BLACK WIZARD “Livin’ Oblivion”

BLACK WIZARD “Livin’ Oblivion” (Listenable) As I didn’t know what to expect from this Canadian band I hadn’t made any sort of assumptions before I started to listen to this album. But I gotta say that I was still surprised. From reading up on them I kinda expected this to be some sort of 70s stoner/doom kinda sound. You can hear that stuff in their sound but what struck me initially was how much this made me think of Bombus. Not that they are anywhere as heavy and hard as Bombus but it was that kinda feel I got. What … Continue reading

CANDLE “The Keeper’s Curse”

CANDLE “The Keeper’s Curse” (Fighter Records) When Hammerfall released their debut album it meant a rejuvenation of heavy metal like we’ve never seen before. Since then much water has passed under all bridges but heavy metal is still standing strong. Thanks to labels like Fighter Records we are served up new and interesting acts on a regular basis. CANDLE from Sweden are the latest to release and album full of classic heavy metal. I usually don’t comment on stuff like vocals but this time I have to. They are not too bad but I believe that with a different vocalist … Continue reading

DELIVERANCE “The Subversive Kind”

DELIVERANCE “The Subversive Kind” (Roxx Records) There used to be a rather big white metal movement back in the days. With bands like Believer and DELIVERANCE flying the flag for the heavier end of the specter. I was never much for DELIVERANCE. I was much more into Believer. But now it is 2018 and Believer are nothing but a memory but DELIVERANCE are back with a new album. The first in in 4 years. This is not really a comeback as such. I didn’t care too much for them back then and I don’t care too much for them now … Continue reading


FINAL HOUR “S/T” (Wargear Records) At first I thought that this was another modern metal album but the more I listen to this the more I realize that this is modern death metal if anything. Hailing from Aalborg, Denmark this young band has produced an album that will do them a lot of good on the international market. What I like about this is that they haven’t taken any short cuts. This is a death metal album. With bits of more modern metal thrown in. But most of all this is good stuff. As with much modern metal there is … Continue reading

FUNERARY BELL “Undead Revelations”

FUNERARY BELL “Undead Revelations” (Saturnal Records) Finnish black metal to me is full on attack from start to finish but this is much more esoteric. At least in the first track. By the second track everything is back on track the way I want my Finnish black metal. But this esoteric feel will not let go completely. This is after all not your run of the mill black metal album. There is a depth to this that goes deeper than just assaulting your senses. I don’t want to use a word like soft in the same sentence as black metal … Continue reading

GRASSHOLE “Fuzz Of Flavour”

GRASSHOLE “Fuzz Of Flavour” () This album is a strange beast. Strange in that it does not sound like anything I had expected. This band from Melbourne, Australia mix a whole different styles to brew their own very special concoction. I hear stuff like Urge Overkill mixed with more melodic rock mixed with pop and grunge. As you understand this is not a straight shooter. But as I listen to this it starts to grab me by the balls. There is a charm to this that I find harder and harder to resist the deeper I get. This is after … Continue reading

INFERNAL LEGION “Under The Cloven Hoof”

INFERNAL LEGION “Under The Cloven Hoof” (Moribund) INFERNAL LEGION make a 7 year comeback with this new album. I reviewed the last album and I liked what I heard that time. Back then it wasn’t the death metal assault that I had hoped for. This time I know better what to expect and will therefore be better prepared to tackle this new album. And even though it might not be the assault that I expected this is no picnic in the park. This is still brutal stuff. But it is not brutal as in a highspeed car chase. Instead it … Continue reading

KAOTEON “Damnatio Memoriae”

KAOTEON “Damnatio Memoriae” () Lebanese metal is a very scarce entity in my collection. Not that I am surprised that there is such a thing because today it is easier to access metal than it was back in the stone age. I am actually more surprised that I haven’t heard more bands from the Middle East. This is supposedly a death/black metal band but if it were up to me I’d put the post in front. Because this has that feeling of wanting to take things one step further. Not to be stuck in the same song and dance routine. … Continue reading

KILL RITUAL “All Men Shall Fall”

KILL RITUAL “All Men Shall Fall” (Dissonance) I don’t know why but for some reason KILL RITUAL felt older than their 2010 inception. This is a thrash metal band from the US. When I listen to this I get flashbacks to bands like Defiance and Evil Dead. Second wave thrash metal bands. To me this is timeless music. It does not get much better than this when it comes to thrash. Sure, they do not match a band like Forbidden but they sure as hell does their best trying to be just as good. If you like me like this … Continue reading


KILL THE UNICORN “Prism” () To be honest I have no idea why I’ve decided to review this album. Just by looking at the art work I can tell that this is gonna be a hard nut to crack. And now as I listen to it I realize that this is more up and down, here and there than I can physically take. I guess you could label this metalcore if you so like. To me it all reminds me of Mr Bungle and stuff like that. I have no idea how to listen to this. It is not bad. … Continue reading