Kaos – “Validated In Blood”

Kaos – “Validated In Blood” EP (Malevolence Records)

No kidding man, if this should need a validation, then it should be signed by every f–kin thrasher in the Bay Area from the high n mighty Metallica to Exodus to Forbidden for Kaos are their thrash underdogs who have been scorching the streets of San Francisco since 1988! Still with that classic Bay Area sound, these never say die bangers might be a band out of time, but they’re still dishing it out with chopping thrash a bomb riffs, throat strained vocals and pummeling drums on songs like ‘United We Kill’, ‘Alive To Die’ and their cover of Vio-lence’s ‘Kill On Command’. Aggressive, uncompromising and unashamed, this is how it was, still is, and forever will be according to the law of Kaos! Continue reading

Vera Grace – “Rotations”

Vera Grace – “Rotations” EP (www.facebook.com/veragraceband)

From the English wilds of Oxfordshire come Vera Grace, who are a modern metalcore band influenced by the likes of Underoath and Oceana – although these laid back lads don’t try too hard in being at it! Formed just a year ago after toying with idea for some time, Vera Grace fuse Stephen Nulty’s raw ‘words’ with the delicate guitars of Jonjo Williams and Chris Thirtle on songs like ‘Esther’s Imagination’, ‘Lost’ and ‘I Am The Earth’. Although heavy, “Rotations” appealed to me more in it’s laid back groove, ideal for lazing away on a sunday afternoon on a green field somewhere after a heavy hardcore nite in the pit LOL. Continue reading

ALIEN KEN “Son Extraordinary”

“Son Extraordinary”
I have no idea why Roswell and its UFO history still fascinates people almost 70 years later but if we get anything good out of it I’m not one to complain. The whole aura surrounding Norwegian Alien Ken is that of abduction, secrecy and paranoia. And that is just the outside. The music is a whole different kettle. Continue reading

ASARU “From The Chasms Of Oblivion”

“From The Chasms Of Oblivion”
(Schwarzdorn Records)
I don’t know if the band got the name wrong from the start but I thought that they were called Asatru (as in the worshiping of the Ancient Nordic gods) but the name is actually Asaru. Either way works fine for me. This is supposed to be one of the oldest black metal bands to come out of Belgium. Continue reading


The name Disaffected seem familiar but I can’t say for sure if I got them confused with another band or if I’ve read about/heard of them previously. Don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or because I get subjected to so much music that certain bands tend to fall of my radar. Continue reading

DIZZINESS/LYKAUGES “At The Whirlwind Of Our Storm”

“At The Whirlwind Of Our Storm”
(War prod)
OK so split records aren’t my thing really. Not when they come on CD and you get two bands crammed into one small, tiny space. I can take it on vinyl where each band gets a side alone to show off. But what am I to do when I’m presented with two bands on one single disk? Crawl up and cry or take it on like a full grown man? Continue reading

ELECTROCUTION “Inside The Unreal”

“Inside The Unreal”
(GoreGore records)
This Italian band is new to me even though this is a re-release of a twenty (20) year old album. Were the hell where I in 1992. Not anywhere near this, that is for sure. And that was at the high point of my fanzine buying days. There must have been something that put me off even trying to look this up back then. Continue reading


“Second World”
(Cyclone Empire)
Italian doom/goth metal isn’t the most frequent participant to my increasing collection but I’m no stranger to checking it out if it is any good. The Foreshadowing at least have a cool band name. Hopefully the music will match it. I guess with the success of Katatonia more and more labels see a market for this kind of melancholic metal. Continue reading

THE GROTESQUERY “The Facts And TerrifyingTestament of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales”

“The Facts And TerrifyingTestament of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales”
(Cyclone Empire )
With a name like The Grotesquery you just gotta love it. This can’t be anything but some gory death metal. Like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre put to music. Not having had the chance/opportunity to check this outfit out before this will be my first encounter with them. And I’m looking forward to it. Continue reading