4ARM – “Submission For Liberty”

4ARM – “Submission For Liberty” (Rising Records)

Describing themselves as ‘…a pure, no-gimmicks, straight-up thrash metal band..’, 4ARM are one of Australia’s premier up coming thrash bands. Hailing from Melbourne, this 4 piece play it right outta Metallica’s ‘..Justice..’ era on songs like ‘My Father’s Eyes’, ‘While I Lay Awake’ and ‘I Will Not Bow’. Mainman Danny Tomb may look and be as pumped as Danzig, but he could be (and should be) James Hetfield’s cousin LOL! Whilst this is an unreserved take on a classic sound, it’s unashamedness and measure of quality go quite a ways to tempering any crys of ‘foul’, so savour the rippa mate! Continue reading

Dawn Of Ashes – “Farewell to the Flesh”

Dawn Of Ashes – “Farewell to the Flesh” EP (Metal Blade)

Dark. Distasteful. And downright nasty.This musta been released in time for Valentines cos the vid is some foul snuff type flick with some demonoid creature slicing up some chick (I think it’s his chick LOL – Ed). I mean, WTF is going on in the minds of ‘Blood Stained’ Kristof Bathory and Volkar ‘Bludgeoning’ Kael?! Mind you, with names like that it’s easy to see how DOA have scraped every dirty vestige of the Shock / Horror / Black Metal sewer – along with their own brand of obnoxious Aggro-Tech – to produce this 8 tracker EP. With songs like ‘Torture Device’ and ‘Seething The Flesh In The River Ov Phlegethon’ where do I begin – except to say ‘NSFW’! As for ‘Carnal Consummation In The Empty Space – which is available in 3 mixes: Falling Skies; Die Sektor; To Mega Therion, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference as I was sucked in, absorbed and totally tranced baby. Join the vile and sacrifice yourself!
Continue reading

Bloodwrath – “The Hate Effect”

Bloodwrath – “The Hate Effect” (Rising Records)

Howay the lads! These Geordies have been gettin about what with all their touring to Russia and the Ukraine no less! Rather than the likes of traditional British Death Metal, this lot have a more polished approach along the lines of Kataklysm with a strong mello-death element in their clean but brutal Metallica like chugging riffs as well as those all too familiar squeaking guitars. Aptly named vocalist Grym Cox nevertheless lets you know his foot’s on your throat though on songs like ‘Organised Genocide’, ‘Served In Silence’ and the cool titled ‘Hyperchrist’. Although not scoring in the originality, Bloodwrath’s appeal is in their generic, catchy and well executed material that is no doubt endearing fans to them by the bucket load! Continue reading

A World Defined – “Welcome In This Feeling”

A World Defined – “Welcome In This Feeling” EP (www.aworlddefined.com)

This young emo punk band hail from middle England and were reputedly brought together ‘..with a love for music and art..’ and yes, I’d have to agree with that given that they have some of the most beautifully soft and tranquil passages on songs like ‘Sophomore’, ‘Welcome To Barrow’ and ‘Internecine’ making up this 4 tracker EP. However, for me the interest is in the contrasting frenetic riffs along the lines of Pennywise and excellently finished off by Aidy Lennox’s powerful vocals, all of which add to a powerful punch reflected the equally contrasting cover of a red budgie with a worm in its mouth! Continue reading

Vinterblot – “Nether Collapse”

Vinterblot – “Nether Collapse” (Rising Records)

Wow these guys sound just like Amon Amarth from those hoarse, gutteral vocals to the whirring Viking riffola and Nordic melody on songs like ‘Upon A Reign Of Ashes’, ‘Whispers To The Headless’, and ‘As Sleipnir Rides’ – hell, one of the guitarists is even called Fjorgynn. So bloody what I hear you ask? Well, Vinterblot are actually Italian! Indeed, that may not actually matter (nor should it – Ed) given the excellent quality of musicianship and songs on this debut produced by a collaboration of seasoned metallers, and to be fair, they do call themselves a pagan death band, so if you’re still confused about cultural heritage, ask yourself (or the European Union – Ed) the question: could a Swede sell primo pizza in Italy LOL. Continue reading

CONFESSION “The long Way Home”

“The Long Way Home”
(LifeForce Records)
I can’t say that I can identify with the hardcore aesthetic of young men with no shirts on. That to me is way too much testosterone. I can on the other hand indentify with the bleak and no future/no hope picture that many hardcore acts paint. I can emphasize with the feeling of being trapped in the treadmill, just going round and never getting anywhere forward. Continue reading


“Stab Me”
(Funeral Rain)
It took me a while to get accustomed to Legion Of Crows’ slow and very dragging metal. This is in no way doom metal while still being very slow. I could stretch as far as calling it black metal because there is that feeling to it. Come to think of it there are elements of doom metal too. Despite not being able to really put my finger on this I’ve come to like it in a way that might be unhealthy. Continue reading

LUCIFYRE “The Calling Depths”

“The Calling Depths”
My only previous encounter with Lucifyre was a 7” released on Blood Harvest. I liked that one and couldn’t wait for a full length album to be released. And here it is now. And I like it just as much as I liked that 7”. There is something to British Lucifyre’s death metal that appeals tremendously to me. I can’t really put my finger on it. Continue reading


“The Blood Dance”
(Concreto/Personal Records)
I love doom metal. There is something so appealing to it that I can’t ward of all the emotions that come rushing towards me when I’m subjected to a really good doom album. It triggers emotions in me that I usually don’t weather out. It is almost cathartic in a cleansing way listening to sad and sorrowful music. I love My Dying Bride. Continue reading

MISGUIDED AGGRESSION “Flood The Common Ground”

“Flood The Common Ground”
(Year Of The Sun Records)
With a name like Misguided Aggression you kind of get a mental picture of what to expect musically. I kinda expected the most extreme thrash metal assault ever. That wasn’t what I got. I honestly don’t know what to make of this album. To my ears this is some kind of amalgamation of metal and hardcore that doesn’t sit quite right with me. Continue reading