THE CONVALESCENCE ”This is Hell” (Unique Leader Records) I will not spew bile over the modern deathcore simply because I am slowly coming round to liking it. THE CONVALESCENCE is my latest endeavour into the modern era of deathcore/matchcore/tech death metal. This is perhaps not my first choice of sub-genre but upon hearing this I gotta say that I am slowly becoming a believer. This is massively overwhelming. It is like being run over by a bulldozer and then being run over again as it backs up. You will not go unharmed from hearing this album. but is it any … Continue reading

DARKENHÖLD ”Memoria Sylvarum”

DARKENHÖLD ”Memoria Sylvarum” (-) I interviewed this lot back in February 2016. 20 odd months later I sit here with the latest album from DARKENHÖLD. This is a real treat for me to get to hear this new album. There was something about this band that made me interview them in the first place. And hearing this new album I still think that there is something about the black metal that they play that sets them apart. Not as aggressive as some black metal this is much more on the atmospheric side. A cool fact is that there are really … Continue reading

FORSAKEN ” Pentateuch”

FORSAKEN ” Pentateuch” (Mighty Music) I cannot remember if I have ever heard an album by this Maltese doom metal band. Yet I have been aware of them for a very long time now. But as they say, better late than never. So here we go with this the newest FORSAKEN album. I had kinda expected this to be doom in the Candlemass school but this is so much heavier. This is FORSAKEN’s first album in 6 years. A somewhat comeback for them. If you are not familiar with FORSAKEN like me but like bands like Solitude Aeternus and the … Continue reading

I KLATUS ”Nagual Sun”

I KLATUS ”Nagual Sun” (Horse Drawn Productions) [yasr_overall_rating I really like the band name. Just try saying it. It is hard to not be overly dramatic when you say it. Having been around for what seems like an eternity today this is a new band for me. Upon hearing this new album I can feel that I have missed out on something here. This is sludge/doom. You get you usually Black Sabbath homage but I also get vibes of Sleep and my all time sludge band Fudge Tunnel. To say that this is heavy to say the least. But it … Continue reading

MINOTAURO ”Apocalyptic Sense”

MINOTAURO ”Apocalyptic Sense” (7Hard) Italian power metal used to be almost a staple diet for me back in the late 90s. But then it all seemed to fade off, or I lost a bit of interest, until it was almost non-existing in my metal flow. But I still have a special place for that kind of metal in my heart so whenever I hear a new Italian power metal band it lights up like a x-mas tree. MINOTAURO are new to me but this album shows promises of a band that if treated right can grow into a power metal … Continue reading

MORLAS MEMORIA ”Mine Of Pictures”

MORLAS MEMORIA ”Mine Of Pictures” (7Hard) [yasr_overall_rating I find it hard to review singles. It was hard when they came on 7” or CDs but then at least you got a couple of songs. With this digital age you are lucky to get more than one song. But hey I’ve taken it upon myself to review this single from MORLAS MEMORIA. From the first chord it triggered memories of stuff I have heard. That to me is a good sign of me being interested. This is symphonic metal. Listening to this track is like being taken on a journey through … Continue reading

RAGE OF ROMANCE ”Thunderborn”

RAGE OF ROMANCE ”Thunderborn” (Steel Galery Records) I do keep repeating myself over and over but that is simply because I have certain countries that are more special to me than others when it comes to my metal. Greece is such a place. So whenever I get sent an album by a Greek band I sit up and take extra notice. RAGE OF ROMANCe are on their second album with this record but it is my first encounter with them. Having had a vocalist that departed to THE AGONIST they have bounce back with a new vocalist and this new … Continue reading


SOCIAL CRASH ”Burn Out” (Wormhole Death) I’ve managed to do one burn out with an old Volvo 240 back in the days. That is as far as I’ve gotten burn out wise. It did cost me a new tire. This burn out is much cheaper but as much fun. You might have read the interview I did with the band. Now you’ll get the review of the album. I don’t get to many punk records sent my way but when I do it is always a pleasure listening through them. When I listen to SOCIAL CRASH I get more of … Continue reading

SPECTRAL VOICE ”Eroded Corridors of Unbeing”

SPECTRAL VOICE ”Eroded Corridors of Unbeing” (Dark Descent Records) I don’t know why I keep thinking Skeletal Earth each time I see this band’s name. but I do and it annoys the hell outta me. But then it isn’t too far off once the music starts because SPECTRAL VOICE are old school in their approach to death metal. And Skeletal Earth are old, period. As much as I am a huge fan of old school death metal as much am I a huge skeptical. Why do something that has already been done. SPECTRAL VOICE are perhaps not so much old … Continue reading


WASPTRESS ”S/T” (7Hard) The First time I saw this band’s name it made me think of an old B/W movie about a lady that overdoses on honey in order to stay beautiful but instead turns into a wasp (The Wasp Woman 1959). It has nothing to do with the band WASPTRESS. It is just the way my brain works. As this is a new band to me I have no idea what to expect musically. But once I started to play this album I realized that this is the kind of stuff I don’t get sent too often. This is … Continue reading