GODLESS ENTHROPIA “Tetracyclic Dominion”

GODLESS ENTHROPIA “Tetracyclic Dominion” (Symbol Of Domination) Do you know the Italian death metal band Beyond the Unholy Truth? Me neither. But apparently this band was formed from the ruins of that band back in 2012. Not that I care that much but it is nice when a band comes to life. Having released an EP and a single prior to this album. Nothing that I have heard. A shame really as this is some good old slamming death metal. A bit on the technical side but nothing that makes it worse. This is a cool piece of death metal… Continue reading


GRIMORIUM VERUM “Revenant” (Symbol Of Domination) The more I get to hear of new bands the more I feel that there hope for the coming generations of internet kids to keep the flame of metal alive. We usually hear about how more and more young people lose touch with reality because if changed social habits but being involved in the metal underground keeps you afloat with reality. This has nothing to do with GRIMORIUM VERUM’s symphonic black metal. Other than the fact that this is one great piece of metal that needs to be checked out. So get of the… Continue reading

IN TENEBRIZ “Winternight Poetry”

IN TENEBRIZ “Winternight Poetry” (Symbol Of Domination) We haven’t really had a great winter down here in the south of Sweden for years now. We usually get what is commonly known as a Skånsk winter, rain and wind and plus degrees. Whenever I see snow, I get a bit nostalgic. And it doesn’t really help when an album like this comes my way. Although it is mid-May now I get a wintry feeling from this atmospheric black metal band. This is melancholic and somber in the way that I like it. This came as a nice surprise. Anders Ekdahl Continue reading


PÁNICO AL MIEDO “Formador” (Symbol Of Domination) Spain is not the most frequent country in my collection but I do have some really nice experiences from that country musically, and not just heavy metal from the 80s. But most of these are a bit old or just Avulsed related. So it is always nice to get to hear something new from Spain’s metal scene. PANICO AL MIEDO has a sound that reminds me of early Arch Enemy. Not the most extreme form of death metal but still extreme enough to not fall out the genre. This is half decent. It… Continue reading

ABIGORUM/STRIBORG “Spectral shadows”

ABIGORUM/STRIBORG “Spectral shadows” (Grimm Distribution) My life is hard. I have to review a split album. I don’t want to. No, I am not serious. I am just joking. There is nothing hard at all with this split. You get two bands that compliment each other well. I am not that familiar with either although I know more of STRIBORG than I do of ABIGORUM. We get 4 ABIGORUM tracks and one STRIBORG. This is ambient black metal, if that says anything to you. ABIGORUM are the more black metal of the two but they do have an ambient aura… Continue reading

BRAHDR’UHZ “Land Of Darkness”

BRAHDR’UHZ “Land Of Darkness” (Grimm Distribution) Swiss black metal is nothing like Swiss chocolate or Swiss watches. Although this seem to be pretty precise it is far from sweet. This is darkened, raw black metal that has very little with fun filled skiing to do. In fact, this is the stuff that lurks at night in the forests on the hills of the alps. Not very urban at all. But that is also what makes this so great and what made Norwegian 90s black metal so great. You get a feeling of being alone in the dark, vast forest when… Continue reading

FORBIDDEN RITES “Pantheon Arcanum”

FORBIDDEN RITES “Pantheon Arcanum” (Grimm Distribution) At first I thought that this was death metal album but the more I listen to it I feel that it is much more a black metal album. I am not too sure about it really. What it does remind me of is the sound Dissection created with their “Storm of the Winter’s Bane” album. A sound you don’t really know is black or death metal. But whatever its sound might be this is some good stuff. I find myself banging along to it. I don’t know the last time I heard an album… Continue reading

GLOOMY GRIM “Obscure Metamorphosis”

GLOOMY GRIM “Obscure Metamorphosis” (Grimm Distribution) For the longest of times I thought I knew what GLOOMY GRIM was all about. Then I heard their music and I felt like I had cheated myself out of a good band by not having checked them out. But to me GLOOMY GRIM was one of the big Finnish hyped black metal bands back in the days and that is why I ignored them. Now I know better. This is really good black metal at the heavier end of things. This is an EP and as such it is not enough but it… Continue reading

MARCHE FUNEBRE “Death Wish Woman”

MARCHE FUNEBRE “Death Wish Woman” (Grimm Distribution) Back in 2017 I interviewed this band. I don’t remember what it was that made me do that but hearing this new EP I kinda get why. This is being described as doom but to me this is pure fucking black metal. Albeit with doom touches but then many bands have that without being called doom. This is epic in sound. I don’t know to describe better than it feels like the music is a building with a very high ceiling. That is the feeling I get from listening to this. That greater… Continue reading

NECROSPELL “Awakening Of Tyrants”

NECROSPELL “Awakening Of Tyrants” (Grimm Distribution) With a name like NECROSPELL I expected the music to be much more extreme than what I got. I don’t even know how to describe this. is it death? Is it thrash? What is it? It is not toally hopeless but it does leave something to wish for. And no, this is not one of those albums that will grow on me. This is and will always be a 3 in my book. I guess that not even I can like everything. Every now and then along come an album that does very little… Continue reading