This is another German death metal band. No, I didn’t mean that as a bad thing. I like German death metal. I have nothing against German death metal bands per se. As long as they are great it doesn’t matter where they come from. This reminded me of a harder Testament or a harder Destruction Continue reading

ORPHAN HATE “Attitude and Consequence”

“Attitude and Consequence”
I know that it shouldn’t matter but when anything is being described as alternative I can’t help wonder what it is an alternative for. This German band’s metal is being described as alternative. I don’t know if that is a fancy way to say that this is another goth metal band or what. Well goth it isn’t. Continue reading

RAVEN LORD “Descent To The Underworld”

“Descent To The Underworld”
I remember the Mausoleum label from the 80s. I had some really great moments with Mausoleum acts back in the days. I hope the tradition will continue with RAVEN LORD. I got a feeling that this might just be what the metal doctor ordered. This is heavy metal. That should really be all that needs to be said about this album. Continue reading


I have no idea what the band name is supposed to mean but I like it. It works in my eyes. This German band is another death metal band. I for one can’t get enough of death metal, melodic or otherwise. So one more band like that is like the icing on my cake. I got a sweet tooth. This turned out so much heavier than I expected. Continue reading

SECRETS OF THE SKY “To Sail Black Waters”

“To Sail Black Waters”
(Gravedancer Records)
I have absolutely no expectation on this band. It is with a totally open mind that I take this on. It could end up sounding like anything or nothing. It could be the greatest thing since sliced bread or it could be the worst kind of ear torture. Right now I couldn’t care any which way it goes. I’m just glad that I’ll get a chance to hear it. Continue reading

SHAPE MY CLARITY “Chameleon Mirror”

”Chameleon Mirror”
Those of you who checked out the video by SHAPE MY CLARITY might have gotten a bit of a picture of what to expect from this band. For those of you that didn’t do so, why not check it out after you’ve read this review. I guess that you really need to make your mark in today’s ever so competitive metal environment but neon metal! Continue reading

STERBHAUS “Angels For Breakfast… And God for Lunch”

“Angels For Breakfast… And God for Lunch”
Don’t know if STERBHAUS is the opposite of Krankhaus (Hospital) but as a band name it sure works. Just that it is a German word gives it character. That is has death in it adds to the cred points. I just hope that this doesn’t turn out to be the world’s most tiresome German joke but instead some really cool metal. The fact that this is a Swedish mob just proves that you shouldn’t judge the band by the name. Continue reading


SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLE came to me after the Abriosis review I did a couple of weeks back. I don’t know what it is with Canadian death metal bands and math/techcore but this is supposedly some super massive technical death metal. Just from that description alone I fear the worst but if I’ve learnt anything it is to not judge before the result is in. Continue reading

TRINITY SITE “Ex Infernis”

“Ex Infernis”
I haven’t noticed it but lately I haven’t heard too much melodic death metal. It has been all ultra brutal blastings when I’ve listened to death metal. Which makes this German band a necessary break from the most horrific growling and from guitars so down tuned that the strings are hanging by the knees of the guitar players. Continue reading


I have no particular relation to bands from Oregon, USA today. Back in the nineties I subscribed to a music paper from Seattle and that way came in contact with the music scene in Oregon too. But that was then, almost twenty years ago. TYRANNY OF HOURS present themselves as a metal band. I see no reason to question them on that. Continue reading