LONESCAR ”Lust For The End”

LONESCAR ”Lust For The End” () 3 Texas is one motherfekking huge state. And it is filled with really cool metal bands, past, present and future. LONESCAR are new to me but prior to this album they have released 2 EPs that can be found on platforms like Spotify. At first I thought that this might be a more melodic thrash metal band but that was just wishful thinking from my side. LONESCAR does not spare my ears. This is razor sharp thrash. Harsh enough to cut through the most hardened steel wires. This is not to be messed with.… Continue reading


SILVERLIGHT SHADOWS ”Black The World” () Australian stoner rock with a punk edge is not the most common thing in my collection. But thanks to the SILVERLIGHT SHADOWS I get to hear it. I am not a huge fan of singles, especially not now in this digital era. But when it is as good as this song is I can make an exception. There is a really cool punk groove to this that I like. The two-fingers-up kinda vibe. If the rest of their stuff is anywhere near this I will be in for a really cool treat. Anders Ekdahl Continue reading

BLADE CISCO ”Edge Of The Blade”

BLADE CISCO ”Edge Of The Blade” (Art Of Melody Music) When I listen to stuff like this I get reminded of a time that was much more innocent. Of a time when you could see this kind of stuff on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball and similar shows. This is a reminder of what melodic rock/metal sounds like and how good it can be when done correctly. This is a real kick to the balls of melodies and guitar solos. If you like this kinda stuff and want to hear more than just the stuff that is being played on retro rock… Continue reading

SAINTS TRADE ”Time To Be Heroes”

SAINTS TRADE ”Time To Be Heroes” (Art Of Melody Music) I might be very alone in actually liking Saxon’s mid 80s albums, the ones that are a bit more US radio friendly. But ones you start to listen to them you will find that there are really cool songs on them. And Saxon is still Saxon no matter what era it is. So why do I mention Saxon? Simply because that was the first band that popped up in my head when I heard the first track on this album, “Livin To Rock”. For some bizarre reason it reminded me… Continue reading

EXOMNIA “Aftermath”

EXOMNIA “Aftermath” (Alcyone Records) I have ever since I heard my first Greek metal band been in love with the Greek metal scene. I see no reason to change that in 2020. This is my first encounter with EXOMNIA but I do like what I hear on this EP. I don’t get to hear too many melodic death metal records these days, almost to the point where I don’t even remember what melodic death metal sounds like. This turned out a bit heavier than I had imagined. Not that I complain, neither that it isn’t as melodic as I thought… Continue reading

THRAZ “Roll of Dice”

THRAZ “Roll of Dice” (Alcyone Records) I gotta admit that it took me a while to get this band’s name. At first I thought they were called Iharz but then I got the name. And a better declaration of intent you have to look hard for. This is thrash metal in the second wave way of doing things. If you like me grew up with Bay Area bands like Testament, Exodus, Vio-lence and the rest you’ll really like this. Especially if you like early Exodus. And who doesn’t? Perhaps not the most original stuff out there but who cares when… Continue reading

Paul Di’Anno – “Hell Over Waltrop – Live In Germany”

Paul Di’Anno – “Hell Over Waltrop – Live In Germany” (Metalville) ‘…here’s a song from when I was back in the Spice Girls…as Ugly Spice..! No mistaking, the cockney wit of this legendary persona is still as sharp as when he was Iron Maiden’s vocalist. In a rollacoaster of a career that has never seen him leave those glory days comes this beast of a live album, proudly attesting to the legacy made through albums like “Iron Maiden” and “Killers”. Indeed, if you miss those days of raw, punk fuelled heavy metal fury, then the 14 ripping tracks here will… Continue reading

Brothers Of Metal – “Emblas Saga”

Brothers Of Metal – “Emblas Saga” (AFM Records) Hailing from Falun, the same town that brought you Sabaton, comes Brothers Of Metal, formed by friends initially to play a pub show and who since have rocked the stages at Sweden Rock and Germany’s Rockharz & Rock Am Stück festivals! “Emblas Saga” is the follow up to the band’s best selling debut and contains even more catchy and epic sagas to resonate deep in your warrior soul. Inspired by the likes of Freedom Call, Manowar and Battle Beast, the music revolves around a concept of Nordic and Viking metal, so expect… Continue reading

Oceans – “The Sun And The Cold”

Oceans – “The Sun And The Cold” (Nuclear Blast) Formed only last year but already signed to Nuclear Blast, this is an astonishing debut that is literally dripping in atmospheric melancholy, deep emotions and visceral savagery! Mixing post death metal with nu metal, djent and a hint of prog, Oceans are a mix of German and Austrian musicians, but spring chickens they certainly aren’t, having toured throughout Europe and North America with previous bands, releasing 3 prior singles that soon got the attention of everyone, before issuing this incredible release. Truly living up to its title in the darkness from… Continue reading

Hanzel und Gretyl – “Hexennacht”

Hanzel und Gretyl – “Hexennacht” (Metropolis Records) Fukken Über!!! Hailing from New York City and made up of the scandalous duo of Kaizer Von Loopy (guitar, vocals, programming) and Vas Kallas (vocals, bass), HuG have been playing their crucial blend of goth, electro and Neue Deutsche Härte since the early 90s, wowing audiences supporting the likes Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Rob Halford, Prong, Cradle Of Filth and Ministry, being featured on high profile TV shows like Howard Stern and the MTV Music Awards, and having one of their songs appearing in the movie Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. With the words “More German… Continue reading