DARK MILLENNIUM “Where Oceans Collide”

DARK MILLENNIUM ”Where Oceans Collide” (Massacre Records) Okay, this is a band that I have totally missed out on. Having formed in 1989 and released a couple of demos before the debut came out in 1992 this is a band that I should have known of, and even having heard. But I cannot remember even been in contact with them. Which is a shame judging by this new, their fourth album. Because this is good. There is a charm to this that I find highly entertaining. It is extreme metal but there is an accessibility to this that I like.… Continue reading

DESTROYER ATTACK “Solve et Coagula”

DESTROYER ATTACK ” Solve et Coagula” (Morbid Skull Records) This Ecuadorian band play a brand of metal that is so old school it is almost bordering ancient. Well, not really. But this is another fine example of how young people of today pay homage to the past. I doubt that the members of this band were even born when the bands that they are so clearly influenced by were at the height of the extreme metal explosion in the late 80s/early 90s. When I hear stuff like this I feel an urge to put on Sodom’s “In The Sign of… Continue reading

ESKHATON ”Omegalitheos”

ESKHATON ”Omegalitheos” (Lavadome Productions) I don’t know why I assumed that this was a Greek band when in fact they are Aussies. This is their third album having formed in 2010 following “Nihilgoety” in 2011 and “Worship Death” in 2014. ESKHATON play the sort of death metal that at first might sound very crude and primitive but once you get into it you realize the power it emits. This is brutal. When I hear this sorta death metal I often yell Incantation. But as I listen to this I start to think if that is a correct way to describe… Continue reading

ESSENZ ”Manes Impetus”

ESSENZ ”Manes Impetus” (Amor Fati Productions) ESSENZ is a Berlin based black metal band. I think I have seen the name float about in the underground but looking through their discography (this being their third album since forming in 2007) I realize that I have nit heard them before. This is not your typical all full on black metal attack. No sir, this is at times way more doomy and contemplating than that. If there exist such a sub-genre, doom black metal would be the best description of this. The band goes from doom to black metal attack and back… Continue reading

FLOOD PEAK “Plagued By Sufferers”

FLOOD PEAK ” Plagued By Sufferers” () I gotta say that I didn’t know what to expect from a band named FLOOD PEAK. It is not a name that summons images of death and despair. Not to me at least. But once I started to play this record I changed my tune. This is some seriously heavy and doomy sludge metal. This Portland OR based band play the sort of droning sludge that makes you feel like you are in a dark basement in a horror movie and there is no way out unless you dig your way out. This… Continue reading

CIRCLE STORY “Uncovered Fears”

CIRCLE STORY “Uncovered Fears” (Another Side Records) Have you ever wondered what Dream Theater would have sounded had they played grunge? Nah, didn’t think so. But that is one of the vibes I get from this debut album by CIRCLE STORY. This Russian band play a sort of alternative metal that features influences from different genres. This is both progressive as well as alternative. As somebody that is open to anything as long as it is good, I find to this charmingly entertaining. There is a groove and a flow to this that makes me a happy dude. This turned… Continue reading

DRUKNROLL “Unbalanced”

DRUKNROLL “Unbalanced” (Metal Scrap Records) I have heard a number of DRUKNROLL albums by now and I have always liked what I heard but I cannot name song titles or album titles. And if I were pressured into telling you what they sound like I cannot tell you because I don’t really know. It feels like the band changes with the moods. This time they are a thrash metal band and a really good one. In a way they kinda reminds me of The Haunted. It is that same kinda thrash that they are peddling. And that is no bad… Continue reading

SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS “Historiocriticism”

SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS “Historiocriticism” (Metal Scrap Records) This the new album from Hungarian SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS. I reviewed them back in 2012 and I liked what I heard back then. And I still like what I hear. I still hear the heaviness of Morbid Angel in their sound but now I also hear the more blast beat-ified sounds of Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse. This is in other words some seriously brutal death metal. As always with this kind of death metal it all comes down to how low tuned the guitars are. Are they so low and dirty that your… Continue reading


TRUCHŁO STRZYGI ”Pora Umierać” (Godz Ov War Productions) My Polish is non-existing. I have no idea what the name of this band means or what the title of the album is. What I do know is that this is a mix of black metal and punk. You don’t even have to google that. You get it from the album cover alone. So, is this any good? I love Anti Cimex and that whole crust/käng punk bit and I love black metal. Doesn’t necessarily mean that the two mix well together. But I gotta hand it to TRUCHŁO STRZYGI because they… Continue reading

GRAVECOVEN ”Coughing Blood”

GRAVECOVEN ”Coughing Blood” (Godz Ov War Productions) I knew that I was familiar with this band. I interviewed them already back in 2016. Now I get to hear a proper release from them. And I gotta say that it has been a long wait. This might only be a 4 track record but it is so full of cool doomy black metal that I have to play it over and over. There is something so primal about this that I cannot stop listening. I just want more and more of it. From the very first note this got me hooked.… Continue reading