OATH “Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta”

OATH “Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta” (Immortal Frost) I know that I liked OATH’s previous record so it is with certain air of expectation that I take on this new one. This Finnish black metal entity plays the kind of black metal that has an epic touch to it. You get images of windswept hills and open snow clad fields. It is that kinda frosty black metal. At times this makes me think of the more majestic tracks on Bathory’s “Under the Sign of the Black Mark” and also “Blood Fire Death” mixed with the desolation of early Burzum and Darkthrone. This … Continue reading

TROJANS “The Blissful Hollow”

TROJANS “The Blissful Hollow” (-) For some TROJANS are condoms and that’s it. But for us that look a bit further than our own willies, we know that this is a really cool band that should get even more attention than they have. I have to say that I missed out on the previous stuff but as they say, better late than never. For a very long time I had major issues with music that didn’t go in 180 bpm all the time but gradually I have come to understand and like music that isn’t played at lightning speed. TROJANS … Continue reading

Sammy Hagar – “This Is Sammy Hagar – When The Party Started”

Sammy Hagar – “This Is Sammy Hagar – When The Party Started” (Mailboat Records) Multi platinum recording artist, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee and Grammy winning singer and songwriter Sammy Hagar has made his legend over the course of decades in Montrose, as a solo artist and stints in Van Halen. This 14 track collection is very much a personal one as chosen by Hagar himself, including 2 brand new songs along with alternate mixes of tracks from his post Van Halen albums of “Red Voodoo” in 1999 through to “Livin’ It Up” in 2006. Reflecting a special … Continue reading

Obituary – “Obituary”

Obituary – “Obituary” (Relapse Records) One of the legends of death metal, it’s clear that Florida’s Obituary are keen to make up for lost ground – and have been since their glorious return in 2005. With things really taking off for the band following their signing to Relapse aptly reflected in the title of 2014’s “Inked In Blood” album, this self titled release is their 10th album. Don’t be holding out for anything special or any change: Obituary know what they do best and what their fans crave – old school Florida death metal with that classic groove – yeah! As … Continue reading

Alunah – “Solennial”

Alunah – “Solennial” (Svart Records) Hailing from the sacred soil of Sabbath, self styled ‘Heavy Earth Musicians’ Alunah do exactly that on their spell bounding new album! Formed just over 10 years ago in Birmingham’s black country, Alunah’s music is decidedly less dark or heavvvy than the likes of Iommi & co, preferring to take a more earthy trip through the gentle, hypnotic vocals of Sophie Day. However, that’s not to say that their doom cast label is a misnomer, cos when guitarist David Day switches on the fuzz and hits the reverb, you can certainly feel the power from their amps … Continue reading

Evocation – “The Shadow Archetype”

Evocation – “The Shadow Archetype” (Metal Blade Records) Old school. Modern metal. Death metal’s seen it all throughout its history but very few bands can bring the two together successfully – until now. Revocation were an old school Swe-death band from the early 90s who made their name through ferocious gigs and creating their own mix of what was then the Gothenburg and Stockholm styles of death metal. However, even with success looming, the band folded in 1993. Fast forward to 2005 and unending interest in the band results in them going back into the studio, releasing 3 respectable comeback … Continue reading

Evocation – Condemned to the Grave

Next week Friday, March 10th, EVOCATION will celebrate their return to Death Metal with their stunning new longplayer ‘The Shadow Archetype’! The album is a confession to their Swedish Death Metal roots while adding bits and pieces of roaring Thrash Metal to their addictive heavy sound!

Danko Jones – “Wild Cat”

Danko Jones – “Wild Cat” (AFM Records) Probably Canada’s most popular alt hard rock band, Danko Jones have built an international reputation over 20 years through chart hitting albums and being a regular name across the European festival circuit where I’ve seen them entertain time and again. Gotta admit though, the music didn’t exactly grab my old balls even though their funky get up n go rock n roll certainly got the crowds moving. But when I heard that they’d signed to German power / heavy metal AFM, I did wonder what was going on. Things got progressively worse as … Continue reading

Black Mirrors – “Funky Queen”

Black Mirrors – “Funky Queen” EP (Napalm Records) Hmmm, Belgian hippies, it doesn’t sound quite right? But Black Mirrors are certainly set to change all that. For a start the trippy shamanic cover doesn’t truly represent what these guys and one lady are all about. More likely we’re talking about a heady mix of 60s greats in the power larynx of Janis Joplin and the proto punk rock of the MC5 mixed with contemporary stoner a la Queens Of The Stone Age. Opener title track ‘Funky Queen’ does exactly what it says as Marcella Di Troia’s sassy vocals dance teasingly … Continue reading

Lunar Shadow – “Far From Light”

Lunar Shadow – “Far From Light” (Cruz Del Sur Music) ‘Castle Theuern has fallen. The parapets have been stormed by legions of doom, the towers were melted under heavy siege’. From deep in the Bavarian forests comes Lunar Shadow, a true metal band from Germany who only formed a few years ago under the protégé like prowess of guitar prince Max ‘Savage’ Birbaum. Burned forevermore by Judas Priest at the age of 10, Birbaum then saw the wisdom of Bathory and Maiden, followed by Dissection and Trouble, while the echoes of Simon and Garfunkel from his parents own leanings remained. While … Continue reading