LABYRINTHUS NOCTIS “Opting For The Quasi-Steady State Cosmology”

LABYRINTHUS NOCTIS “Opting For The Quasi-Steady State Cosmology” () Every now and then along comes an album that for the time being changes my whole universe, in one way or another. I was sent the latest from LABYRINTHUS NOCTIS not knowing anything about them. So it was totally blindfolded that I put this on. And I was totally blown away. This is so beautiful. I am in total awe. In a way this reminds me of latter day The Gathering but even more progressive. This is the kind of album I just stop reviewing and just sit here listening to. … Continue reading


LECHEROUS NOCTURNE “Occultaclysmic” (Willowtip Records) This is another brutal death metal band that I have missed out on totally. The first album was released in 2006. That is 12 years ago and I still haven’t heard of them. Shame on me for not keeping better track of the brutal death metal bands that I love so much. This is an album for all of us that love it when we are being blasted to hell. This is intense, take-no-prisoner death metal. Not the kind where you get to catch your breath with melodic passages. No mister, this is a ferocious … Continue reading


STEVIE MCLAUGHLIN “Toy Empires” (Limb Music) Back in 2013 I reviewed a Sandstone album. I liked what I heard back then but I didn’t continue following the band. Fast forward to 2018 and here I sit with the first solo album by STEVIE MCLAUGHLIN, the guitarist from Sandstone. I find it hard to know what to write about something that I am not too familiar with. And since I have only heard one Sandstone album and it was back in 2013 I have no idea how this solo adventure differs from STEVIE MCLAUGHLIN regular gig. All I can say is … Continue reading

METALWINGS “For All Beyond”

METALWINGS “For All Beyond” () This is the debut album from Bulgarian METALWINGS, a gothic/symphonic metal band lead by classical trained vocalist Stela Atanasova. If that doesn’t wet your appetite you are reading the wrong review because this is gonna be all about how great symphonic/gothic metal is. Nightwish did set something enormous ablaze with their first album. Something that has grown universal. I for one am eternally grateful for that because I just love the combination of bigger than life vocals and cool metal. METALWINGS are no different. This is beautiful metal. Throw in some Celtic influences and you … Continue reading


PLEASURE OF MUTILATE “Premonition” (CDN Records) I can’t remember where this promo came from. I have tried looking for it in my mail but I seem to have erased it. And as I search the net for info I get even more confused. Apparently, this is a South American death metal troupe but I am not sure that is the case. Bloody annoying that I cannot find the original mail. But fuck that. This is ultra-brutal death metal the way it is played by Cannibal Corpse. Perhaps a bit more technical than Cannibal Corpse but still in that vein. Not … Continue reading

RUFF MAJIK “Seasons”

RUFF MAJIK “Seasons” () South African hardrock/metal is not something that I encounter too often. I has happened in the past but it is very rare. So I was kinda excited to tackle RUFF MAJIK’s new album “Seasons”. Not that I am familiar at all with the band but because I had read good things about them. And listening to this I can only agree with that. There is a cool vibe to this that brings to mind Black Sabbath circa “Vol 4”. But with a stoner edge to it. RUFF MAJIK seem to be moving freely all over the … Continue reading


SCARIFICARE “Tilasm” (HelldProd Records) Portuguese metal is to many synonymous with Moonspell but if you just scratch the surface you’ll see that there are so many more bands and so many more cooler bands too. SCARIFICARE is a black metal band with an edge. This is in a way in the vein of Emperor and Borknagar in that the music is not bound by certain genre standards. This is much more eclectic than that. What I like about this is that SACRIFICARE are not afraid to take the paths the music choses. It adds to that feeling of eclecticism that … Continue reading


STRAY BULLETS “Shut Up” (Burning Minds Music Group) Italian sleaze rock might seem like an oxymoron but it is not. STRAY BULLETS are proof of that. I am not the greatest friend of sleaze but like with anything; if it is good I will like it. It is just that I got bad memories of Poison from the 80s that kinda overshadows everything good. But if I look really deep in my mind I find that there are stuff that I do like about this type of (hard)rock. I do like Hanoi Rocks. I also like newer things like Crash … Continue reading

SVEDERNA “Svedjeland”

SVEDERNA “Svedjeland” (Carnal Records) Here is another Swedish band that I have totally missed out on. This is their new second album. it annoys the fuck outta me that there is stuff that I should have known about that I don’t. But that is life. You cannot know about everything. SVEDERNA are a classic 90s black metal band in sound and style. Add some grains of punk and classic heavy metal and you get a pretty good idea of where to find them. I love all kinds of black metal and I don’t really have any specific fave but this … Continue reading

TEMPERANCE “Of Jupiter And Moons”

TEMPERANCE “Of Jupiter And Moons” (Scarlet Records) it is such a relief when a band comes along that I am familiar with. Italian TEMPERANCE has been featured previously here on I interviewed them back in 2016. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. It is now 2018 and here I sit with a new album to review. TEMPERANCE utilizes the dual male/female vocals but not in the beauty and beast style that is so commonly used. No, here we get two clear voices. It adds quite a bit of charm. Musically this is melodic heavy … Continue reading