Orange Goblin – “The Wolf Bites Back”

Orange Goblin – “The Wolf Bites Back” (Candlelight/ Spinefarm Records) Right from their humble beginnings playing the Red Eye in London’s Kings Cross during the mid 90s, Orange Goblin have always been able to cut the mustard with their brand of stoner rock. Fronted by big Ben Ward and faithfully supported by little Joe Hoare, the band have steadily risen nationally, then across the Continent and finally the world. Still with the original crew and now onto album number 9, “The Wolf Bites Back” showcases 10 tracks of trademark stoner, along with some fast rock n roll thanks to Motorhead’s Phil Campbell lending his… Continue reading

Vanhelga – “Fredagsmys”

Vanhelga – “Fredagsmys” (Osmose Productions) Oh, the irony! Vanhelga play ‘…positive music for positive people..’ but are equally enthralled by ‘…the beauty of negativity, melancholy and misery..’. It’s perhaps unsurprising considering the number of times founder vocalist Jacob Otterson has been institutionalised and hospitalised for drug overdoses – not mention the band’s name which means ‘desecrate’!! Still, Otterson has been onto something since he founded the band in 2001, playing all the instruments for the best part of a decade, with Vanhelga being a true expression of his dark and depressive soul. Since recruiting a band around him, “Fredagsmys”, which is the band’s 5th release still retains elements of this… Continue reading

Petyr – “Smolyk”

Petyr – “Smolyk” (Outer Battery Records) Totally rad dude. In what must be the ultimate tribute to skating legend Peter Smolik comes Petyr the band, made up of pro-skater Riley Hawk (son of Tony Hawk), with Holland Redd on guitar, Nick McDonnell on drums, and Luke Devigny on bass. Fuelled by the likes of Japan’s Flower Travellin’ Band, the mighty Sabbath (naturally) and hometown gods Earthless, Petyr mix it in the smog heavy stoner wastelands to produce a totally rad opus of karmic psychedelic bliss induced by funky grooves, spaced out licks and percussive tones with fuzzed out stoner magic on the 9 tracks making up this out’ve this world release!… Continue reading

Caveman Cult – “Supremacia Primordial”

Caveman Cult – “Supremacia Primordial” EP (Larval Productions) Utterly savage. Florida has spawned some extreme bands over time, but the ‘barbaric bestial death’ of the aptly named Caveman Cult takes it all to a new level. This is primitive noise played with no remorse and fuelled from the bile soaked bladders of crust punk, black and death metal (and probably too many serial killer novels). If the 4 ugly songs (and be thankful they didn’t put on more) are enough to hang your brain inside out, then think of what it’s done to this violent noise trio. Haunting primordial ‘vocals’, snare frenzied hyperspeed smashing drums, raw cheesegrater guitar driving out… Continue reading

ALFAHANNE “Alfapocalyptic Rock”

ALFAHANNE ”Alfapocalyptic Rock” (Iron Fist Productions) I cannot say that I have paid ALFAHANNE (eng: Alfamale) any sort of attention previously but having been sent this two track 7” I have no choice but to listen to it. As I wasn’t familiar with this band’s music at all this could have ended up any sort of garbage but I gotta say that I was positively surprised by the A-side. “Kontroll” is a good song. There is a melodic sense to it that grabbed me immediately. I got a really cool vibe of Imperiet having gone Bauhaus or Joy Division listening… Continue reading


ALTAR OF PERVERSION ”Intra Naos” (The Anja Offensive)4 Not being familiar with ALTAR PF PERVERSION before and judging by how it is that has released this album I kinda expected this to be very experimental to say it nicely. But this Italian band turned out to be just raw black metal. Not that it is “just” but it could have been something “even more”. In a way it does remind me of Darkthrone circa “A Blaze In The Northern Sky” and “Transylvanian Hunger” with a twist. It is that same kinda basic black metal we are talking about. And since… Continue reading

ARALLU ”Desert Battles”

ARALLU ”Desert Battles” () This is sort of a rerecording of the 2009 album. With new vocals, new art work and a different mix ARALLU feel that this album is now presented the way it was originally intended. Not having heard the original version I don’t care too much about the details. All I care about is if this Israeli band is any good. And they are. Despite this being an “old” album it still thrashes about like there is no tomorrow. I don’t know how to describe them musically but I get vibes of Sepultura as well as a… Continue reading

CAVEMAN CULT ”Supremacía Primordial”

CAVEMAN CULT ”Supremacía Primordial” (Larval Productions) This is an EP released on 10” vinyl. I gotta say that I like the band name. It set the tone for what to expect. This is no twiddly diddly Dream Theater prog metal. This is no nuance death/black metal. just one massive block of full on assault metal. if you like your death metal with melodies and guitar solos to play air guitar to then this is totally not your thing. If you on the other hand crave some very primordial death and/or black metal you have come to the right place. I… Continue reading

CRURIFRAGIUM “Black Beast Of Bestiality”

CRURIFRAGIUM ”Black Beast Of Bestiality” (Larval Productions) This is a first time on vinyl release. If you are well into the US black metal scene you will recognize the name CRURIFRAGIUM from their 2015 demo days, or even from the 2017 debut album. I gotta say that I have no idea who this band is and what they have done before but from reading the press release I thought that they were further back in time and not as recent as 2015. But that is just minor digressions. This is black metal in the very raw and primitive Blasphemy/Profanatica way.… Continue reading

DEATHWARDS ”Towards Death”

DEATHWARDS ”Towards Death” (Invictus Productions) I usually don’t check out band pics but when I do it makes for fun viewing. That was the case with DEATHWARDS band picture. They sure do look the right way and judging from some of the band T-shirts that they are wearing (Groteaque and VoiVod etc.) this is gonna be old school as hell. Listening to this is like being back in the 80s when I first got to know of the extreme metal scene that exploded back then. I’m not a very nostalgic person, not even when it comes to music, but when… Continue reading