LA JANARA “Tenebra”

LA JANARA “Tenebra” (Black Widow Records) This is a band that I know of, and even have reviewed. And I liked what I heard the last time and I have no reason to not think that I will like this new album too. I often wonder what the world of heavy music would have sounded like had there not been a Black Sabbath. I have no doubt that some other band would have come along and put heavy music on the map, but it would not have sounded like Black Sabbath. LA JANARA play a sort of heavy stoner/doom metal… Continue reading

V/A ”A Tribute To The Madmen”

V/A ”A Tribute To The Madmen” (Black Widow Records) I don’t know who thought of the idea to pair David Bowie with Marc Bolan for a tribute album because in my world they are so wide apart that it ain’t even funny. But you gotta hand it to whoever it was that came up with the idea because they are equally both as important musicians as they are influencer. With 49 tracks and a running time of 3 hours and 31 minutes this is one hell of an album. It is hard for me to pick any sort of fave… Continue reading

V/A “Terror Tales – A Tribute To Death SS”

V/A “Terror Tales – A Tribute To Death SS” (Black Widow Records) I feel like I am one of very few that haven’t really paid DEATH SS that much attention. I don’t think I have heard a single Death SS album. let alone a single track. Yet here I sit with a tribute album to one of the most important Italian horror rock bands. I have no idea if this is a good or a bad idea to start my deeper acquaintance with the band this way but hey; why do it the easy way. Judging by the artist on… Continue reading

Sabaton – “The Great War”

Sabaton – “The Great War” (Nuclear Blast) Commanding headline shows at the largest European festivals, such as Polish Woodstock in front of half a million people along with high profile tours in Australia, Asia and both American continents, the Sabaton army seems undefeatable. Indeed, with 20 years under their (bullet) belts, these Swedes are even more popular than before, ably stepping into Manowar’s headlining slot at this year’s Hellfest following a tremendous performance the day before at Knotfest! With this huge milestone in mind, what better way than to base their 9th release on World War I, remembered by many… Continue reading

Graham Bonnet Band – “Live In Tokyo 2017”

Graham Bonnet Band – “Live In Tokyo 2017” (Frontiers Music) Following the issue of last year’s “Parole Denied – Tokyo 2017” when founding Alcatrazz members, Graham Bonnet (vocals), Jimmy Waldo (keyboards) and Gary Shea (bass), reunited after 33 years for a unique series of shows in Japan, comes “Live In Tokyo 2017”, also recorded in March 2017 after a very special show featuring a number of Rainbow, MSG, Impellitteri, and Bonnet solo classics as performed by the man himself – and who has been in the rock n roll business for over 40 years! With 16 songs that are nothing short of… Continue reading

Death SS  – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Armageddon”

Death SS  – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Armageddon” (High Roller Records) A cult band if there ever was one, Death SS was formed by Steve Sylvester (aka Stefano Silvestri) and guitarist Paul Chain (Paolo Catena) in 1977, combining elements of theatrical horror rock as influenced by Alice Cooper, Arthur Brown’s occult shock rock and proto heavy metal. Despite changing trends over time, Death SS have largely remained true to their style and loyal fans, with most of their albums being released on Sylvester’s own label, Lucifer Rising. Indeed, coming 5 years since its predecessor, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Armageddon” was released last… Continue reading

Cro-Mags – “Don’t Give In”

Cro-Mags – “Don’t Give In” EP (Victory / Arising Empire) ‘.. Lemmy came to me in a dream and said, ‘Take it back mate, it’s yours, you started it.’.’. Synonymous with New York Hardcore along with Agnostic Front must be the Cro-Mags, who came fighting outta the gutter to deliver hard hitting combinations like “Age Of Quarrel” and “Best Wishes”, and together brought hardcore to the metal masses. Formed by a then 14 year old Harley Flanagan, who was already touring as the drummer for The Stimulators, it wasn’t long before he would hook up with Parris Mitchell Mayhew, forming the… Continue reading

Bullet – “Live”

Bullet – “Live” 2CD / 2LP (Steamhammer / SPV) With 6 releases now under their bullet belts, Swedish heavy metallers Bullet felt the time was right for their first live album – and what better way than to record it than in front of ‘..headbanging maniacs who thirsted for heavy metal and a good time..’! Recorded at 3 gigs in Germany from our 2017 “Storm Of Blades” tour and the 2018 “Dust To Gold”, the band even placed mics into the audience to get the full experience of a Bullet gig, which the 18 tracks taken from across their albums –… Continue reading

Various Artists – “Rawkaholic Volume 1”

Various Artists – “Rawkaholic Volume 1” (Rock’N’Growl Records) Oh wow, this could be compilation of the year! Although I’m not really one for collections, when they’re done well and offer something going beyond the standard rehash of prior numbers, then they certainly get my attention as “Rawkaholic Volume 1” has done. With 15 exclusive and previously unreleased songs, it’s the sheer range of bands that impresses here, with every track a winner to boot. From recognised names such as Vardis, Desolation Angels and Airforce to cult bands such as Blackmayne and Playhouse, newer acts like Krashkarma and Rat Bastard Syndicate,… Continue reading

Denial Of God – “The Shapeless Mass”

Denial Of God – “The Shapeless Mass” MCD (Osmose Productions / Hells Headbangers) Formed by the brothers Ustumallagam (vocals) and Azter (guitar) who are both still part of the band’s line-up today, Denial Of God began in 1991 and is one of the longest continuously running Danish metal bands of all time! Playing horror black metal inspired by Mercyful Fate, Death SS and Venom, this renowned trio (completed by drummer Galheim) are now back after 7 years with this mini release made up of a new track, a re-recording of 1995’s ‘The Statues Are Watching’, along with covers of Bathory’s ‘Call From The Grave’… Continue reading