RIKSHA ”Five Stages Of Numb”

RIKSHA ”Five Stages Of Numb” (Zombie Shark Records) I am not at all familiar with this band. My only interest in them is based on the great critique they have gotten from others. So I thought I’d give it a go. I don’t give new years resolutions but if I’d have done so one would be to be more open to modern metal/metalcore acts. As long as I can look beyond the hype I think I’ll be alright in checking out a band like RIKSHA. Because musically they are not bad at all. There is a groove to this that … Continue reading


RISE OF AVERNUS ”Eigengrau” (Code666) This Australian entity is a beast all its own. If you like your extreme metal epic and orchestrated then this might be right up your alley. In a way this reminds me of Bal-Sagoth. It is just as orchestrated as Bal-Sagoth was. And as doomy too. If you expect anything as bombast as Dimmu Borgir you better look elsewhere. This is much more constraint. But in that it is also easier to follow. You don’t feel like your head is about to explode from all the impressions. This might be easy to process but that … Continue reading

SACRAL NIGHT ”Darkness Process”

SACRAL NIGHT ”Darkness Process” (Infernö Records) I am not a very nostalgic or sentimental person. I live in the now and don’t think too much of the past or even the future. Unless it comes to music. I more often than not find myself enjoying the stuff of the 80s and even the 70s more than I do the contemporary stuff. I am much more NWOBHM than I am modern metal. I am much more Swedeath than I am metalcore. I am much more Omen than I am Sabaton. So it is no tough guess that I find the whole … Continue reading

SILVER WIND ”Legion Of The Exiled”

SILVER WIND ”Legion Of The Exiled” (No Remorse) After the more obvious NWOBHM and FWOSHM I got into French heavy metal thanks to bands like ADX, Sortilege, H-Bomb and not to forget Trust. So whenever I get to hear a French heavy metal band today I am taken back to that era. As I listen to SILVER WIND I imagine that I can hear traces of the 80s in their metal. Other than that I get early Hammerfall vibes from this. The more I listen the more I realize that there is something for every heavy metal fan on this … Continue reading

SLOW ”V- Oceans”

SLOW ”V- Oceans” (Code666) I don’t know what it is with doom that appeals to me but I am a huge sucker for anything doomy. So whenever I get sent anything doom I usually take even more notice than usual. I am not familiar with this Belgian one-man funeral doom project but from what I hear I know I have been missing out on something really cool. This is as slow and melancholic as you think funeral doom should be. There is not one single happy note on this album. And that to me is perfect. I like my melancholy … Continue reading

VENOM ”Assault”

VENOM ”Assault” (Dissonance) I remember when it was a happening whenever VENOM released something new, even though it was just an EP of sorts. VENOM is one of the most important bands in my music history. Without them I would not be listening to the stuff that I am listening to today. I remember when VENOM released the Assault Eps and how an adventure it was to get my hands on the “Canadian Assault” EP. You gotta remember that this was back in the 80s, way before anybody knew of the internet or any social medias. You heard of these … Continue reading

Tankard – “Hymns For The Drunk”

Tankard – “Hymns For The Drunk” (AFM Records) Although regarded as one of the big 4 of Teutonic Thrash, Germany’s Tankard are probably one of the most unlikely candidates especially when considering their more fearsome peers in Sodom, Kreator and Destruction! Formed at school when the lads used to smuggle their beer in milk cartons (!), not to mention their name unmistakably taken from the english translation for a beer mug, Tankard have stuck true to their roots for the last 35 years in playing catchy thrash songs almost singularly dedicated to their one true love: booze! Often overlooked in … Continue reading

Leaves’ Eyes – “Sign Of The Dragonhead”

Leaves’ Eyes – “Sign Of The Dragonhead” (AFM Records) With the fireworks about Liv Kristine’s departure set to take legal form, Leaves’ Eyes have wasted no time in finding a replacement – Finnish soprano vocalist Elina Siirala, who is also the front woman for Angel Nation and second cousin to Nightwish’s own Tuomas Holopainen! With a series of festival shows already under her belt including Hammersonic in Indonesia in font of 20,000 metal heads, now comes the true test in mettle, namely this follow up to “King Of Kings”, continuing the saga of Norway’s Harald I. Right off I’d say there … Continue reading

Audrey Horne – “Blackout”

Audrey Horne – “Blackout” (Napalm Records) With their name unmistakably taken from David Lynch’s cult 90s drama “Twin Peaks”, Audrey Horne is the 70s classic rock alter ego for Norwegian musicians better known for their heavier and in some cases more extreme bands like Enslaved and Sahg! Formed in 2002 by vocalist Torkjell Rød (Sylvia Wane), the band have released 5 prior albums, so clearly are onto a winning formula and “Blackout” proves it across 10 catchy tracks soaked in 70s hard rock riffs and grooves that will only have you clamoring for more! Man, if you like classic Thin … Continue reading

Heidevolk – “Vuur Van Verzet”

Heidevolk – “Vuur Van Verzet” (Napalm Records) If you thought that Gelderland was a mythical place from a Heath Ledger movie then think again, not only does it exist even today, but it’s also the home to Dutch folk metallers Heidevolk, whose name is inspired by the forested Veluwe area of that province! As you can imagine, its the stuff of warrior legends and ancient culture which defines Heidevolk’s releases and this 6th album is indeed no different. With an album cover befitting its battlefield title that literally translates into ‘fire of resistance’, opener ‘Ontwaakt’ means ‘awaken’ and tells the … Continue reading