DOROTA “Dayphobia”

(Noisehead Records)
Dorota Malek might be the bravest soul on the planet or just the smartest people alive in that she’s fronting her own project/band. If you want it done properly why not take charge yourself. That way you’ll know that it gets done. Should you on the other hand fail you stand there alone with your wet blanket with nobody but yourself to blame. Having heard “Dayphobia” something very wrong has to happen to Dorota for her to be the one to blame if this album tanks. Continue reading

FESTER “A Celebration Of Death”

“A Celebration Of Death”
I remember when I bought Fester’s first album “Winter Of Sin” from No Fashion Records back in the 90s. At that time extreme metal from Norway was a novelty. Today almost 25 years later there is no novelty value in being a metal band from Norway. Back then Fester felt like a fresh breath of air. Today the scene is totally different. Still I found myself liking “A Celebration Of Death”. Continue reading

GODHATECODE “Weltenschmerz”


(Noisehead Records)
Godhatecode are totally new to me and therefore a blank slate about to be filled with new and fresh impressions. That this is death metal in a rather straight up format is clear from the word go. There’s no melodeath stuff to be found here. More along the lines of bands like Deicide and Morbid Angel when they were good. Continue reading

HATESKOR “Unbroken”

(Noisehead Records)
I’ve never been a great fan of 7” singles yet I’ve always bought them out of support for the bands. With the digital music revolution we get 1 track singles. What the hell is that all about? Hateskor impressed me with their album last year so I thought I’d give them the benefit of doubt as to this new single Continue reading

LEGION OF THE DAMNED “Malevolent Rapture – In Memory Of…”

“Malevolent Rapture – In Memory Of…”
I have only great memories of Legion Of The Damned. The albums I’ve heard by them have all been true blasts of metal. Thrashed like there wasn’t a tomorrow, filling me with an invigorating feeling of hope. This album might be different as it isn’t a new one but an old one that gets an overhauling. I’m not too wild about this whole rerecording, rereleasing of old albums yet I do understand why it is done. Continue reading

VOICELESS VOID “Songs Of Black Roses”

“Songs Of Black Roses”
OK so Russian goth metal might not sound like a nail biter exactly but leave all your prejudices behind you. The Soviet Union fell to pieces more than 20 years ago, the dullness of Communism is no longer hanging over the nation like a wet, bad smelling blanket and there are millions of young people growing up knowing nothing of Communism. Continue reading

WORMHOLE “The String Theory”

“The String Theory”
I like music that challenges my senses as well as music that is only pure enjoyment without having to think too hard. Italian Wormhole might have the wrong name for the style of music that they play. Because if you’re expecting a death metal band then you might as well stop reading now. This is more in the goth metal end of the spectre. But still not totally goth. Continue reading

Exumer – “Fire & Damnation”

Exumer – “Fire & Damnation” (Metal Blade Records)

Blimey, Germany’s Exumer are the stuff cult bands are made from – and then some! Formed way back in 1985 by singer/bassist Mem Von Stein and guitarist Ray Mensh, Exumer became Germany’s legendary thrash export, probably being one of the first thrash acts to reach an unusually large following outside of Germany, even into unknown countries like Brazil and Poland. Yet despite all this potential, the band broke up in 1990 owing to internal feuds – until their one off reunion at Wacken in 2001, where it became clear that Exumer’s name had been anything but forgotten. Since 2008 Exumer have been active and touring once again globally, affirming their status as a much sought after classic thrash band. So what do we make of “Fire & Damnation”? The more critically minded might allege a cash in but I would say it’s taking care of unfinished business from a band who never fully realized their potential. Whatever the case, “Fire & Damnation” is essentially a throwback back to those heady thrash days of the 80s: primitive, aggressive and ugly, songs like ‘Vermin Of The Sky’, ‘Crushing Point’ and ‘Devil Chaser’ feature scything buzz saw guitars, insane wailing soloing, glass-in-throat vocals, thwacking snare drum a plenty and of course, liberal use of those double bass drums! There’s absolutely nothing modern about this album, and whilst their peers like Kreator, Slayer & Sodom have moved on, Exumer have continued as they left off, satiating the undead armies of thrashers who walk the world over craving brutalo holocausto. Continue reading

Lonewolf – “Army Of The Damned”

Lonewolf – “Army Of The Damned” (Napalm Records)

Give it up for French power metal! Hailing from the capital of the French Alps – Grenoble – a city steeped in a 2000 year history, Lonewolf have a lot to live up to – and they proudly do not disappoint! This is a fine, fine album worthy of their heritage, essentially mixing power and traditional heavy metal but with plenty of heart felt passion (well they’re French aren’t they LOL – Ed) in their powerful medieval melodies, such that songs like ‘The Last Defenders’, ‘Tally Ho’ and ‘Hellbent For Metal’ are stirring epics worthy of marching off to a crusade, and singing all the way I might add LOL. “Army Of The Damned” is an excellent all around album and if Lonewolf can put forward their passion in their live show they could be a formidable act indeed – vive la France! Continue reading

Massive Assault – “Death Strike”

Massive Assault – “Death Strike” (FDA Rekotz)

Total fuckin death! These Dutchies have been listening to old school Swe-death a la Dismember but also give respect to Florida’s OG crew in Chuck Schuldiner’s Death – can’t really go wrong after that LOL! True to their name, Massive Assault give you the musical equivalent of flammenwerfer, poison gas, fields of barb wire, and panzers treading flesh into bloodied mud – or to the uninitiated, hoarse, guttural vocals, filthy distorted guitars churning out thick, evil post punk riffs and artillery barrage rhythm. I thoroughly enjoyed all 9 tracks on this superb album, my personal faves being the Swe-death opener ‘Driven Towards Death’ or ‘Dismal Life’ which could almost be a worthy successor to Death’s own awesome ‘Pull The Plug’ and the Venom like ‘Aggressive Depression – “Death Strike” sez exactly what it does on the tin – Zyklon fuckin B man. Continue reading