Furyon – “Gravitas”

Furyon – “Gravitas” (Frontiers Records)

Hmmm, sounds like a Vin Diesel flick LOL – and not a million miles away either given that the band’s take on their handle is of a prime warrior name! The music however, is somewhat mellower being a less down tuned (and prob less stoned – Ed) version of Alice In Chains, but with the powerful Americana guitar work of Alter Bridge, completed with the raw, hard rock vocals of Matt Mitchell. If my memory serves me correctly, “Gravitas” was actually released a coupla years back as a self release and promptly sold out, so this re-release by Frontiers will no doubt do justice to classic rock songs like ‘Stand Like Stone’, ‘Desert Suicide’ and ‘New Way of Living’, all of which could steam up any bar! Continue reading

ANCARA “Chasing Shadows”

“Chasing Shadows”
(DKS Music Oy)
Naming your band after the Turkish capital might not be the brightest idea (despite the different spelling). It’s a rather anonymous band name. This Finnish band are nothing but anonymous by the sound of their hardrock. Perhaps a bit too mainstream for my taste but with the success of Finnish bands like Lordi or Nightwish they might garner the interest that they deserve. Continue reading

AKPHAEZYA “Anthology IV (The Tragedy of N)”

“Anthology IV (The Tragedy of N)”
French Akphaezya is at best weird and at worst totally off the wall. This is metal that twists and turns more than an eel about to be captured. This is metal that is not for the faint hearted. This is metal for those of us who thinks Norwegian Atrox or 3rd and The Mortal are a blessing. This is metal that makes you take notice, not music you do the dishes to. Call it avant-garde, call it theatrical, call it abstract but please don’t call it bad because this is far from bad. Continue reading

ELMSFIRE “Thieves Of The Sun”

“Thieves Of The Sun”
I have tried to but failed miserably trying to understand the greatness of Tolkien’s books. I understand the movie “St Elmos Fire” better. Not that I know if Elmsfire have anything to do with either but that was what came to me the first time I saw this album. Other than that I get a feeling that this is another epic power metal album that could be either the greatest thing since sliced bread or just a total turd. Continue reading


We as Swedes are being attacked from both east and west. It started with the explosion of the Norwegian black metal scene and now it’s followed by the metal explosion in Finland. It’s like being crushed between two giant blocks of concrete. We have to show our muscles now if we as a metal nation shan’t be crushed by the two opposing forces. For The Imperium is not your typical Finnish metal band. Continue reading

GOROD “A Perfect Absolution”

“A perfect Absolution”
I know that you shouldn’t judge a cat by its fur but I felt nothing when I saw the band name Gorod. It didn’t bring anything with it. This could be the worst kind of AC/DC rock ever or the best death metal I’ve heard since the late 80s. As it turned out Gorod aches more towards the latter. This is death metal in the good old Death/Gorgasm school of technical wizardry. Continue reading

HIMORA “Argue All You Want”

“Argue All You Want”
(Drugstore Records)
Norwegian hardrock is to me synonymous with TNT. I remember that first album they did in Norwegian. I even have a copy of it. Himora is a Norwegian hard rock (hardrock?) band that is new to me. I like discovering new music no matter what genre it might me. So it is with a certain excitement that I take on this album. Will it be as good as I hope for? Continue reading

LANA LANE “El Dorado Hotel”

“El Dorado Hotel”
(Think Tank)
Me and Lana Lane has a history. If I’m not mistaken the very first interview I did for Battle Helm was with My Dying Bride and Lana Lane back in what seems like ancient history. Since then I’ve tried to follow her every move and while it’s been a hard time keeping up with all the different releases that has come over the years I think I have a pretty good understanding of where she comes from and where she’s heading. Continue reading

LUNAR AURORA “Hoagascht”

(Cold Dimensions)
Lunar Aurora seems so familiar that I know that I haven’t only read about them. I must have heard them too on a very early album. I can’t say that I have any greater memories, or any memories at all of it but my gut tells me that this will be another cold German black metal album. I don’t know why but German seem like such a fitting black metal language. Continue reading


(Listenable)MY DYNAMITE
I have lately noticed a change in direction from Listenable. Away from the more extreme metal to a more hardrock/cock rock stable, without sacrificing the extreme side. I have no problems with that. I can at the best of times like a bit of good old hardrock and ’77 from Spain proved that with their album. Don’t know if My Dynamite will have the same effect on me but one can hope. Continue reading