MAD CHICKENS “Kill, Hermit”

“Kill, Hermit”
When I saw the cover for this album I immediately thought of Mr Bungle and Primus. I expected this to be some of the most flipped out hybrid of music ever imagined and I wasn’t too far off in assuming that. But at the same time my mind drifted towards bands like Guano Apes, bands that aren’t afraid of mixing different styles of music. Continue reading


(Bindrune Recordings)
I’m the first to admit that I have no clues sometime what the hell the labels are on about. They can use the most fancy and literate description of their bands and it just flies over my head. Any literary ambitions might be totally lost on me. I didn’t fully get the description of Nechochwen’s previous album but I do remember that I liked what I heard. Now that it is time for a new album I hope that I will be left with the same kind of positive impression. Continue reading

PAGAN ALTAR “The Time Lord”

“The Time Lord”
(Shadow Kingdom Records)
I’ve only heard one side of split 7” before I received this album yet I’ve read tons of stuff about this band. From what I understand this isn’t a new recording but in fact an old, almost pre-historic one dating back to when the band was young and fresh in the 70s (some of you weren’t even born when these guys started). Continue reading

PURTENANCE “Sacrifice The King”

“Sacrifice The King”
(Xtreem Music)
I remember Purtenance from the 90s. I even have a 7” with them in my collection yet I can’t for the life of me remember what they sound like. Being Finnish and with a history that dates back the 90s should give me some clues but even back then Finnish death metal wasn’t just one style. You had bands like Sentence and Xysma that were as far apart as two bands can be. Continue reading

RAMPART “War Behest”

“War Behest”
(Infernö Records)
When you come from places like Romania or Hungary or even Bulgaria you are pretty much a blank spot to me. I have near to none idea of what the metal scene is like in these countries. I’ve only heard a handful of bands from these three places . But I’m willing to learn more about the bands . So why not start with Bulgaria’s Rampart. Continue reading

STRIKELIGHT “Taste My Attack”

“Taste My Attack”
(Iron on Iron)
I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying so until the day I die. I love discovering new bands, or at least bands that I’ve never heard of. Strikelight are new to me. But I’m very excited about getting to know them better. This seems like the kind of record that could very well be my next new heavy metal favourite. And I was right in assuming that. Continue reading

Kiss – “Destroyer: Resurrected”

Kiss – “Destroyer: Resurrected” (UMC / Mercury)

Crank it up! Re-issues can always be tricky to review especially when they don’t differ too much from their original release but not so with “Destroyer: Resurrected”! With original producer Bob Ezrin handling the re-mix, this is a louder than loud, clearer than clear album that brings Kiss Klassics like ‘God Of Thunder’ and my personal fave ‘Detroit Rock City’ to today’s youth just as the originals did to us as kidz back in the 70s. On top of that are unreleased versions like the alternate guitar solo on ‘Sweet Pain’, heard here for the first time, and the complete original vocal piece for ‘Beth’, again previously edited out. For trivia fans, the cover is the original unreleased version too, featuring the band dancing upon a city burning in flames – if only the authorities knew what they were doin’ back then when they complained lol. With rare photos and a new essay by Ezrin completing the package this gives plenty of appeal to both Kiss Army fans as well as anyone new wondering what all the fuss was about behind the make up! Continue reading

Doro – “Under My Skin”

Doro – “Under My Skin” 2CD (AFM Records)

The return of Germany’s premiere female rock vocalist needs no introduction! Doro has been going since the early 80s and if you haven’t checked her out then you could do worse than this fine selection of Doro classics! Featuring no less than 32 tracks compiled by Doro (who also contributed handwritten liner notes for all the tracks), it features alternate versions like the classical rendition of Priest’s ‘Breaking The Law’, as well as rare and bonus album tracks. I particularly liked the full metal version of ‘Celebrate’ in contrast to its more commercial namesake, whilst the softer ‘I Lay My Head Upon My Sword’ showed the sultry femme vox that this lady is renowned for. As well as the regular digipak version, it’s also available as strictly limited wooden fanbox edition (1,000 copies only) which includes the digipak 2-CD, textile posterflag, Doro logo patch, Doro bracelet, postcard and a certificate of authenticity. Hell, the only thing missing is a Doro tatt LOL! Continue reading

Dew Scented – “Icarus”

Dew Scented – “Icarus” (Metal Blade)

According to Greek mythology, Icarus was the one who took the risk of escaping from Crete, but flew too close to the sun and burned! Much can be said of Dew Scented’s vocalist Leif Jensen, who took the risk at the end of last year and recruited a completely new line up to this German thrash band who have been going since the early 90s. Marvin Vriesde (Severe Torture, Blo.Torch) was the first, although he was more of a long time compatriot, having stepped in as a replacement live guitarist for Dew Scented on tours in 1996, 2002 and 2005, as well as providing guest leads to the “Issue VI” album. Not only did Vriesde assume full song writing responsibilities, but he also assembled the remaining band, largely made up of members from I Chaos: drummer Koen Herfst (Epica, Armin van Buuren), bassist Joost van der Graaf (Creepmime, Sinister) and second guitarist Rory Hansen (coincidentally also Vriesde’s successor in Blo.Torch many years back). Together they have formed a contemporary thrash band par excellence! Whirlwind classic thrash riffola meets neck snapping drum work, all of which forms the perfect stage for Leif’s hoarse vocals a la Mille Petrozza on songs like ‘Thrown To The Lions’, ‘Sworn To Obey’ and ‘The Fall Of Man’. But given their experience, the new Dew use that speed wisely, mixing it with catchy thrash grooves mastered by the mighty Metallica and Slayer to give an almost epic feel to the album. I’d like to say this is just a thrash album, but in all fairness it’s so much more than that – and in this case, a confident Icarus is flipping his bird at the sun lol! Continue reading

Dust Bolt – “Violent Demolition”

Dust Bolt – “Violent Demolition” (Napalm Records)

Yeah, with a name like that I figured they hadta be German LOL. Remember when you used to walk around in frayed jeans, clapped out basketball trainers (with the tongue hanging out) and plaid shirts….? Well Dust Bolt brought back a few memories I can tell ya and not in the least by their excellent blend of 80s combining both Bay Area and German styles! Abrasive Kreatoresque vocals and chainsaw power riffing melds with thick, catchy Testament style grooves on the likes of ‘March Thru Pain’, ‘Shattered By Reality’ and ‘Pleasure On Illusion’. With Sepp’s Derrick Green guesting on ‘Deviance’ and Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste) twiddling the knobs get ready for some serious neck breaking maan!!! Continue reading