KILLING GHANDI “Aspirations Of Failure”

KILLING GHANDI “Aspirations Of Failure” (Massacre Records) This is Danish KILLING GHANDI’s second album. The name seems very familiar but I cannot remember ever having heard anything by them before this album. The type of metal they play is melodic death. I can hear some similarities to the bands that came from Gothenburg in the mid 90s but I also hear more modern metal influences in the sound. It was a while since I did hear an album like this. But now that I do I realize that I have missed hearing this kinda death metal for a while now. … Continue reading

MY SILENT WAKE “There Was Death”

MY SILENT WAKE “There Was Death” (Minotauro) Whenever I hear a MY SILENT WAKE album I come to think of Guernsey’s Earthcorpse. A band that I totally loved back in the 90s and that sadly didn’t get the attention that they deserved. But what I really should be thinking when I listen to MY SILENT WAKE is a heavier My Dying Bride. I would even go as far as labelling this borderline funeral doom simply because it is that slow. As somebody that loves all kind of metal and equally as much I have a hard time to resist this. … Continue reading

POEM “Unique”

POEM “Unique” (ViciSolum Productions) This Greek progressive band has chosen a band name that demands a lot to live up to. At least in my book. I am a big band name buff and I can buy an album just from the name of the band. So in naming your band POEM you have set the bar high from the start. Thankfully this is in no way bad or crap or anything negative. Progressive metal today entails so many different things that it is not just enough to label it progressive to describe the sound. I am not the greatest … Continue reading

PROVOCATOR “Satan, Chaos, Blood And Terror”

PROVOCATOR “Satan, Chaos, Blood And Terror” (Moribund Records) Chaotic black metal can be a hit or miss kind of thing. If you do it wrong it just ends up being complete noise. If you do it the right way it can be the coming Armageddon. This is done the right way. Amidst all the chaos you can actually hear what it is that the band want to say with their music. This Slovenian band are new to me but that doesn’t stop me from thinking that this is bloody awesome. Perhaps not the most original, but then what is today, … Continue reading

SACRED LEATHER “Ultimate Force”

SACRED LEATHER “Ultimate Force” (Cruz Del Sur) This is being describes as heavy/thrash metal. I am inclined to agree on that. This American band play a brand of metal that is very positive. You feel good when you listen to it. It is uplifting, the tempo is relatively high and there are lots of melodies and cool guitar solos. So what more could you ask for. As I am new to SACRED LEATHER I do sit here in awe over how good this is. So I am glad that this album came my way. Especially now when we are in … Continue reading

SALEM “Attrition”

SALEM “Attrition” (Dissonance) Formed in 1980 this is a band with a great pedigree. At first I thought I most have been both blind and deaf in the 80s because I can’t seem to remember ever having heard SALEM but as I go through their discography I realize that they only released their debut album in 2013. If you think that Metallica are slow in releasing new album then it is time to rethink. This new album is their third. But this is still classic British heavy metal. And since they were there back in the days this is an … Continue reading


SANCTUM & SOLACE ”Made Wrong” () I say it again. I don’t get enough hardcore releases sent my way. I am eager to get to hear more hardcore and to learn more about the scene today. So I am thankful that this Aussie band came my way so that I can get my fix of hardcore this week. To my ears this is more of the technical hardcore, with lots of stop and starts. This does bring me back to the nineties and the Umeå scene. Back then I tried to keep up with what was going on. As I … Continue reading

SCHWARZER ENGEL ”Kult der Krähe”

SCHWARZER ENGEL ”Kult der Krähe” (Massacre Records) Apart from the fact that they sing in German this is a very German sounding band. The whole goth scene is as far as I can tell big in Germany. Something I can understand with the history that the Germans have with literature and film. People that hear this for the very fist time will call this a Rammstein rip off but that is not entirely true. Sure, they do operate in the same kinda field but this is much more metal than Rammstein will ever be. And I love Rammstein so I … Continue reading

VOJD ”The Other Ocean”

VOJD ”The Other Ocean” (High Roller Records) This is another Swedish band that I have totally missed out on. At times it feels as though I have been living under a stone far away in a forest. There are so many bands that I should know about that I have no bloody idea existed. VOJD has a sound that is pretty much classic NWOBHM spiced with some classic FWOSHM and with some Thin Lizzy vibes too. As I listen to this is curse myself for having missed out on this band. This is the kind of heavy metal that I … Continue reading


A LIGHT WITHIN ”Epilogue” () I have no idea what life is like in Kansas City, Missouri but judging from the sound of A LIGHT WITHIN it ain’t the most joyful. I am not the greatest fan of the post modern simply because at times it is like dressing old stuff in new clothes and then call it brand new. It is a bit like the Emperor’s clothes. But once I look beyond the whole post this and post that I more often than not find great things. So this whole post metal thingamajig I take light heartly. But I … Continue reading