GLOOMY GRIM “Fuck The World – War is War”

GLOOMY GRIM “Fuck The World – War is War” (Symbol Of Domination) To be honest I am not entirely sure what it is that this albums compile. I am not that well versed in the discography of this Finnish band to be able to tell you that. I review what I think was their comeback album a while back. And even though I thought I knew of them before that it was abundantly clear that I didn’t once I heard that album. But this time I am better equipped to handle what this compilation brings to me. But I am … Continue reading

GRANADA “’Sincronizado”

GRANADA “’Sincronizado” (Symbol Of Domiantion) This Argentinian thrash metal band is crossover in a way that I haven’t heard in a long time. I reviewed a previous release of theirs and as far as I can remember I liked it. I must have because I like this new one. There is a hc feel to the thrash that they play. The mosh parts are heavy as hell. And there is an attitude that makes me think back to early crossover bands from the late 80s/early 90s. The fact that they sing in Spanish gives this an exotic touch. But everything … Continue reading

KING GOAT “Conduit”

KING GOAT “Conduit” (Aural Music) Doom is so much more that Black Sabbath riffs. And today it is even hard to keep track of all the sub-genres there is out there. This British 5 piece might not come from the hot spot of metal but hey Brighton has its spots too. Or so I suspect. What hit me almost immediately is how much this made me think of Leif Edling’s many bands. There is a bit Candlemass in this. A bit Krux. A bit Nemesis. You get the picture. This is doom of the more classic sort. And as the … Continue reading

LEVIATHAN “The First Sub Level Of Suicide ”

LEVIATHAN “The First Sub Level Of Suicide ” (Ascension Monuments Media) I thought I knew about this band simply because I have an LP by a band called Leviathan in my collection. But upon further investigation that band is not this band. Once that confusing had been cleared and I realized that LEVIATHAN’s debut album “Tenth Sublevel of Suicide” was released by Moribund I seemed to remember it. But that could very well been a chimera concocted by my twisted brain. So I’ll drop any attempts at trying to figure out which band this is and just concentrate on this … Continue reading

NIGHTSTRYKE “Power Shall Prevail”

NIGHTSTRYKE “Power Shall Prevail” (Stormspell Records) When President Obama mentioned Finnish metal in a speech you knew that it had entered all walks of life in Finland. So it came as no surprise that this week would contain at least one Finnish metal band. I just didn’t know that it would be in the shape of NIGHTSTRYKE. This is classic NWOBHM done the Finnish way. There is a rock’n’roll feel to this that makes me think of The Hellacopters gone heavy metal. But that doesn’t really make any difference because this is still so much heavy metal that you could … Continue reading

OUTLINE “Fire Whiplash”

OUTLINE “Fire Whiplash” (Hells Headbangers) Back in 2014 I reviewed Demona’s album “Speak With the Devil”. For some reasons it didn’t work out the way that Demona wanted and they split (or changed the name). But fear not because the story doesn’t end there. From the ruins of Demona comes OUTLINE. This seems to pick up where the previous band left in that this is old school speed metal. If you have an obsession with bands like Razor, Savage Grace and those kinda bands you will, like me, find this highly entertaining. This is pure old school nostalgia. But not … Continue reading

PRIEST “New Flesh”

PRIEST “New Flesh” (Lövely Records) My jury is still out on Ghost. I am not sure what I really think about them. I have listened to them and I have seen all the hype and now all the bullshit that surrounds them but I cannot decide if I like their music enough to care or if I just tolerate it. PRIEST is being described as the new Ghost. Something I don’t really hear when I listen to this as this is so far from Ghost as you can come. This is instead some sort of dance/techno. Not my cup of … Continue reading


PROCESS OF GUILT “Black Earth” (Bleak Recordings) When it comes to sludge I am still stuck in the 90s with bands like Fudge Tunnel and Deviated Instinct. I haven’t really made it into the 10s sludge wise. But thanks to bands like PROCESS Of GUILT I slowly take step by step forward. There is something about the dirty doomy sound of sludge combined with doom and death that appeals to me. This whole edginess that you find in that sound. There are no polished surfaces, or rounded corners. It is sharp and if you are not careful you might cut … Continue reading

RUXT “Running Out Of Time”

RUXT “Running Out Of Time” (Diamonds Prod) I have not heard of RUXT before I was sent this album but I am glad that this album came my way. This Italian band are more of the classic hardrock/heavy metal sound than the power metal I have come to expect from Italian bands. For some reason I come to think of more Central European bands like Bonfire or Sinner than British NWOBHM or Swedish 80s bands when I listen to this. So I guess that this has a very European feel to it. That is what my guts tells me. And … Continue reading

SANTA CRUZ “Bad Blood Rising”

SANTA CRUZ “Bad Blood Rising” (Sakara Records) I missed SANTA CRUZ when they played live in my hometown in 2016 because I had to work. But I heard from people that were attending the gig that this was a band to keep an ear out for. And with the release of their latest album my ears are firmly attached to this new one. When I listen to this I get vibes from early Mötley Crüe as well as early Skidrow. It is melodic but with one hell of an attitude. As much as I love extreme metal I have a … Continue reading