Elegy Of Madness – “Live At Fusco Theater”

Elegy Of Madness – “Live At Fusco Theater” CD / DVD (Pride & Joy Music) Since turning a few heads last year (including myself) following the release of their 4th album “Invisible World”, this Italian symphonic metal band have become acclaimed in their hometown of Taranto, leading to this special show featuring the Giovane Orchestra Jonica directed by Fabio Orlando, who are clearly not new to rock, having previously covered orchestrations of Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick In The Wall’! Led by Anja Irullo’s mesmerising soprano wailings and backed by founder guitarist Tony Tomasicchio’s growls, Elegy… Continue reading

The Hawkins – “Live In The Woods”

The Hawkins – “Live In The Woods” EP (The Sign Records) Besides brewing their own beer, including a fresh IPA simply entitled ‘Fuck You All I’m Drinking Beer’, Swedish band The Hawkins have established themselves, over the course of 2 studio albums and tours across Europe, Russia and their homeland playing Sweden Rock Festival, Metallsvenskan and Peace & Love as the band to see. Playing hugely catchy rock ‘n’ roll along the lines of The Hellacopters and Imperial State Electric infused with punk in places as well as blues elsewhere, The Hawkins now release this 7 track live EP partly… Continue reading

Ektomorf – “Reborn”

Ektomorf – “Reborn” (Napalm Records) Just in time to deliver that nasty bit of demolition, Hungary’s monster groove thrashers return with their 15th release in “Reborn”! Formed 26 years ago by guitarist / vocalist Zoltán ‘Zoli’ Farkas, whose gypsy ancestry has given him much cause over the years of prejudice and racism to ironically fuel Ektomorf’s aggressive music and lyrics, the 8 tracks here continue that winning formula as can be expected by the band’s fans. Not one to compromise or disappoint, Farkas ensures that time and again, whether it’s live or in the studio, Ektomorf reliably deliver the goods.… Continue reading

Ilsa – “Preyer”

Ilsa – “Preyer” (Relapse Records) As if Washington D.C. couldn’t take any more violence, local band Ilsa issue their 6th release centred around the mind of Sean Sellers, the first and only person executed in the U.S. for a crime committed under the age of 17. Appropriately playing doom death on the 11 tracks making up the aptly titled “Preyer”, the material is as much a condemnation of the ‘…exploitative intersection of religious, media and state authority, culminating in Sellers’ execution for murders committed in a state of self-described ‘demonic possession’…’. Not holding back whatsoever, as can be expected from this visceral band judging by… Continue reading

Pounder – “Breaking The World”

Pounder – “Breaking The World” (Shadow Kingdom) If you grew up listening to hard rock and heavy metal in the late 70s and early 80s like I did, then you’re gonna love this cos Pounder capture all the styles and sounds that made many a youthful rocker smile, while laying the inspirational carpet for every genre of metal today! A power trio made up of the collective talents of Matt Harvey (Dekapitator, Exhumed, Expulsion, Gruesome, Scarecrow, Cretin (live), ex-Athrenody, Cadaverizer, ex-Noothgrush, ex-Repulsion, ex-Exodus (live), ex-Gravehill), Tom Draper (Carcass, ex-Primitai, ex-Savage Messiah, ex-Angel Witch (live), ex-Crowning Glory), and Alejandro Corredor (Nausea,… Continue reading

Conviction – “Conviction”

Conviction – “Conviction” (Argonauta Records) Featuring members from Temple Of Baal, Ataraxie, Mourning Dawn and Moonskin, this is the debut from French doom metal outfit Conviction and mighty depressive it is too – although highly catchy in all its down tuned magnificence! Taking it right back to the classic days of Saint Vitus, Pentagram and Count Raven, the 8 meaty tracks here are resplendent in darkness and gloom, while still have a touch of modernity thanks to some classic French suaveness. From Olivier Verron’s movingly sorrowful vocals all sung in perfect English along with his gargantuan guitar matched by fellow… Continue reading

LES CHANTS DE NIHIL “Le Tyran Et L’Esthete”

LES CHANTS DE NIHIL “Le Tyran Et L’Esthete” (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions) French black metal has given me plenty of cool experiences. From the really off beat to the grandiose. And everything in between it seems. So it is with the greatest of excitement that I take on this one from LE CHANTS DE NIHIL. It can end any which way. There is something special to black metal sung in French. It feels even more desperate and end-of-the-world like. Musically this is high energy black metal. listening to this feels like a work out pass at the local gym.… Continue reading

BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD “God And Beast” (Metal Blast Records) I have to admit that I had forgotten that there used to be a band called The Helheim Society and that I had a cd of theirs. But that was made abundant when I received this CD from BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD. With a line-up full of Norwegian extreme metal names these are not your boy room kids playing extreme metal. I somehow expected this to be much more black than it is. Instead I get an album full of metal that is death in vibe. To me this sounds like a… Continue reading

SPEED STROKE “Scene Of The Crime”

SPEED STROKE “Scene Of The Crime” (Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group) I am not ashamed to admit that I have a fondness for sleaze rock. As much as it can get too cheesy it can also be some of the greatest experience. As a child of the 80s and MTV it was hard to not catch a glimpse of the hair bands of that era. SPEED STROKE started in 2010 in Italy and has so far released two albums. This is their third one and I gotta say that this one is a really nice one. Not really following… Continue reading

INJECTOR “Haunt Of The Rawhead”

INJECTOR “Haunt Of The Rawhead” (Art Gates Records) With a name like INJECTOR I for one get vibes of old school thrash metal. The first thought I got made me think of bands like Whiplash or Wehrmacht. I am a huge fan of the first two Whiplash albums. They are killer thrashers. Then they tried something different and lost me. INJECTOR on the other hand will not lose me with this album. If you like your metal full of speed and with a dose melody and wants it hard this is the one to check out. To me this is… Continue reading