MALET GRACE ”Malsanity”

MALET GRACE ”Malsanity” (-) Whenever I see bands like Megadeth, Metal Church, Fates Warning or Queensrÿche mentioned in the same sentence I sit up and take extra notice because that are a hell of a combo of great metal bands. If MALET GRACE even touches on the greatness of these bands I will be in for a hell of a metal ride. The first thing I noticed was that the music is massive but the vocals do lack the same edge. Not that it is a bad vocalist but the music would have benefitted even more with a vocalist like … Continue reading

MYSTERY ”Second Home”

MYSTERY ”Second Home” (Unicorn) I chose to review this live 2CD/DVD simply because I have previously had very nice experiences with Unicorn artists. I have no idea what MYSTERY sounds like and even if I’ll like it. I just go with my gut feeling on this one. What I do know to expect is for this to be progressive. I do not know how progressive this will be. But it does start on a very good note with a distorted guitar, so that can’t be bad can it? MYSTERY follows in a fine Canadian tradition of prog rock set by … Continue reading


PROJECT RENEGADE ”Cerebra” (-) I knew nothing of this band until I got sent this CD. And when I looked into it I found out that it is a female fronted metal band. For those that care, know that I am a sucker for anything female fronted. So apart from this being Greek (that alone is enough to wet my appetite) this is also female fronted. That is like two out of two for a really cool metal experience. This is only a three track EP, which I regret even before having heard it. I have never ever liked EPs … Continue reading

TABERAH ”Sinner’s Lament”

TABERAH ”Sinner’s Lament” (Killer Metal Records) Back in 2012 I reviewed TABERAH’s “Necromancer”. Then I lost touch with them. Now 5 years later I sit here with a new TABERAH album and wonder why the hell I didn’t keep in touch with them. This Aussie band is one hell of a metal act. The metal they play has the bite that I look for. There is a very nice mix of classic heavy metal and second wave bay area thrash. For some reason it makes me think of the band Defiance. It could just be my fucked up mind playing … Continue reading

TELE.S.THERION ”Luzifers Abschied”

TELE.S.THERION ”Luzifers Abschied” (Minotauro Records) I love avant-garde black metal as much as the next guy. No, really. I love it. How you take the conventional and turn it into something twisted and most often beautiful. I love how Celtic Frost went from straight in your face to being an entirely different beast, yet so enjoyable. I love how Mayhem went from doing what is the most influential black metal album to being what they are today. I have been aware of TELE.S.THERION for a while now but never had the chance to really delve deep into their universe until … Continue reading

Accept – “The Rise Of Chaos”

Accept – “The Rise Of Chaos” (Nuclear Blast) With the UDO tour still steaming along like a juggernaut, and the loss of classic line up members Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann following the release of 2014’s “Blind Rage”, it did look like it might be curtains for Germany’s premiere heavy metal band – if not, a major setback. However, the tightness of founders Wolf Hoffmann on guitar and bassist Peter Baltes, whose relationship goes back to the late 70s, could not be overstated to the point where they have been criticized for not allowing others to collaborate in the band’s … Continue reading

Quiet Riot – “Road Rage”

Quiet Riot – “Road Rage” (Frontiers Music) Although beginning in the mid 70s as the group formed by Randy Rhoads, Quiet Riot will always go down in history as the band that cracked the Billboard 200 chart with “Metal Health” in 1983, selling over 6 million copies along with a number of hit singles including a cover of Slade’s ‘Cum On Feel The Noise’. Those of you who remember that time will know the euphoria every time the video was played or the song aired and it certainly broke the band big time with them touring for years off the back of … Continue reading

Dirkschneider – “LIVE – Back To The Roots – Accepted!”

Dirkschneider – “LIVE – Back To The Roots – Accepted!” DVD / 2CD / Blu-Ray (AFM Records) Oh my god, is there no end in sight to Udo’s onslaught?!?!?! With the hugely successful ‘Back To The Roots’ tour still ongoing – and a new monster European tour announced for the fall this year, there seems to be nothing stopping the Dirkschneider machine!!! With an insatiable demand for the music, fans have quickly demanded a live DVD and this is it – served up in gargantuan proportions to match the epic legacy of the ex Accept vocalist himself!!! 27 tracks naturally … Continue reading

Wraith – “Revelation”

Wraith – “Revelation” (Ice Rain Records) Back in the mid 80s when hairspray bands moved out’ve of the sleeze clubs of LA’s Sunset Strip and into stadiums, bands like Motley Crue, Poison, and Ratt were taking rock music by a storm. Back in Blighty, the mighty Def Leppard had already clawed a niche for themselves in America, but there was precious little following them – except for Wraith! Born in middle England and weened through numerous gigs at Nottingham’s Rock City, Wraith soon had the hard rock scene fired up and garnered support from industry icons like Lemmy who sang backing … Continue reading

Nostoc – “Ævum”

Nostoc – “Ævum” ( Well, I’m not sure how much of an extreme metal scene Costa Rica has, but if its somewhat limited, then you could always take inspiration from Nostoc and just roll it all together into one awesome package! Black metal, death metal, groove metal, dark metal – hell, these guys must’ve captured every sub genre here – along with a healthy dose of modern prog to ice it all off nice n sweetly! What impresses most though, is the sheer talent inherent in their composing and bringing it all to life brilliantly through their superb musicianship, which … Continue reading