HULDRE “Intet Menneskebarn”

“Intet Menneskebarn”
Danish Folk metal! Now we are talking authenticity. Or are we? Where does folk metal really come from and what is true and not true? I would like to think that if there ever was a true folk metal origin it would be in Scandinavia. I get a Storm (Norway) feeling when I listen to this as well as a bunch of Swedish folk (rock?) bands that keep popping up. Continue reading


I can’t say that I’m the hugest fan of grindcore. I tried listening to Napalm Death’s “FETO” album on headphones back when it was new but I wasn’t too impressed. I still like Napalm Death but I liked “Scum” much more that the follow-up. This split between the UK and Canada might just be the tipping point for me. In my finest hour I have no problem listening to this kind of music. Continue reading

INSET “Last Breath

“Last Breath”
Polish death metal! Can it get any better? It is with great trepidation/anticipation that I take on this EP by Polish INSET. I’m a huge Polish death metal buff and any chance to hear some Polish death metal is savoured like there’s no tomorrow. Continue reading

KING CARNAGE “Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh”

“Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh”
With a name like KING CARNAGE this better be some really cool extreme metal or the band name is wasted. In a perfect world a band wouldn’t be judged by its name but since we don’t live in a perfect world a band’s name is all that they got to get people interested. I’m not too sure what to make of the band’s metal. Continue reading


I can’t say that I know too much about Romania, other than Transylvania. But with the success of Negura Bunget we might see more bands coming from Romania doing the rounds in Europe and ROW. And in doing so the metal world might get enriched by another great metal act. This is what I would call “flum rock” in Swedish. Continue reading

MANII “Kollaps”

I don’t think I ever cared for Manes. The Norwegian act pretty much went by my head unnoticed. But with MANII picking up I might have to go back into the past and examine the treasure that is Manes. MANII is Norwegian black metal. Need I say more? This I can say that I don’t get too much of. Continue reading


(Unmerciful Death)
For those of you who remember the interview I did with this band a while back you might remember the talk of an album. After some delays here it is. This one-woman black metal band’s album I’ve been looking forward to ever since that interview and now I get the chance hear it in its fullest. Continue reading

SEEDS OF IBLIS “Anti Quran Rituals”

“Anti Quran Rituals”
(Unmerciful Death)
I remember seeing an EP by this band released by some French obscure underground label a while back. I didn’t buy it because of lack of funds but now that there is a CD out I get to hear this Arabic black metal band. The Muslims are displayed one dimensional as terrorists by most media but SEEDS OF IBLIS proves that there too are a resistance among the young against what they see as an ancient and suppressing thought of life. Continue reading

SITUS MAGUS “Le Grand Oeuvre”

“Le Grand Oeuvre”
French black metal is so much more that Deathspell Omega even if that is the band that has made the most rounds in the media. SITUS MAGUS wants to prove that with this album. That there is an almost religious black metal movement bands like Deathspell Omega, Funeral Mist,Ofermod and Watain has proven but what does it really mean in terms of music? Continue reading


“Echo Road”
It was with mixed emotions I left my last meeting with TRILLION RED. While I liked what I heard I wasn’t too sure how to react to it. But with that experience in my bag it is with greater ease that I take on this record by the band. Now I know what to expect and how to react to it. I have never been that fond of EPs. Continue reading