(Music Buy Mail)
I love KISS. Have ever since the 70s. I enjoy their older albums as much today as I did back in the days. Humbucker might not sound like KISS in any way but I still got that same feeling listening to this that I did when I put on KISS’ albums not so long ago. There is a freedom feeling to this, an escape from everyday life that puts a smile on my face. Continue reading

K-ØS “Planeta Violento”

“Planeta Violento”
Spain is a not my stronghold when it comes to hardrock/metal. I am not totally unfamiliar with the scene but there are still huge blank spots. K- ØS are new to me. As I had no idea what to expect I came into this with an open mind. After having heard it I’m still not sure if they’ve managed to surprise me or not. Continue reading


When I first saw this band’s name I thought it was a guy’s name. It took me a while to realize that it was actually a band name. You might have read the interview I did with them a while back. It has taken me some time to get round to reviewing their music but now I’m there. I got a good feeling from the first note. Continue reading

NEURONIA “Insanity Relapse”

“Insanity Relapse”
(Metal Scrap Records)
I liked Neuronia’s last album. Now they are back with a digital only release. I will not hold my aversion against digital releases against the band. I will judge this purely on the basis of the music. I get at punk feel to Neuronia’s metal that makes me think of the way Volbeat bring Elvis into their hardrock/metal. I like it. Continue reading

NORDHEIM “Lost In The North”

“Lost In The North”
(Maple Metal Records)
Folk metal has literally exploded in the last couple of years. Nordheim can best be described as folk metal. I don’t know why but I get a Korpiklani feel to the band. That it is more party than battle over them. More mead flowing than bloodshed. This is the kind of metal that I can stomp my feet to and feel jolly in a none comical way. This is metal that is full of life and that feel invigorating. Continue reading

PAGAN FLAME “Symbols of Life And Light”

“Symbols Of Life And Light”
I had a hard time reading this Canadian band’s logo. I even had to ask the band what it said to be able to decipher it. Now that I know the band’s name I can leave that and concentrate on the music. To be honest I have no idea what folk metal is. But somehow I suspect that is what this band is all about. Continue reading


(Escape Music)
Back in 1995 I wouldn’t have given this album five minutes of my time. Simply because I didn’t know of it back then. I have no idea what the Long Island, NY sound is or what is sounds like but I get a strong beach feeling listening to this. It does kinda remind me of a harder Bon Jovi or a Sass Jordan with a harsher voice. Continue reading

SOULICIT “Parking Lot Rockstar”

“Parking Lot Rockstar”
(Thermal Entertainment)
Whenever I see the word soul in connection with a hardrock album I get a chill down my back. I remember how bad funk metal was in its worst moments. Soul metal does not sound like a too enticing idea. But I had not worried. The soul here lies in the performance more so than in the sound. Continue reading

BORGNE “Royaume des Ombres”

“Royaume des Ombres”
(Sepulchral Prod.)
I don’t know how many times you can mention that the Swiss are best known for watches and chocolate before it gets old but metal isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Borgne is the first band from outside of Quebec to be signed to Sepulchral which must mean that they are special in more ways than one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I like old Burzum. Continue reading


(Sepulchral Prod.)
Brume d’Automome is another of these Quebecois bands that deal in primitive and raw black metal. Having never been to the Quebec area I have no idea what it is like outside of the cities but judging from the black metal that is created there I’d say that nature seem harsh and unfriendly. This is not music with smooth edges. Continue reading