Hellbent For Cooking – “The Heavy Metal Cookbook”

Hellbent For Cooking
“The Heavy Metal Cookbook”

We metalheads might be brutal and thundering across the tundra but we still gotta eat. Despite Cannibal Corpse lyrics, not that many of us actually like munching on rotten flesh chock full of squirming maggots so Ms. Annick Giroux formely of Canadian Morbid Tales ‘Zine has contacted a bunch of true metal bands to find out what fuels all their unholy power. Turns out – it’s a lotta good food! Continue reading

Stala & So – “It Is So”

Stala & So
“It Is So”
(So Music Finland / Music Buy Mail)

More commonly associated with their roles as Lordi’s drummer (Kita) and bassist respectively, vocalist Stala and bassist Nick Gore’s glam rock band has been on hold while these guys took Lordi onto greater heights, the culmination has to be the winning of Eurovision 2006! Continue reading