COILGUNS / NVRVD (Never Void) “Split”

(Dead Dead Dead Music / Invektiv Records / Savour Your Scene Records / Hummus Records)
Coilguns? Can’t say that I’m that excited about the name. NVRVD? Not so much either. But as always you shouldn’t judge the band by its name. This could turn out to be one of the greatest releases of 2012. You’ll only know once you’ve lent it an ear or two. Which is what I’ll be doing. Hopefully they’ll give me back my ears. Continue reading


(Shadow Kingdom Records)
Shadow Kingdom Records seem to never tire of picking up and dusting off older albums by bands that I’ve never heard of, or if I’ve done forgotten about. Corsair are about a vivid memory as my first born; non existing. I have no idea what this is or how new to the scene they are simply because I haven’t heard of them before. Continue reading


(Art Gates)
As if to really make a statement it wasn’t enough with confessions. They had to be dark too. Not that I mind. I like all kinds of confessions. This is a band that I know all of nothing about. And with that I have no expectations whatsoever on what to come. Which is kinda nice. They turned out death metal. Continue reading

DEHUMANIZED “Controlled Elite”

“Controlled Elite”
I’m ever so fascinated by band’s names. Most of the times I can match the name with what style of metal that they play but every once in a while along comes a name that is hard to pin down. Dehumanized could be the most brutal death metal band but it could also be a cool thrash metal band or a hardcore band. Continue reading

DESOLATE SHRINE “The Sanctum Of Human Darkness”

“The Sanctum Of Human Darkness”
(Dark Descent)
I have already made arrangements for my burial. I don’t want a Christian burial. I’ve donated my organs to whom best needs them and my body to education. No burial six feet under or in a shrine for me. No, when I’m dead I want my spirit to be set free. Yet I can appreciate the grandeur of a shrine, even more so if it’s a desolate one. Continue reading


(Deep Send)
If I’m not totally mistaken I liked Deus Otiosus previous album when I reviewed it. I get sent so many albums that it’s hard to keep track of them all but my memory seem to tell me that these Danes play a mean death metal that fell to my liking. Let’s see if they keep that good work up on this new one. Continue reading

ENGULFED “Through The Eternal Damnation”

“Through The Eternal Damnation”
I’m not too well versed in the Turkish metal scene. Turkey still feels like it is a totally different world to the rest of Europe. With one foot in Europe and one foot in Asia it’s like they can’t decide where to stand. But 2012 has seen me delve a bit deeper into the Turkish metal scene and so far I’ve liked what I’ve heard. Continue reading


(Devizes Records)
When it comes to black metal there seem to be an endless of supply of new bands or bands that I haven’t heard of before. You just have to turn every stone in the woods to find the good ones. Kroh to me are a blank. Yet I kinda have high hopes for some pretty great black metal. And black metal it isn’t per se. This is black metal the way Witchfynde or Witchfinder General were black metal. Continue reading


“Quantum Of Abstract Physics”
(Frozen Wing Records/ Le Crépuscule du Soir productions/ Cold Dark Matter Records)
I gotta hand it to the first band on this split. This has to be one of the better moniker that I’ve come upon in a very long time. Life Without Light Collective is a pretty great name for a band. It’s even greater in German. This is so very bleak and desolate that you get a feeling of isolation and despair just from the band’s name. Continue reading

L’ENDEVI “An Eternity”

“An Eternity”
(Art Gates)
I feel that had it not been for Nightwish (and Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil) we wouldn’t see so many female fronted metal bands making the rounds as we do. And for that I thank them all. I’m all for equality among the sexes. Now I’m just waiting for an explosion of all female metal bands to make the balance equal. Continue reading