ELYSIAN “Wires Of Creation”

“Wires Of Creation”
With so many bands all over the world and so few chords to chose from I’m surprised that they don’t end up sounding all the same. But thankfully there are still combinations to be found to make it somewhat original. Australian Elysian have found enough original chord sequences to make me sit up and take notice. Continue reading


(Dark Descent)
Belgium might best be known for that child peeing but metal not so much. OK so they had a couple of cool bands in the 80s but that’s 3 decades ago. Name one single Belgian act of the 21st century that has made it big where it matters. Nah, thought so. It is close to impossible. Continue reading


“Against All Odds”
OK, so you form a band in 2003 go through some problems and then release a debut album in 2012. That to me screams determination. Nothing will ever break us seem to be the motto of Eternal Helcarax. And for that I applaud them. There is enough shit going on in the world that you have to go through that you don’t need it to hinder your creativity too. Continue reading

HEAVEN RAIN “Second Sun”

“Second Sun”
(Music By Mail)
I don’t get to hear too much hardrock/metal from Bosnia. Don’t know why? Don’t people in Bosnia know that Battle Helm exists? Whatever the reason might be it’s always nice to get to hear bands new to my ears. Heaven Rain has a slight progressive/symphonic touch to their hardrock. I like the strong melodies that are prevalent in the music. Continue reading

HUMAN CULL “Split Second Extinction”

“Split Second Extinction”
(Goatprayer Records)
I am not the greatest connoisseur of grindcore. I really don’t understand this whole 30 seconds blast of intensity. I want my songs at least 2 minutes long. Why should I sit through 40 songs that last only 30 seconds each when I can have an album of 2 minutes songs to enjoy thoroughly? Continue reading

NORMAH “Darkest Is The Hour Before Dawn”

“Darkest Is The Hour Before Dawn”
Oh what a pleasure it is to get sent a record by a Greek band. I have a special spot in my heart for bands from Greece. There is something to the Greek metal scene that appeals to me on more levels than is healthy. Normah might not be the most well known name on the metal scene but that should change after the release of this EP. Continue reading

SEPTEKH “The Seth Avanlanche”

“The Seth Avanlanche”
Swedeath has come to mean a thing in the international metal scene. And with each new generation it is re-invented to mean something new. Septekh may hail from the Stockholm area and they sound nothing like Entombed or Dismember but still just as them. Know what I mean? But raw and basic it is. Continue reading


(Metalscrap Records)
This one started promising. I saw images of old Swedish death metal before my eyes. And it continued in the same style. This is heavy and intense death metal in that same school as early Entombed or Autopsy. I like it. Continue reading

Fear Factory – “The Industrialist”

Fear Factory – “The Industrialist” (AFM Records)

“….They said that the world was coming to an end. Well… it ended and it was caused by our own hand. The world just kept on turning….”. Fear Factory have never been afraid to experiment. Since their genre creating inception in the late 80s, this industrial death metal band have been blending various styles with the common thread of mixing fearsome brutality with melodies. With the experimentation extending also into band members’ personal careers – and not without friction – their previous opus “Mechanize” did little to dispel any doubts given the departure of OG drummer Raymond Herrera and bassist Christian Olde Wolbers. Well, “The Industrialist” is not without controversy, given that it is essentially a joint effort between vocalist Burton C Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares, who has handled all the instruments including drum programming. Ironically based around the concept where a machine becomes human and realizes its own humanity, songs like ‘God Eater’, ‘Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed’ and ‘Difference Engine’ feature perfect rapid fire brutal precision drumming, soothing atmospheric keyboard harmonies, industro-synth melodies and raw shredding guitar from Cazares, while Bell’s diverse vocals provide the equivalent matching style be it raw throat strained to soulful to roaring. This might be Fear Factory’s most perfect album to date, that much of it is fabricated using machines is what needs to be rationalized…. Continue reading