PATHOGEN “Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations”

“Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations”
(Dunkelheit Produktionen)
PATHOGEN makes me think of TV series like CSI or Body Of Proof where they have to solve a crime by using forensics. Or any sort of Doctor Series. But it also makes for a great metal band name. With a name like that you gotta play death metal. That is the only option I can see. I can’t remember the last time I had a band from the Philippines on my player. Continue reading

SIROCCO “Lambay”

I’m not gonna bore you with how I can’t tell pagan from heathen from folk metal. I’ve given up on even trying to decipher what is what. From now on I’ll just enjoy it for what it is and not bother trying to figure out where it fit in. SIROCCO is my first attempt at this. For some reason I get a very Irish/Celtic feel from this band and not just from them originating from the Green island. Continue reading


“Millions Of Burning Flames”
I’m sorry to say so but I have very diffuse memories of SIXTY MILES AHEAD’s EP from when I reviewed it. I do faintly recall that I didn’t find it too shabby of a record and that I saw potential in it. Now it is time to pass judgment on the full length album. OK so this reminds of a Metallica light circa the black album but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Continue reading

TOTENGEFLÜSTER “Vom Seelensterben”

“Vom Seelensterben”
With a really good looking digipak in an edition of only 150 you’re lucky if you’ll be able to get your hands on this album. I’ve ordered my copy already without having heard a single not of it so it better be any good or I’ve wasted 17€ (postage included) on a piece of plastic. What is it with all these super duper dramatic intros on black metal albums? Continue reading


This band has a great looking digipak out that hopefully sounds as good as it looks. WHEN ICARUS FALLS isn’t anything like metalcore. Thank you for that. I don’t know how many more metalcore acts I can sit through This is much more like if Neurosis had gone all MY Dying Bride on us. This is ambient while not being anything like ambient. Continue reading

Integrity – “Black Heksen Rise”

Integrity – “Black Heksen Rise” Single (Indie Recordings)

Since rising from the Cleveland hardcore scene back in ’88, Dwid Hellion has remained one of the dark shadows of underground music on the planet. Violent, volatile and vicious, Integrity’s music is a reflection of that brooding, complex personality that over time has been plagued by the occult, mental illness and holy terrorism. Hoarse, ugly vocals, crude dark noise guitar and even more coarse rhythms have driven many a violent pit for over the years as this psychotic monster continues to rage on. Definitely not for the faint hearted, this nasty 7″ is a precursor to a full blown beast to be unleashed in May, so prepare yourselves…. Continue reading

Vishnu – “Nightbeat Love”

Vishnu – “Nightbeat Love” (Big Dipper Records)

Despite being named after a Hindu god and hailing from Norway’s arctic circle, Tor Thomassen and his crew take their heart from rock’s greatest! There’s enough soul here to melt an iceberg, be it from the Johnny Thunders swanky rock n roll melodies to the shakin grooves inspired by The Rolling Stones to the trance rhythms of The Cult on songs like ‘Hurricane Heart’, ‘Wreck My Soul’ and ‘European Sunset’. Most of all it’s Tor’s deep driving vocals akin to Lou Reed or Iggy Pop that when fused with southern soul harmonies and lighter Dylan-esque folk make his aura radiate like a spiritually possessed dark minister on a mission from God. Just remember it’s rock… Continue reading

Helker – “Somewhere In The Circle”

Helker – “Somewhere In The Circle” (AFM Records)

South American metal bands are fairly common place these days, especially those from Brazil – but I gotta admit Argentina is a somewhat overlooked country, not sure why as spawning champion footballers and race car drivers you’d think adrenaline fueled music would be their thang – well, get ready for Helker! Formed in 1998, they are already well known in the region having toured with Gamma Ray and Hammerfall with this being their 4th release. Musically it’s a mixture of Dio in Diego Valdez’s rich, soulful vocals and 90s Priest with heavy crunching riffs, twin guitar solos and a piston rhythm on songs like ‘No Chance To Be Reborn’, ‘Still Alive’ and ‘Modern Roman Circus’, all eleven of which were co written with Mat Sinner who also produced the album! With Tim ”Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest) and Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) both guesting as vocalists alongside Valdez, who in turn has guested on the latest Tarja release, Helker look well placed to now take their lofty ambitions into the international arena! Continue reading

Nader Sadek – “Living Flesh”

Nader Sadek – “Living Flesh” (

Now this is different. Nader Sadek is neither a band nor a musician but an Egyptian born, NYC based artist (more popularly known for his set designs for Mayhem and Sunn O)))) who has assembled an elite of death / black musicians to give life (or death) to his “In The Flesh” project. Drafting in Flo Mounier (CRYPTOPSY); Rune Eriksen (AURA NOIR, AVA INFERI, ex-MAYHEM); Novy (ex-BEHEMOTH and ex-VADER); and Steve Tucker (ex-MORBID ANGEL) to not only write the bulk of the material but also play a show at the end of last year, Sadek has experimented with another medium for his society-obsessed-on-petrol theme, hence songs like ‘Petrophilia’, ‘Mechanic Idolatry’ and ‘Re:exhaust’. Musically it sounds equally different: not your standard gig but more of an art show with plenty of visuals and the drums at the front and the singers at the rear, the climax of which is Sadek gracing the stage to baptize the crowd in a black oily substance! Tucker, in his first and last live appearance for this project, is on fine form with his roaring guttural voice as is Eriksen’s raw guitar work, made all the more malevolent by Carmen Simões operatic backing vocals. Flo Mounier’s furious but precision drum work bring it all home and even more so on his solo following ‘Rusted Skin’. Despite the aggression there are plenty of quiet(er) passages and the whole album – despite being track edited – doesn’t detract from it’s live atmosphere. Quite the opposite in fact: you almost feel you are there amidst the blurring death while absorbing Sadek’s poignant message – true artistry. Continue reading

Blodig Alvor – “Mørkets Frembrudd”

Blodig Alvor – “Mørkets Frembrudd” (Indie Recordings)

Glorious Motorhead-esque anarcho punk from the harsh, storm battered coasts of west Norway! With the affectionately named Mr Molotov on surprisingly clean vocals, the rest of the band pummel away like a hurricane thru raw dirty guitars and heavy punk n roll rhythms on songs like ‘Start En Revolusjon’, ‘Svik’ and ‘Va?r Resignasjon’. Amidst the gale there are subtle but strong melodies and punk singalong choruses encouraging you to vent your anarchic anger towards society and mankind in general on the 9 tracks making up this album. Coming up fast behind other Norge bands like Kvelertak, Man The Machetes and Oslo Ess, Blodig Alvor (which means ‘bloody serious’ incidentally) seem to have a lot to scream about despite coming from one of the richest countries in the world – oh well, guess you can’t please everyone after all…. Continue reading