Valor – “The Yonder Answer”

Valor – “The Yonder Answer” (Pitch Black Records)

And so comes the latest signing to Greek label Pitch Black Records – Valor – who play melodic heavy metal. Smooth soulful vocals, flowing keyboard harmonies and a tight, but not too harsh rhythm bring an epic passion to songs like ‘Follow Me’, ‘Bravest’ and ‘Crossroads’ – although don’t be fooled by their one word titles: Valor can certainly play! The twin guitars are the key here for me, being the real element of the ‘metal’ in the band but also adding even more melodies during the more lulling moments and yet also quickly shifting tempo into a galloping Maiden-like pace on other occasions. Funnily enough the album gets heavier the more you get into it and even at times a little prog but their style reminded me a lot of NWOBHM band Praying Mantis, who bravely strode between heavy n melody also in fine style! Continue reading

EXARSIS “The Brutal State”

“The Brutal State”
There is something special about the art work of the old LPs. Not only is it larger and easier to look at but there also seem to be a more artistic approach to it. Like it is a canvas and not a cover. Which is why I like the old thrash metal covers of the 80s. Lately I’ve noticed that with the new wave of thrash that sweeps over us the really cool covers have made a comeback. Continue reading

GRIMNOTE “Screaming Underground”

“Screaming Underground”
I have no problem with any sort of music (with the exception of white pride bullshit and stuff like that). I like all kinds of hardrock and metal as well as anything else that I find good. Which is why I like most things that I get to hear. It is just a matter of where on the good scale they end up. Continue reading

IBRIDOMA “Night Club”

“Night Club”
(SG Records)
To be honest with you this is another one that I have no idea what to expect from. This could very well end up among my new faves or just as well fall back into obscurity. But that is what’s great about this. You get to discover new acts that you never would have otherwise. Continue reading

ICONS OF BRUTALITY “Between Glory And Despair”

“Between Glory And Despair”
(Cyclone Empire)
It’s no secret that I don’t get trends and fads. I have no idea what’s new today and I really don’t care. All I’m concerned with is if I like what I hear. I couldn’t care less if it is the latest hip album I’m listening to. Hence my lacking knowledge of new metalcore or why I never ever cared for emocore. ICONS OF BRUTALITY will never ever be accused of being trendy. Continue reading

ISOLATED “Demonical Conspiracy”

“Demonical Conspiracy”
In the 80s I made a great discovery. I found out that Mexico had a great metal scene but few got outside of the country got to hear. Over the years I’ve come upon some really cool Mexican acts that I still to this day treasure. The sound is raw to the point of being crude in a way that I like. Continue reading

KING CROW “In Crescendo”

“In Crescendo”
I don’t think that I’m that familiar with too many acts on the Sensory label. I do know that they deal in prog rock/metal and that I should expect to be intrigued by their releases but apart from that I have no bloody idea what to expect from KING CROW. I am not late in admitting that there is a charm to a band that has a bigger than life sound. Continue reading


“Når Alt Dör”
Norwegian black metal might not have the same attraction today as it did in the 90s but still 20 year on we get to discover new acts playing what is basically classic Norwegian black metal. And since I like that style of bm I have no problem with new acts popping up. Continue reading

MOONLIGHT “Lucifer’s Rising”

“Lucifer’s Rising”
MOONLIGHT sounds to me more like a goth metal band than anything else. I have a hard time connecting the name with extreme death metal or black metal. But apparently it isn’t impossible to play the harder kind of metal and still be called MOONLIGHT. It is so frustrating to know what a band’s sound reminds you of and not being able to put words to it. Continue reading