EMBRIONAL “Absolutely Anti-human Behaviour”

“Absolutely Anti-human Behaviour”
(Old Temple)
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m a huge fan of the Polish extreme metal scene. There seem to be an endless supply of bands that take no prisoners when it comes to their metal. Full speed ahead and no stopping for anybody kind of metal. Embrional are no exception. This is death metal that is no stop, full throttle from start to finish. Continue reading

THE FAT DUKES OF FUCK “Honey From The Lips Of An Angel”

“Honey From The Lips Of An Angel”
I don’t often take offense to band names. And I have no problems with this one either if that is what the band wants to be remembered for. I don’t even take offense to the music. This might not be my cup of java. There is something too chaotic and non-consecutive to it that doesn’t sit well with me. It is like they are trying to be too much at once. Continue reading


“It All Fades”
To be honest I can’t say that I remember too much of The Gardenerz previous album. Somewhere in the back of my head I seem to remember that I liked them and their death metal mixed with thrash and doom. Or is itthe other way around? This is only a five tracker and as somebody that is an album person this is like being treated to an appetizer and not getting the full meal. Continue reading


I haven’t heard of this band prior to receiving this album. From what I gather this is some sort of retrospective release from a rather cult-ish Polish band. That it is death metal you don’t have to doubt a second. This is perhaps not as chaotic and throttle slashing as all other Polish bands I’ve come into contact with recently but this is still cool death metal. Continue reading

INFIDEL “Eviscerate Yourself”

“Eviscerate Yourself”
(Old Temple)
I don’t know why it is that the Polish extreme metal scene is so vital and livid. Can it be because they find so much vitriol from the Catholic church to spew vile over? Whatever the reason might be I like it. Infidel are no exception to other polish death metal bands. They seem to go for the throat straight away. Continue reading

LOST IN ALASKA “Time Of Solution”

“Time Of Solution”
I’m not the biggest fan of grindcore. To my ears it most often is just noise and blast per seconds than it is pure enjoyment. Russian Lost In Alaska is not what I’d describe as grindcore. This to my ears reminds me of a Korn gone death metal or if you like a cross between Cryptopsy and Pyrexia. Continue reading

KHOMA “All Erodes”

“All Erodes”
This is another one of the bands that I’m very much aware of but haven’t bothered to check out for one reason or another. In my mind I’ve made this band up to be a softer version of Cult Of Luna (another band that I haven’t really checked out). And while that might be true musically I have no idea how to compare the two of them apart from the fact that there are strings tying them together. Continue reading


I honestly don’t know how to pronounce this band’s name. Not that it matters when it comes to decide if this is something that I like or not. That I don’t know anything about the band is a bit more bothersome. At first I thought that this was going to be another black metal release but once past the intro I’m more akin towards this being death metal but I’m not sure. Continue reading

PUTREVORE “Macabre Kingdom”

“Macabre Kingdom”
(Xtreem Music)
I’m not one to be blinded by the star potential of a band but this is probably as close to a death metal dream team you’ll get on the Xtreem Music label. With Dave Rotten (label boss and vocalist for Avulsed) and Rogga (PAGANIZER/ RIBSPREADER and what Swedish bands has he not be involved with) Putrevore is a massive slab of death metal. Continue reading

SEETHE “Through Conviction”

“Through Conviction”
Seethe sounds like a combination of metal and hardcore. This while not being a metalcore act. Or is that this is what hardcore sounds like today? All I know is that I like this. There is something to this that makes me smile. I can’t help thinking back to a The Haunted with Marco Aro on vocals. Continue reading