TEMNEIN “White Stained inferno”

TEMNEIN “White Stained inferno” (Massacre Records) French melodic death metal. I like that idea. This could very well be this week’s top album if it is done the right way. It is hard not to think Arch Enemy today when you think melodic death metal as that seems to be the leading band right now. It is when I hear stuff like this that I realize why I love to do this as much as I do. I get to hear a hell of a lot of cool bands. TEMNEIN is another cool band. This does remind me of Arch … Continue reading

VOICE “The Storm”

VOICE “The Storm” (Massacre Records) This is a band that I know of even though it was a longtime since I last made their acquaintance. Back in 1999 I was sent their second album. I cannot say that I remember what it sounds like today but I do remember receiving it. 14 year after their fourth album VOICE are back with a new album. I do remember that they were a German power metal band back then and that is still true today. But I have no idea how this new album compares to the previous 4. If I stretch … Continue reading

GWAR – “Blood Of The Gods”

GWAR – “Blood Of The Gods” (Metal Blade) Never mind the White House. Never mind Congress. GWAR is the real American institution! Anyone who grew up in the 90s and went to their shows (and got covered in blood n jizz) will know what the f–k happens when you cross the universe’s scumdogs with apes to create the human race!! Founded and fronted by Oderus Urungus (aka Dave Brockie), GWAR terrorized the US for over 2 decades until his untimely death in 2014, aged just 50 years. For many, this spelled the end of the band, nay the institution itself. However, … Continue reading

We Came As Romans – “Cold Like War”

We Came As Romans – “Cold Like War” (Sharp Tone Records) Post hardcore is one of those fuzzy terms that oldsters like me struggle with. It can incorporate a number of (un)conventional styles into a hardcore base either to a greater or lesser degree to create an often highly catchy sound through the use of prominent melodies and even dance beats. Whatever the case, there’s a whole heap of youngsters that dig it for its energized grooves, harmonies and overt positivity! We Came As Romans hail from northern Detroit and pretty much fit that bill. Formed in 2005, they’ve already … Continue reading

Emil Bulls – “Kill Your Demons”

Emil Bulls – “Kill Your Demons” (AFM Records) A well known name certainly in Germany, Emil Bulls have been around for close to 20 years, having played Rock am Ring and at one stage being signed to Island Records and having charting albums to their name. With a steady stream of releases over the years and constant touring, this band is as fresh as it was since it was formed out’ve the convent school the early members attended! “Kill Your Demons” is their 9th album and despite its aggressive title and even more drab cover courtesy of Korean artist Shin … Continue reading

Exhumed – “Death Revenge”

Exhumed – “Death Revenge” (Relapse Records) Uh-oh. Concept. While some metal bands pull it off masterfully, others forever bath in its monumental failure. Thankfully Exhumed stay away from anything Sherlock Holmes and instead go for something far more closer to their rotting hearts – namely the grisly underground trade of grave-robbery in 1820s Scotland! Formed by a 15 year old Matt Harvey in 1990, Exhumed went onto capitalize on the growth of 90s death metal both in the US and Europe until burning out in 2005. Re-activated by the singer guitarist in 2010, they have since returned to fine form … Continue reading

Iron Monkey – “9-13”

Iron Monkey – “9-13” (Relapse Records) Oh my gawd. The terror has returned. Back in the mid 90s, one of the most terrifying bands (both onstage and off) were spawned from middle England’s bleakest cities – and with a sound from hell. As the fearsome five some wrought havoc up and down the country leaving trashed venues, pissed off promoters but ultimately shocked audiences in awe of their musical intensity yet their down to earth friendliness, Iron Monkey soon had a condemning press on their back (apart from yours truly), while the underground couldn’t get enough. Whether it was the … Continue reading

OZ – “Transition State”

OZ – “Transition State” (AFM Records) Quite possibly the oldest Finnish heavy rock band, OZ were formed in 1977 and soon defected to Sweden where they became more commonly associated, recording their acclaimed 1983 sophomore “Fire In The Brain” – featuring no less than Quorthon of Bathory’s arm on their album cover! Despite a strong follow up the next year in the more metallised “III – Warning” that was released on Combat Records in the US, the market for heavy rock / metal was soon fizzling out in favor of specialized genres and so too did OZ by the early … Continue reading

BLOODHUNTER ”The End Of Faith”

BLOODHUNTER ”The End Of Faith” (Xtreem Music) I cannot remember having heard BLOODHUNTER’s previous album. Which upon hearing this new one is a bit of a shame really. This is being described as extreme metal and I am not gonna disagree. It has elements of both thrash and death metal to just name a few sub-genres. To my ears this is what Arch Enemy would sound like had they crossbred with Death. It is technical yet melodic in an extreme metal concoction. I had not any sort of expectations on this one but it turned out to be a really … Continue reading

BLOODSTRIKE ” Execution of Violence”

BLOODSTRIKE ” Execution of Violence” (Redefining Darkness Records) This is BLOODSTRIKE’s second album. I have their first one and I even did an interview with them back when it was released (or somewhat around that time). This is old school death metal. Everything about this release screams old school. From the logo to the art work to the music. And I just sit here soaking it all up. This is bloody brilliant in my book. It isn’t original for one iota but who cares when it is a massive overload of cool death metal. That is enough for me to … Continue reading