Putrid Blood – “Absolute Profit”

Putrid Blood – “Absolute Profit” (Miner Recordings)

Hailing from a little town called Šid comes Serbia’s Putrid Blood, a heavy thrash core band who are fast stamping their name across Eastern Europe! Centered around a dual vocal attack mixing Brujeria like guttural with screaming styles, they also incorporate black metal melodies amidst a furious rhythm on songs like ‘Silovanje’, ‘For God’s Sake’ and ‘Zver’, which are sung in a mixture of Serbian and English. Despite being relatively unknown in international circles Putrid Blood have toured with the likes of D.R.I. and Warbringer as well as playing the Exit and Summer Sarajevo Metal festivals last year, along with winning a number of band competitions like Gitarijada Ratkovo and CMOK in their homeland. “Absolute Profit” was recorded at “Blaze” in Belgrade, one of the best studios in Serbia and it’s definitely worthy of international recognition, both for it’s professional sound as well as the bludgeoning brutality this Serb crew bring! Continue reading

COLD STEEL “American Idle”

“American Idle”
(Stormspell Records)
I have no memory of ever having heard anything by COLD STEEL even if they’ve been around for ages. I blame it on a time before the internet. A time when you had to read zines to find out about the latest bands. But I’m not worse than I can open up my mind and let this NYC band into my sphere. I get a Powermad kind of feeling when I listen to this Continue reading

EXPURGATE “Dementia Tremens”

“Dementia Tremens”
I love extreme death metal. The gruffier the better. And while I can appreciate the polished and oh so correct stuff I find enormous pleasure in hearing an album that is borderline chaos. EXPURGATE seem like a band that could give that to me. This is as gruffy as it gets vocally. All you can hear is a gurgling person. The vocals become another instrument. Continue reading

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH “Sempiternal Death Grind”

“Sempiternal Death Grind”
(FDA Rekotz)
It took me some time to get to terms with the band name but once it found its place in my mouth it seem a very appropriate name for a death/grind band. This one I know nothing about but anything that is being described in terms of Carcass gets me going. This is the kind of horror movie turned deathgrind kind of stuff that you need a special interest to enjoy. Continue reading

JUGGERNAUGHT “Bring The Meat Back”

“Bring The Meat Back”
I have no idea how the world works but from having not known of any South African metal bands to just in a few months time having heard of three. I love travelling with metal as my guide. The more I get to know the less distance there is between the continents. I can’t say that this is my favorite kind of hardrock/metal. Continue reading

LIFELESS “Godconstruct”

(FDA Rekotz)
Lately I’ve been thinking about what old school verses contemporary death metal really is. I have no great answer other than to me it is a feeling. I’m a huge sucker for old school death metal but I just as much like contemporary death metal. German FDA REkotz seem to have specialized in finding all these death metal bands with a penchant for Swedeath a la Entombed/Dismember. Continue reading


I have no idea what it is that labels are looking for when they sign bands. Had I had a record label I would have been put out of business in a month simply because I can’t pick the ones that would make the label bring in the dough. So I’m grateful that there are people out there that do that for me. Continue reading


This is a name that I’ve seen around for a while now but haven’t bothered checking out. But now it is time to do so. I kind of expect this to be goth of some sort. I get an impression that this is a band that want to surround themselves with an aura of mystique. I wouldn’t say that this is Sisters Of Mercy or The Mission goth. This is much heavier than that. Continue reading

MOLLUST “Schuld”

German symphonic gothic metal might bring up images of a band that has overdosed on Wagner’s mastodon operas. I for one wouldn’t mind something that grand to come out of my speakers when I listen to this album. But that is a wishful thought that might not be realized in any near future. I like the fact that this band sings in German. Continue reading