(Aural Music)
I don’t know what to think of a band that has 30 years in the business but is new to me. Are they that bad that nobody but their closest relatives care for them? Or is it just me that have had my ears to a different underground? Continue reading

SARACEN “Marilyn”

(Escape Music)
There has been many great movie starlettes on the big screen over the years; Greta Garbo, Pam Grier; Bo Derek but none as mythical and mysterious as Marilyn Monroe. So why not write a whole album about her. But how do you match Marilyn Monroe’s beauty musically? Continue reading


I can at times think that for some bands it is just enough to come from some exotic place to get noticed. Never mind how good the music is. Russia is a large country but when it comes to metal still pretty unexplored. Stielas Storhett might be Russian in nature but musically I thought that they’d (him?) owe more to the more avant garde side of the Norwegian black metal scene. Continue reading

V/A “Swedish Hitz Goes Metal”

“Swedish Hitz Goes Metal”
I’m pretty biased against this album even before I’ve heard a note. Who the hell thinks it is a good idea to make metal version out of songs by Roxette, Lisa Miskovsky and Ace Of Base? I can understand if they want to make ABBA sound metal because they at least had the melodies to carry their tunes. Continue reading

Y.O.C. “Metal Warrior – part 2”

“Metal Warrior – part 2”
You don’t get too many metal releases with Turkey as the origin. But Y.O.C.’s been at it for some years now releasing self-financed CDs with both originals as well as covers. “Metal Warrior – part II” is the follow up to 2007s “Metal Warrior – part I”. 7 covers by bands like Flotsam & Jetsam, Metallica and Iron Maiden make up this new release. Continue reading

DC4 – “Electric Ministry”

“Electric Ministry”
(Metal Blade)

HARD FKIN ROCK FOR THE PEOPLE!!!! Talk about kick ass, this hasta be the rockiest album of the year so far! Made up of former members of Dio, Armored Saint and Odin (remember them!), Jeff Duncan has brought the right to rock back to LA with those monstrous, swaggering rock riffs that made the mighty Saint that legendary machine. Continue reading