ANGER AS ART “Hubris Inc”

“Hubris Inc”
(Old School Metal Records)
My new year resolution for 2012 (yes, last year) was to try to be positive and expect the best from everything. It hasn’t always been easy but for most of the time I’ve succeeded. And when you get a band with a name like ANGER AS ART how can you be anything but positive that this will blow your socks off. Continue reading

CARONTE “Ascension”

(Lo-Fi Creatures)
I have in the past complained about instrumental metal. To which I find myself liking bands that aren’t that full of vocals all the time. I really like the instrumental interludes that bands like Dream Theater (prog metal) or Dawn (black metal) have in their music, where the vocals take the backseat and the instrumentalists get to show off. Continue reading


I thought that I had already reviewed this band but when I searched the site I couldn’t find any review. Strange but I guess my brain could play a trick on me thinking that I like this band already. I hope that my brain is right and that this Danish band will be super duper good. I like bands like Suffocation that go for the throat almost all the time. Continue reading

CRIMSON BLUE “Innocence”

By some strange coincidence I get sent review stuff from Russian bands by way of a Israeli pr firm. Not that I complain. Metal is universal and I really don’t care where I get sent stuff from. What really matters is if it is any good. CRIMSON BLUE as a name doesn’t give away too much. Continue reading

DEATH AGONY “Carcinogenic Memories”

“Carcinogenic Memories”
Another slash of French death metal. What have I done to deserve this honour. The ones I’ve heard lately have all been to my liking so it is with great trepidation that I take on this one too. I love me some really good death metal. That feel of being blown away by the sheer power of the down tuned guitar is like heaven to me. Continue reading

DIABULA RASA “Ars Medioheavy”

“Ars Medioheavy”
I honestly don’t know the difference between folk, pagan or heathen metal. Not that I really matters in the long run. I like all metal that is good. DIABULA RASA is supposedly an Italian folk metal band that is highly anticipated. And this started on a high note. From the fist note I found myself being intrigued by the music. Continue reading

HATERIAL “Twisted Verses”

“Twisted Verses”
If my memory doesn’t serve me wrong this is another Finnish act. There seem to be countless of these all over the frozen wasteland that is the Finnish country side. And I don’t mind. I don’t feel threatened by the number of Finnish bands out there. I just feel a sense of pride that the Nordic countries produces so many great acts Continue reading

IVALYS “Lumen”

At times I feel that some labels are being a bit too one track minded. It is like they find one type of band and just keep going in that direction. I know that Wormholedeath have other kind of acts in their catalogue but they do seem to have an awful lot of female fronted bands. Not that I mind or. Continue reading

KING BONG “Space Shanties”

“Space Shanties”
I’m sorry but I can’t take this band name seriously; KING BONG!!! Hopefully the music will be of a different kind than the name suggests. I can’t state it enough; I love discovering new bands. That to me is the whole point of being into metal (music). Why stick with the same old tired socks? Continue reading