MOKSHA ”Supersilver Haze”

MOKSHA ”Supersilver Haze” (Godbox Records) This is one record that has gotten me confused. I cannot find any info on it either on the labels site or any other place but this much I know: this was originally released in 2004. I have no idea if this is a rerelease and if so, what the reason is for it. It feels a bit strange to sit here and review an album from 2004 when I haven’t heard a single not from either earlier or later releases by MOKSHA. Musically this is some form of death’n’roll. When that tag first appeared… Continue reading

MORDANT RAPTURE ”The Abnegation”

MORDANT RAPTURE ”The Abnegation” (The Artisan Era) Symphonic death metal. From a San Jose based band. I am not sure what to think of the EP by MORDANT RAPTURE. To me symphonic death metal starts and ends with Nocturnus, sort of. But as I listen to this I find myself thinking that symphonic death metal is not such a bad idea after all. Sure, this has a blackened feel to it in that whole Emperor vibe but still, this is not a bad release by any means. In fact this is actually a really aggressive and brutal piece of death… Continue reading


MORTUORIAL ECLIPSE ” Urushdau” (Art Gate Records) I recently played the latest Behemoth album and it wasn’t what I remembered it to be. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as grand and big as I remembered it. Yet the first band I came to think of when MORTUORIAL ECLIPSE opened up the gates after the intro was just Behemoth. This is symphonic and bombastic the way I imagined that Behemoth sounded like. But I will not dwell anymore on Behemoth and instead concentrate on this. I know that I say I like this or that the most but I do… Continue reading

SAINT KARLOFF ”Al Heed The Black God”

SAINT KARLOFF ”Al Heed The Black God” (Twin Earth Records) If you haven’t noticed it yet I can tell you that I love small independent labels like Twin Earth Records simply because they dare to take a chance on a band that a bigger label wouldn’t. And today with the record industry being what it is thanks to illegal downloading it doesn’t really matter what size of a label you are on because you gotta do a hell of a lot of the work promoting yourself. Then there are bands that don’t need any sort of promotion because the music… Continue reading

SIGN OF THE JACKAL ”Breaking The Spell”

SIGN OF THE JACKAL ”Breaking The Spell” (Dying Victims Productions) This Italian heavy metal band is new to me. 5 years since the last album and 10 years after the first demo SIGN OF THE JACKAL has unleashed their second album. This is being described as an album for fans of Warlock and Acid. I don’t totally agree with that. Warlock I can hear but Acid, not really. But if you like bands like Crystal Viper and that kind of heavy metal bands this will be to your liking. I like what I hear. This is my kind of heavy… Continue reading

SUM OF US ”Sum Of Us”

SUM OF US ”Sum Of Us” () Whenever I hear a record like this I immediately start thinking Tool and System Of A Down. This has that proggy, almost pretentious feel to it that these two bands have. And pretentious is not a bad thing in this case. In fact, it is a very good thing. But if you are allergic to music that doesn’t go from A to B but instead decides to take reroutes to get to the destination you better stay off this one. This might not be as commercial viable as System Of A Down but… Continue reading

VANHÄVD ”Låt Köttet Dö”

VANHÄVD ”Låt Köttet Dö” () This is as far as I tell VANHÄVD’s debut EP. As a word buff I gotta say that I like the use of old Swedish words as band names. Even though it at times can be too much, especially when you look up the original meaning of the word. But that is another story. This is doom metal, or as I would like to call it, death doom metal. What I like about this is the mix of the doomier parts with a really heavy death-ish sound as well as with black-ish parts. Add to… Continue reading

AGGRESSION “Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash”

AGGRESSION ”Feels Like Punk. Sounds Like Thrash” (Dissonance Productions) Man, this is classic Canadian thrash. If you are as old as me, you will know this band from the fanzines we read back in the 80s. Having released their debut album in 1987, after a couple of demos that were highly sought after, you were lucky to get your hand on said album on this side of the pond. I didn’t manage to do so, to my regret. Fast forward some 30 odd years and here I sit with a brand spanking new AGGRESSION album. And to my great pleasure… Continue reading


AL ARD ”S/T” (Code666) I love old Italian horror movies from the 60’s and 70’s. The vibe in them are so cool, and the fact that it is in an language that I do not know makes it special too. Hearing the intro to AL ARD’s album made me think back to that era. Musically this is industrial black metal. on paper it might not seem like a likely combination but Norwegian Mysticum proved that it was doable and that it could even be good. I am not too sure that the combination of old mysticism, black metal and industrial… Continue reading


ATROCITY ”Okkult II” (Massacre) ATROCITY is a band that everybody into extreme metal should know of. Having been around t seems like forever this is a band that has gone through a lot of different stages over the years, never afraid to step out of the conformity. But now they seem to be back on the old track again with their latest releases. This is pure ATROCITY death metal. they even got Marc Grewe from Morgoth to guest on one track. That is how death metal this is. And as much as I have enjoyed all the other escapades this… Continue reading