CARELESS “Coalition”

I guess that coming up with a band name can’t be the easiest thing in the world. So many bands with so many different names make for a challenge when naming your band. But Careless? I doesn’t really say much about anything other than that the band probably doesn’t really care about how they are perceived. If the name is bland then the music is a whole different story. Most of the time this is some pretty good heavy metal in a pretty American tradition. Continue reading

DEAD “Hardnaked But Dead”

“Hardnaked But Dead”
(FDA Rekotz)
I have a 7” with Dead that is older than time itself. It dates back to when Nuclear Blast was a new label. I don’t remember anything about what it sounds like and I haven’t cared for Dead since that 7”. So I have no idea what to expect from this German cult act on “Hardnaked But Dead”. And I still don’t know what to think after having heard the album. Continue reading

THE DOGS DIVINE “Size Of The Fight”

“Size Of The Fight”
(Mortal Music)
I have no preference to either dogs or cats. I’m allergic to both so I stay far away from them. The Dogs Divine makes me think of nothing. If I am supposed to think of big muscles and macho men fighting it out between themselves then the band failed terribly. This sounds very American to me. Nothing wrong with that. Continue reading


“Fallen Angel”
Goth metal might be a watered down genre by now but every now and then a new band comes along that shakes my foundation. Canadian Dream Aria is one of these bands. By chance I came upon them on MySpace, sent them a message and now I sit here with their third album. The same thing that happened with The Beckoning. Another Canadian band that blew me away. Continue reading


I’ve never been a big fan of bands like Korn or Deftones. I simply don’t understand where they are coming from. Just like I don’t understand where Eskimada are coming from. I can hear a lot of different influences on this album and while I can identify most of them I still don’t understand the end result. Continue reading

KITTIE “I’ve Failed You”

“I’ve Failed You”
The first time I heard Kittie I dismissed them as boring and tiresome. It took me a long time to come around to realising that they aren’t that bad. Sure, they still at times remind me of what I don’t like about North American metal when it is bad but I have to admit that there is more to Kittie than the cute teenagers they were when they debuted. My biggest problem with Kittie is that I don’t know what to call their metal. Is it death, nu or whatever? Continue reading

BASTARD PRIEST “Ghouls Of The Endless Night”

“Ghouls Of The Endless Night”
I am not a very nostalgic person. I try to live in the now most of the time but when it comes to music I have a hard time to leave my fave records behind me. There are too many memories connected to them for me to just abandon them. But lately there’s been a resurgence in retro death metal that allows me to listen to new music that sounds like music did in the late 80s/early 90s. Continue reading

DYING HUMANITY “Living On The Razor’s Edge”

“Living On The Razor’s Edge”
(Bastardized Recordings)
German death metal isn’t my strong side. Beside Morgoth and Fleshcrawl I haven’t paid too much attention to that side of the German metal tree. Not that I wouldn’t like what I hear but simply because there has been so much other death metal to check out. Dying Humanity has a melodeath feel to their music but there is a more aggressive side to the sound too. Continue reading

ELM STREET “Barbed Wire Metal”

“Barbed Wire Metal”
Nightmare On Elm Street was a pretty scary movie for its time. Freddy Krueger with his razor sharp nails was a terrifying character. Today that movie seems like a kid play compared to things like Saw and most other horror flicks. So naming your band Elm Street brings with it a certain degree of expectations. Elm Street are thrash metal the way latter day Whiplash was thrash metal. This is melodic the way Megadeth are melodic. Continue reading

STEPHAN FORTÉ “The Shadows Compendium”

“The Shadows Compendium”
I’m pretty biased towards guitar wanking albums. Self-indulgence is not a pretty sight. I have very little experience of listening to these kinds of albums simply because I don’t know how to approach them. I don’t play the guitar and have no knowledge of different techniques so I can’t judge the level of skills. I just listen to the songs hoping to hear anything/something good. Continue reading