INEZ “Now”

INEZ “Now” (Czar Of Crickets Productions) Desert Rock is not something that comes along my way too often. Which is kinda sad because I do like that kinda lonesome sound that comes with this album. In a way it does remind me of Julee Cruise but with a more rock sound. This is really night time music. It does not have the same kinda vibe listening to it in broad day light. This is an album that makes me think of a hell of a lot of things. It makes me want to take out all my western movies and… Continue reading

KLUDDE “In De Kwelm”

KLUDDE “In De Kwelm” (Consouling Sounds) Belgian old skool black metal band KLUDDE are new to me. Even though they have been at it since 2001. But that has been corrected by me now. Now I too am on this train. There is a 90s sound to this. Almost a punkish attitude without it being black’n’roll. If you have issues with that sorta directness you should stay away from this. if you on the other hand like the attack kinda black metal you will enjoy this the way I enjoy it. In a way this reminds me of a The… Continue reading


NOCTURNUS AD “Paradox” (Profound Lore Records) Back in the 90s NOCTURNUS was one of the greatest death metal bands because they were brave enough to use keyboard in their music. I remember the feeling I had when I got my hand on their demo tape. And how I felt when Earache released their debut album. but that was then. Now they are back with a new album and even though it was a hell of a long time ago that I listened to the debut it still feels like they pick up where that album left. With Mike Browning having… Continue reading

RED DEAD ROADKILL “Sweet Songs Of Anguish”

RED DEAD ROADKILL “Sweet Songs Of Anguish” (Fastball Music) This week seems to be full of cool hardrock albums. Much more than I am used to. Not that I am complaining. I really like the fact that get to hear so much cool music. RED DEAD ROADKILL might have a name that promises harder stuff but this is no pick nick in the park just because this is a hardrock album. This one is quite a hard one. I would like to place this in the modern hardrock box. The stuff that I have missed out on in general but… Continue reading

RELINQUISHED “Addicitivities, Pt I”

RELINQUISHED “Addicitivities, Pt I” (NRT Records) This one I struggled a bit with. Not because it is a hard record to listen to. More because I couldn’t really place it in a specific genre. At first I thought it was a death metal album but then I changed my mind to thrash. In the end I landed on it being a metal album with a very black meal-ish vibe to it. You really gotta hear it to fully get what I mean. In spirit this is black metal but there is more to it. What I do like is the… Continue reading

TERAMAZE “Are We Soldiers”

TERAMAZE “Are We Soldiers” (Mascot) At first I was like; this is not progressive at all. But as I continued to listen my fears of this being some new Nickelback kinda album was blown away. This new album from Australian TERAMAZE might at times sound very “poppy” but it isn’t. Sure, it is very commercial in sound, or should that be modern sounding, and I usually don’t like that sort of stuff but this do have some qualities that makes even me sit still and listen to it. In my head all sort of bands that I have no names… Continue reading

WHEELS OF FIRE “Begin Again”

WHEELS OF FIRE “Begin Again” (Art Of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group) 4/5 Before I discovered extreme metal, and for a while after I was a huge fan of hardrock. I am still a fan but not to that extent. Which makes it so much cooler when a hardrock album comes my way today. But to be honest most of the time I don’t know if it is a modern sound the bands have or if the hardrock sound hasn’t changed at all over the last 35 years. That is why I don’t know if WHEELS OF FIRE are old… Continue reading

X-PLICIT “Like A Snake”

X-PLICIT “Like A Snake” (Sneakout Records/Burning Minds Music Group) I am not a huge fan of glam/sleaze. I blame Poison and MTV for that. had we not been blasted by the tackiness of that sorta bands in the 80s I might have continued investigate that side of hardrock/metal too. But I didn’t. And I kinda have to pay the price for it now whenever a sleaze album comes along. I have no references for it. All I can go on is if I like it or not. Which really is all that matters. A good album is a good album… Continue reading


FREDDY DELIRIO AND THE PHANTOMS “The Cross” (Black Widow Records) I didn’t have any greater expectations on this one. As somebody not at all familiar with the artist in question I have no idea what to expect. And when the first track made me think Ghost I didn’t really know what to think. Not that I dislike Ghost. I am just not that great a fan. But then it kept going on in that sorta way and lo and behold, it got me hooked. This is a really, really good album for fans of said Ghost but also bands like… Continue reading

IL SEGNO DEL COMANDO “l’incanto Dello Zero”

IL SEGNO DEL COMANDO “l’incanto Dello Zero” (Black Widow Records) This is one band that I am not at all familiar with. But that is kinda the charm of it all, not knowing what to expect when you put it on. Will it be Bird, fish or in between? Listening to this I am a bit confused. I have a decent idea of where they are coming from musically but it still puzzles my brain trying to really place them. To my ears this is some sort of prog rock with a very strong horror vibe to it. In that… Continue reading