer For The Loud”

D-A-D – “A Prayer For The Loud” (AFM Records) Indeed, it doesn’t sound like Denmark’s most famous hard rock band have quietened down in the 8 years since their last release! Originally called Disneyland After Dark, D-A-D have released 11 albums and are well known on the international touring circuit for their no frills but instantly catchy red blooded rock touched by a hint of punk. From adrenaline soaked rockers to heart grabbing ballads, the strong melodies are present throughout and in abundance be it through the vocals and guitar work, going straight for your heart and soul, whether tenderly or to rock you out… Continue reading

Emil Bulls – “Mix Tape”

Emil Bulls – “Mix Tape” (AFM Records) Close to 25 Years on and this Bavarian alt nu metal band have come a long way since their beginnings in a covent school! Coming off the back of their 12th release “Kill Your Demons” and 2 sold out tours, Emil Bulls have decided to put together a special mix album for their fans. Usually confined to the studio while blowing off excess energy in between recording songs or compiled for long car journeys, it has long been in the life of these guys to play covers and that’s exactly what “Mix Tape”… Continue reading

Fleshgod Apocalypse – “Veleno”

Fleshgod Apocalypse – “Veleno” (Nuclear Blast Records) The maestros of orchestral death metal have returned! After the bombastic supremacy of “King” comes “Veleno”, meaning ‘venom’ which this 5th album certainly doesn’t lack in whatsoever. If anything, one has to wonder just how these Italians manage to skirt so close to the edge time and again, blending hyper speed death metal with wild, harpsichord pianos, furious string arrangements and massive orchestral effects to achieve their jaw dropping songs reeking of simultaneous savagery and sophistication! Genius or madness, call it what you will, but not even the departure of guitarist/vocalist Cristiano Trionfera… Continue reading

Sinners Bleed – “Absolution”

Sinners Bleed – “Absolution” (War Anthem Records) Hail to the return of Sinners Bleed! Formed in the late 90s, this German death thrash band soon rose to prominence thanks to their acclaimed debut “From Womb To Tomb”, playing Wacken Open Air, Party San Open Air, Inferno Festival, Fuck The Commerce and sharing stages with the likes of Nile, Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Destruction, Dismember, Vader, Malevolent Creation, Sadus, Misery Index and Holy Moses. Sadly, band and personal issues forced Sinners Bleed to go on a lengthy hiatus, however, 16 years later they have returned with a vengeance on “Absolution War”. Still with… Continue reading

Entrapment – “Imminent Violent Death”

Entrapment – “Imminent Violent Death” (Dawnbreed Records) Soul tearing Swe-deth metal from Holland! Yes boys and girls, Entrapment started off as a one man project in 2010 under the auspices of multi instrumentalist Michel Jonker (Inhumanised, ex-Absorbed, ex-Makiladoras, Suffering Quota, ex-Massive Assault, ex-Descent to Hell, ex-Venders of Smut). Since then he has released 3 full length albums, expanded into a full line up and shared the stage with acts such as Obituary, Sadistic Intent, Sonne Adam, Coffins, Asphyx and Master over the years! The reason for his success is simple: sticking to the classic winning Swe-deth formula while tantalisingly lacing… Continue reading

XENTRIX “Bury The Pain”

XENTRIX “Bury The Pain” (Listenable) This is really a blast from the past. Back in the 80s XENTRIX was the great big British thrash hope. Not everything went the way that they wanted but they did manage to release some really cool album. I was a fan back in the days. So much so that I still remember them and the records they released. Fast forward to 2019. 23 years has passed since they last released an album. Much water has passed under the bridges since then. I would be lying if I said that I do remember how they… Continue reading

CIOLKOWSKA “Циолковская показала свое лицо (Вечная 16 08 16) (Ciolkowska Showed Her Face (Aeonian 16 08 16)”

CIOLKOWSKA “Циолковская показала свое лицо (Вечная 16 08 16) (Ciolkowska Showed Her Face (Aeonian 16 08 16)” (addicted label) Do you remember the first time you hear something and you don’t really know what to make of it? I have had many of those over the years. Like the first time I heard Iron Maiden, the first time I heard Venom. I keep having these kind of moments. But once you are over that initial threshold it is hard to remember that initial phase. I felt that way with CIOLKOWSKA. Not knowing anything before I approached this album made me… Continue reading

CIOLKOWSKA ”Avtomat Proshlogo”

CIOLKOWSKA ”Avtomat Proshlogo” (addicted label) What struck me about this from the very first note was how somber it made me feel. It was like getting a wet blanket on a sun burnt face. It soothed me. I have no idea what this is really as it is my very first encounter with this group. But from what I hear on this album I feel it has the potential to be another fave of mine when it comes to prog/experimental/post rock. As always with this kind of stuff it is hard to put an accurate label on it. Not that… Continue reading

DISEN GAGE ” The Big Adventure”

DISEN GAGE ” The Big Adventure” (addicted label) To me it is a big adventure just to wake up in the morning not knowing what the day holds for me. Or something to that degree. Because most days you just wake up and know that it is just another day working to put bread on the table. Music is the great escape. I am not a stranger to trying anything once, sometimes even twice. Like DISEN GAGE. This is my second encounter with them and although I wasn’t too overly convinced the last time I will give them a second… Continue reading