VENOM INC ”Avé” (Nuclear Blast) You can say whatever you like about the fact that there are two VENOM operating simultaneously. As somebody that has been there since the very first Venom album “Welcome To Hell” and through all the different incarnations I gotta say that two is better than none. You can always debate which one is the true VENOM, if it is the one with Cronos and his buddies or the one with Mantas and Abaddon. I know where I stand on that matter. “Avé” is really an album I never thought would be made. When VENOM INC … Continue reading

Venom Inc. – “Avé”

Venom Inc. – “Avé” (Nuclear Blast) Wot a steamroller! Formed from the legendary Venom by guitarist Jeff ‘Mantas’ Dunn and Atomkraft bassist Tony ‘Demolition Man’ and of late, joined by Venom’s drummer Tony ‘Abaddon’ Bray, the trio have a made a miraculous leap that began with a chance reunion at the Keep It True Festival. Since then its been a veritable tidal wave of shows across the globe playing to rabid fans hungry to hear Venom’s songs, especially with Crono’s Venom very much on the quiet side. With legendary Jonny Z (the band’s first US promoter back in the day) … Continue reading

Blackmore’s Night – “To The Moon And Back”

Blackmore’s Night – “To The Moon And Back” 2CD (Minstrel Hall Music) Conceptualized while Rainbow recorded their last CD on a snowy winter’s night, Ritchie Blackmore’s renaissance folk rock project took the world by storm (as with all things he did!) and besides being a radical departure from the legendary hard rock that made him a guitar god, was equally a bold rejection of the commerciality inherent in the music industry. Lamented by the rock masses, Blackmore gradually faded into a self fulfilling hermit like existence, refusing bountiful offers to participate in reunions or release new rock material. Together with … Continue reading

Dawn of Disease – “Ascension Gate”

Dawn of Disease – “Ascension Gate” (Napalm Records) Despite their grim name, Germany’s Dawn of Disease play a highly catchy brand of melodic death metal very much rooted in the early days of In Flames along with a touch of Paradise Lost! Formed in 2003 and growing to become a mainstay on the German festival circuit, the band have released 3 prior albums and “Ascension Gate” follows in like manner, albeit with richer melodies and equally more melancholic passion this time on the 10 tracks herein. While all the aforementioned styles have been performed before (and to greater success) the … Continue reading

Incantation – “Profane Nexus”

Incantation – “Profane Nexus” (Relapse Records) New York’s legendary doom death gods Incantation rank up there with the best East Coast bands like Suffocation, Mortician and Immolation and its easy to see why on this stunning album! Formed in 1989, with 9 prior releases in their 28 years along with a solid history of touring both in the US and across Europe has established their name in the underground and will no doubt be cemented by this savage but suave 10th album. Founded by guitarist / vocalist John McEntee, the band has endured countless line up changes but seems to … Continue reading

A STICK AND A STONE ”The Long Lost Art Of Getting Lost”

A STICK AND A STONE ”The Long Lost Art Of Getting Lost” (Sentient Ruin) I only know of Oregon from the movies and series I’ve watched but I guess it is no different a place like the Swedish forests. You just got to leave the city and step into the woods to enter a whole different universe. Away from the stress of the city and into the calm of nature. It is no wonder that the forest is so full of creatures good and evil. You can feel it when you wander in it. And when I listen to this … Continue reading

ALPHASTATE ”Out Of The Black”

ALPHASTATE ”Out Of The Black” (-) With the intent on taking 80s metal into the 00s this Greek band set out in their mission in 2014. And with “Out Of The Black” they are ready to set the world ablaze. I gotta admit that it got my heart pumping from the very first note. I like it when an album starts on a high note and then just keep climbing. There is nothing like being hit to the head from the start. And when the band manages to keep it up for more than one track then they have me … Continue reading


THE DAMNATION PROJECT ”Reflections” (-) Every now and then along comes an album that I have no idea where to place even though I like what I hear. THE DAMNATION PROJECT is that album this week. I hear that they are progressive and I like what I hear but I have no idea what bands to refer to. All I can do is enjoy the music and describe as good as possibly. There is a dreamy feeling about this, and in that they remind me of Dream Theater. But this is not as metal as Dream Theater are. Yet that … Continue reading


DREADLORDS ”Reapers” (-) I am sorry to say so but the first time I saw this bands name it made me think of a reggae band. But after having played it I can assure you that this is as far away from reggae as you can get. I honestly don’t know how to fully describe this. I would like to say that this is sludge because it has that slow, dirty feel to it but it also has a really dirty blues feel to it. At best this brings up images of a Nick Cave binging on goth and death … Continue reading

GRAVEMIND ”The Deathgate”

GRAVEMIND ”The Deathgate” (-) With a name like that I kinda expect a death metal band to burst out. But seeing as you today can’t judge a band by its name this could very well be anything but death metal. I honestly don’t know what set deathcore apart from regular death metal. To my ears it does sound like death metal and nothing more. Sure, there are different styles of death metal but in the end it is still death metal. This is heavy as fuck and brutal as a rhino on a rampage. And even though this reminds me … Continue reading