King of Asgard – “:taudr:”

King of Asgard – “:taudr:” (Trollmusic) Having been signed to Metal Blade since 2010, King of Asgard have been quiet over the last few years. Until now. “:taudr:” marks the beginning of a new chapter in the saga of the band. Now on a new label and with new personnel in drummer Mathias Westman and Ted Sjulmark on guitar, there is a praiseworthy steadfastness in the band’s style of Odinist metal. Forged in the mists of Mithotyn, founder vocalist / guitarist Karl Beckman carries on that tradition of dexterously weaving rich Nordic melodies into the material like on closer ‘Upon … Continue reading

Hanoi Rocks – “All Those Wasted Years – Live At The Marquee”

Hanoi Rocks – “All Those Wasted Years – Live At The Marquee” (Dissonance) If you were into rock n roll and grew up in London in the early 80s, then the name Hanoi Rocks will surely be a familiar one. At one point residents of South London’s posher (lol) neighborhoods in Tooting Bec, these guys came from the cold, bleak Baltic nation of Finland, which apart from vodka, nobody knew jack about. Still, it was a different matter with Hanoi Rocks. Gifted with one of the most beautiful front men in Mike Monroe and son of Johnny Thunders guitarist Andy McCoy, … Continue reading

Rotten Mind – “Rotten Mind”

Rotten Mind – “Rotten Mind” (Lövely Records) Swedish punk – hmmm, that’s gotta be a new one fer me. Still, with the undoubted punk influences in their legendary death metal scene, I had to give Rotten Mind a listen and wow, make that another hit for Sweden! Despite their deranged name and regurgitated press musings of melancholy and darkness these guys came across as jovial as a Christmas tree! Mixing the punkerola of 70s UK bands like The Damned and Buzzcocks along with poppy adolescent vocals and rockabilly guitar, there’s plenty of frantic beats here but equally tons of catchy … Continue reading

ALASTOR “Black Magic”

ALASTOR “Black Magic” (Twin Earth) There are times when I look at what Sweden has brought the world and all I feel is pride. We are a small country. London and even New York has more citizens than us yet Sweden has brought with it so many great (and bad things – Swedish Hollywood Wives is just bad) things that it is hard to not drop your jaw in awe. Just like Swedish sin is a thing Swedish doom is a thing. Everything from doom rock to doom metal can be found in the fauna that is Swedish metal. ALASTOR … Continue reading

ARS VENEFICIUM “The Reign of the Infernal King”

ARS VENEFICIUM “The Reign of the Infernal King” (Immortal Frost) I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it. Bands with Latin names are a weakness of mine. I don’t know what it is about Latin but it really is a metal language. ARS VENEFICIUM has a very black metal-ish tone to it. You just know that this has to suck major ass for me to not like it. And I have no such expectations. This has a very specific sound. It is almost industrial without sounding industrial. I don’t know if that is a drum machine but is … Continue reading

ASTRAL WINTER “Forest of Silence”

ASTRAL WINTER “Forest of Silence” (Immortal Frost) I never ever look up to the sky at night but one wintry night at work I did so and I saw all the different constellations. That was a majestic feeling. But it also made me think about what lies beyond the stars, the infinity of space. And how small we really are in the vastness that is Universe. ASTRAL WINTER is an Aussie black metal combo. This is chaotic and massive and also with a sense of melody. I get Emperor “In The Nightside Eclipse” vibes all over this album. it is … Continue reading

DOEDSVANGR “Satan ov Suns”

DOEDSVANGR “Satan ov Suns” (Immortal Frost) This is another Finnish black metal horde that I have not heard of previous to receiving this album. In fact I have been very bad at keeping up with the Finnish black metal scene period the last couple of years. I need to check it out further. This is black metal in the vein of bands like Horna, Behexen, Gra, Domgård and that kinda bands. it might be my head but this is what I consider melodic black metal. There is a sensibility to this and not a full throttle attack on the senses. … Continue reading


FROM THE VASTLAND “Chamrosh” (Immortal Frost) We that live in a democracy have a very hard time understanding the concept of not being able to speak your mind, of being subjected to censorship because you think for yourself. That it might be directly lethal to listen to and play metal, that your life might be jeopardy if they discover what you do. But for FROM THE VASTLAND that is the reality of it all. For those that have seen the documentary “Blackhearts” you know what I am talking about. I have had the privilege of having heard a previous record … Continue reading

KHAOSPATH “… For The Devil Speaks The Truth”

KHAOSPATH “… For The Devil Speaks The Truth” (Immortal Frost) Once again I realize that it is bloody impossible to keep track of every Swedish metal band that is out there. KHAOSPATH is another one that I have missed out on. On their second album “… For The Devil Speaks The Truth” we are presented with the sort of black metal that has as much to do with black as with heavy metal. There is something about this that really appeals to me. I think it can be that they don’t the tag black metal limit them in what they … Continue reading

MIRRORS “Fools Paradise”

MIRRORS “Fools Paradise” (-) I am not that vain that I always look in the mirror making sure that everything is okay but I have to admit that it is a very necessary invention. Why this Aussie lot has decided to name themselves MIRROS is beyond me. Perhaps by listening to their music I will get a better grip. Whenever I hear a band like this it brings me back to a day and time when tags like thrashcore, deathcore and metalcore meant a whole different thing. There is a djent element to MIRRORS metal but most of the times … Continue reading