Running Wild – “Crossing The Blades”

Running Wild – “Crossing The Blades” EP (Steamhammer / SPV) Formed in the mid 70s, Running Wild are one of Germany’s longest running heavy metal bands, having evolved through speed, power and later pirate metal – when it wasn’t even known by that name! Under the auspices of founder Rock N’ Rolf Kasparek (guitar, vocals), they have released no less than 16 albums, and numerous singles, EPs and compilations as well as playing Wacken Open Air, Sweden Rock, and Masters Of Rock in their time. Intended as a foretaste to their next full length album, this 4 tracker EP as usual goes… Continue reading

Burning Witches – “Wings Of Steel”

Burning Witches – “Wings Of Steel” EP (Nuclear Blast) OMG – prepare for detonation!!! Burning Witches are back and with a new vocalist in Dutch singer Laura Guldemond (Shadowrise), whose power and range could’ve come from the fiery pits of hell itself. Arguably less evil than predecessor Seraina Telli who left to concentrate on her own band Dead Venus, Guldemond’s clean and classy singing more than fits the style of Burning Witches, as judged by this limited edition collector’s edition EP made up of a brand new studio track and 3 live recordings made at this year’s Wacken Open Air… Continue reading

Nightwish – “Decades: Live In Buenos Aires”

Nightwish – “Decades: Live In Buenos Aires” 2CD / DVD / 3LP / Blu-Ray (Nuclear Blast) Clearly a band that doesn’t do things by half measures, “Decades: Live In Buenos Aires” is a 21 track double live album culminating a 9 month long world tour, during which North American fans were each offered a free copy of the “Decades” compilation album, and not to be hard done by, their Latin American counterparts in Argentina were filmed by 19 cameras to do true justice to the splendour of this recording! Under the masterful hand of the band’s founder, Tuomas Holopainen, whose… Continue reading

Molly Hatchet – “Battleground”

Molly Hatchet – “Battleground” 2CD / 3LP (Steamhammer / SPV) ‘…I like my wimmin Southern style – hell yeah!!…’. Molly Hatchet. Now there’s a name. If you were into Southern Rock back in the late 70s and early 80s then albums like “Flirtin’ With Disaster” and “Beatin’ The Odds” with their unmistakable Frank Frazetta covers will no doubt bring back memories of the glory days for the stars n bars. Natural successors to Lynyrd Skynyrd, with Ronnie Van Zant slated to produce their debut, Molly Hatchet even cut their demos at Skynyrd’s recording studio. Different to other more country influenced… Continue reading

Cro-Mags – “From The Grave”

Cro-Mags – “From The Grave” EP (Victory Records) ‘..I am working with the best team and the best musicians to launch the next era of Cro-Mags..’. No kidding. Hot footing it from the recent “Don’t Give In” EP comes the next instalment and brother, Harley Flanagan is clearly out to kill. Joining an already solid line up featuring legendary Rocky George (Suicidal Tendencies, Fishbone) and Gabby Abularach (Cro-Mags, Phillip Boa’s Voodoocult) on guitars comes none other than Motörhead’s guitarist Phil Campbell guesting on lead and slide guitar! As per the last round, this EP features 3 tracks, 2 of which… Continue reading

Praying Mantis – “Keep It Alive”

Praying Mantis – “Keep It Alive” CD / DVD (Frontiers Music) Now firmly ensconced into the 3rd chapter of their career, NWOBHM legends deliver their first live album in 23 years on “Keep It Alive”! Formed in 1974 while still at college by the Troy brothers Chris (bass, vocals) and Tino (guitar, vocals), it didn’t take long before they came to the attention of luminary Neil Kay, who featured them on the “Soundhouse Tapes” in 1979. Support slots with Iron Maiden and Ronnie Montrose ultimately led to success in being signed to Arista Records, the culmination of which was their… Continue reading

SYKELIG ENGLEN ” This Hollow Land”

SYKELIG ENGLEN ” This Hollow Land” (AHPN Records / Clobber Records) Norwegian black metal is nothing new. And while the stream of new unheard bands might not be as fluent as it used to be there are still new acts to be discovered. SYKELIG ENGLEN is one of these band that I had not heard of prior to receiving this promo even though there are a couple of releases tied to this name. This is basic and raw black metal. I have heard this thousand of times before and will probably hear it a thousand times more but I still… Continue reading

SANGUINARY TRANCE “Wine, Song and Sacrifice”

SANGUINARY TRANCE “Wine, Song and Sacrifice” () This one dropped in on me a while back but I somehow forgot to check it out until now. I think this was supposed to be some sort of black metal but since it was that long ago I arrived I am not too certain. What I do know is that I got a Wolves In The Throne Room kinda vibe from this record. And since I am a fan of that band I wanted to check out if my gut feeling was right or wrong. I was at least right in that… Continue reading

MORDIAN “Romance In Disguise”

MORDIAN “Romance In Disguise” () I have no age issues. I don’t care if you are 16 or 66 as long as the music you play suits my ears. When I was contacted by this artist I didn’t reflect upon her young age as much as upon the genre. I am a huge sucker for anything gothic and/or symphonic. So when this dropped in on me for what seems like ages ago I knew I had to check it out. I gotta say that I have listened to this a couple of times and every time I have been equally… Continue reading

BARMY ROTE “Unnecessary”

BARMY ROTE “Unnecessary” (STF) I love to get to know of bands and sounds that I might not otherwise het in touch with. I jump on every chance to get to know new bands. And BARMY ROTE are new to me. This German three piece play a sort of rock that I quite like. It is not hardrock but it is hard rock. Although I get a feeling that they are very borderline hardrock. Kinda like D A D are borderline. Perhaps not as tongue in cheek as D A D it would still like to place BARMY ROTE in… Continue reading