Orden Ogan – “To The End”

Orden Ogan – “To The End” (AFM Records)

Widely known as the successors to Blind Guardian and Running Wild, Germany’s Orden Ogan predictably play melodic power metal although touring with the likes of Grave Digger, Van Canto and Freedom Call has certainly enhanced their sound on this superb album! Along with their galloping speed comes a more epic and even singalong feel to songs like ‘The Things We Believe In’, ‘Till The Stars Come Out’ and ‘Mystic Symphony’. They even venture into djent territory on ‘This World Of Ice’ but thankfully keep it to this one song – although competently played, I don’t feel it’s Orden Ogan’s forte. Elsewhere racy melodic guitars, soulful Seeb’s vocals and epic choirs combine with pianos, violins and acoustics on a big sound production to create a sense surround symphonic experience full of passion – a magnum opus par excellence indeed! Continue reading

Velvet Star – “All Or Nothing”

Velvet Star – “All Or Nothing” EP (www.facebook.com/velvetstarband)

Named after the tatt on vocalist Danny’s butt, this is what street punk rock n roll is all about! Mix the adrenaline kickin rock of GnR with the high energy fueled roll of Hanoi Rocks and an amped up Iggy Pop and Velvet Star is what u get. Four skanky dudes glazed in rocker sheen (that’s sweat to you & me boyo lol – Ed), covered in tatts and a liberal use of eye liner – but can they kick it! Songs like ‘Crash & Burn’, ‘Overrated’ and the bruisin’ opener ‘Bring It On’ show a powerful, lean n hungry machine built to destroy pussy and burn your town to tha ground! Continue reading

Depth – “Waiting For The Waves”

Depth – “Waiting For The Waves” (www.facebook.com/depththeband)

This young mellow core band from England have already been making waves on a Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition with a fair number of endorsements following suit! Paul Hardy’s rumbling bass brilliantly contrasts his high punkish vocals while the Holliday brothers’ dueling guitar work matches in ferocity meets melody on songs like ‘Hope In Mind’, ‘All I Know’ and ‘Whispers’. Inspirationally, it takes elements from Funeral For A Friend and Killswitch Engage and mixes them in with other mello punk bands like say, Billy Talent whilst still retaining enough of their own touch to warrant some cred. Continue reading

ABSTRACTER “Tomb of Feathers”

“Tomb Of Feathers”
I shouldn’t really be that interested in the black metal that is far off the beaten road but somehow I can’t resist stuff like Deathspell Omega. There is something to that kind of metal that pleases my very impatient mind. The trickier the better seem to be the motto when it comes to this kind of black metal. And although I simply love the minimalistic style of a Burzum album I too can find enjoyment in the jazziest of black metal. Continue reading

BANE “The Acausal Fire”

“The Acausal Fire”
I remember that I liked Bane’s previous album. There was something to that album by these guys that touched all the right places in my metal heart. So with that in mind I expect, if not great things, at least close to great things from this album. I expect to be totally blown away by the sheer power of Bane’s blackened death metal. Continue reading


Deamonicus, Demonic, Demonicus etc. The variation seem endless on the word demon but I’m not complaining as long as each band deliver great music. This Deamonicus are new to me. Just from the name I kinda have made my mind up as to what to expect. If the result matches the expectation I’ll be in for a hell of a ride. If not I’ll have to reassess the situation and come up with a new answer. Continue reading

ERUPTED “In The Grip Of Chaos”

“In The Grip Of Chaos”
There are so many bands out there that even if I get to hear hundreds of them there are still twice as many if not more that I miss out on totally. Sometime I wish that there were more than 24 hours to a day just so that I could spend my time looking up all the great bands in the universe that we call metal. But since that won’t happen any time soon I’ll settle for the bands that do come my way. As with Erupted. This is another Swedish death metal act. Continue reading

EXECRATION “The Acceptance Of Zero Tolerance”

“The Acceptance Of Zero Tolerance”
(Comatose Music)
Execration! While not being remotely close to having any sort of relation to this band I still want this to be a brutal piece of extreme metal. But then again I pretty much hope for that with any and all record I get my hands on. Call me indecisive but I’m so in love with anything and all that is metal that I only see the world of metal through rose tinted glasses. I only see the glass as half full instead of the other way round. Continue reading


(Shadow Kindom)
I remember Manilla Road from the 80s and the Black Dragon record label. Not that I bothered checking up on them back then but they’ve been in my conscious ever since. And although it hasn’t been by choice I have managed to miss out/stay away from them up until now. But with 2012 coming to an end I’m going to hear my very first Manilla Road album. And what better way to start than with an album that dates back more than 30 years. Continue reading

MEMORAIN “Evolution”

(Maple Metal)
I’m not that very easily impressed by “supergroups” as most of the time they are more PR- stunts than anything else. And when you haven’t even heard of half of the people involved it just ends up silly. As with Memorain. I know of some people involved (Gene Hoglan) but most of those involved are a blank card to me. Continue reading