“December Wind”
With three releases in 2012 CORNERS OF SANCTUARY has been anything but busy. The latest is a five track single/EP. It seems appropriate to start with this one and if it’s any good work my way back through their back catalogue. It would be easy to say that this is following in the tracks of Judas Priest, Iced Earth Continue reading

DESTINITY “Resolve In Crimson”

“Resolve In Crimson”
I don’t remember how I came upon DESTINITY the first time but I do know that when I heard them the first time I knew that there was something special to this French band. And while not being entirely black metal that is where they come from. But as with most French bands there is something eclectic to them. Continue reading

DIMICANDUM “The Legacy Of Gaia”

“The Legacy Of Gaia”
I can’t remember why but I do know that I’m kinda looking forward to hearing this album. I must have read about the band somewhere because otherwise I wouldn’t be so stoked to hear this as I am. I have kinda high hopes for this to be a metal album of humungous proportion. And I’m right in assuming so. Continue reading


”At Every Door”
I think there is some sort of biblical reference here but I could be mistaken. This could just be that the band thought it a cool name. No matter what the reasons are behind the band name this is new to me. I’ve noticed that lately I’ve come upon bands that are totally blank to me. And I like it. I like to discover new acts. Continue reading

KARCIUS “The First Day”

“The First Day”
KARCIUS makes me think of hole in the teeth. Perhaps a strange reference but that’s how my mind works. And I’m never one to question the ways my mind works in. KARCIUS is another band from Canadian label Unicorn which means that this will be another progressive release. The question is how progressive. Continue reading


KARMA RAGE is to me a perfect thrash metal band name. And from the look of the cover I get a feeling that this will be an album along the ways of Municipal Waste and Arnocorps or if you like Ludichrist or Wehrmacht. Thrash with an edge. Perhaps not my first choice of thrash but on a good night I can get into this as deep as an Exodus or Testament album. Continue reading

KÄLTER “Spiritual Angel”

“Spiritual Angel”
(Maple Metal Records)
KÄLTER in Swedish is the Celts. I have no idea if this Canadian band thought of that connection when they picked the band name or if they just thought that the two dots over the A looked cool. Whatever the reasons for choice of band name I for one kind of expect this to be some sort of pagan/folk metal release. Continue reading

LETHARGIA “Divine Madness”

“Divine Madness”
This one comes all in Russia. Can’t tell you who’s who in the band. Don’t know any song titles or lyrics. Had I not got sent the band name in English I wouldn’t even know that or the album title. But at the same time just from looking at the album I get a feeling that this is going to be black metal in the Dimmu Borgir/Cradle Of Filth school of doing things. Continue reading