King & Country – “Mountains”

King & Country – “Mountains” EP (

Formed in the valleys of South Wales comes this youthful pop rock band formed only 2 years ago. With an aptly titled EP, King & Country’s sound is as big as it is beautiful. Ashley Taylor’s teen vox and the band’s soulful harmonies contrast brilliantly with their raw power and rhythm on songs like ‘One For The Weekend’, ‘Cherish What You Have’ and ‘Not Alone’. Inspired by their natural surroundings of landscape and countryside, the band take hard Brit rock and pop influences along with lighter indie elements to produce this eye catching EP that resonates both muscle and majesty in its pull. Already selling out UK college halls, King & Country are now garnering national radio airplay and should make a worthy addition to the Welsh music scene. Continue reading

CPT KRONOS “The Invocation”

”The Invocation”
(Violent Journey)
I do not know how much comics these Finns have read but CAPTAIN KRONOS is a really cool band name anyway as it is a cool super hero name too. What I wouldn’t give to be the God of time, to have the ability to stop and shift time and with that the power to make people like a band’s music Continue reading

NONSUN “Good Old Evil”

”Good Old Evil”
I have absolutely no idea what this band is all about. This is my first encounter with them which makes it a bit scary to approach it. You don’t know if you’ll end up feeling cheated out of your time or if you won’t be able to put it down. Continue reading