Chainfist – “Black Out Sunday”

Chainfist – “Black Out Sunday” (Chainfist/Rock N Growl)

333% Metal – 333% Rock – 666% You!! No fuckin kidding – your lights will be out by these tattooed Danish biker rockers who play an excellent blend of heavy duty rock metal effortlessly blending in Slayer elements on songs like ‘Evolution’ or Motorhead on ‘Clown’. Elsewhere, it’s no surprise that vocalist Jackie Petersen sounds like Danzig on ‘In Your Face’ cos he sure looks like Glenn! Whatever the case, this is one hard rockin album with chugging guitars, thumping drums and steam hammer bass runs on 12 kick ass numbers – Sundays will never be the same!! Continue reading

Krossfire – “Learning To Fly”

Krossfire – “Learning To Fly” (Pure Steel Records)

No kidding! This is a pretty apt title given that Krossfire come from one of the most remote parts of Eastern Europe – Bulgaria! Funnily enough, I was actually there last November, and if I’d known about Krossfire then, I mighta checked them out cos they are a pretty good power metal band with Maiden, Manowar and Blind Guardian influences. Soaring vocals, chugging guitars and soulful melodies laced with atmospheric keyboards grace songs like ‘Touch Of Destiny’, ‘How Can There Be…’ and the dual operatic male / female ‘The One’. Having been going around 10 years, this is no mean feat in this former Sov Bloc country so Krossfire deserve full marks for their enthusiasm and effort, if not for their originality, although they have sensibly stuck to a proven sound that should nevertheless gain them fans. Continue reading


If you think that the Taiwanese metal scene begins and ends with Chthonic then you’re wrong. Look beyond and you’ll see that there are more to it than first meet the eye. Bloody Tyrant is another Taiwanese black metal band. I was, if not completely blown away at least touched by the wind the first time I heard this album. Continue reading

DEGRADATION “Juggernaut”

“Juggernaut” is pretty much an self-explanatory album title, an declaration of intent if you so like. With a title like that you know that you will not get an album full of love songs or songs about flowers. And as expected this is pretty much full on thrash metal done in a way that brings back thoughts of the second wave of thrash metal. Continue reading

DÖDSENGEL “Visionary”

(Daemon Worship)
Norwegian black metal is forever engrained in every metalhead’s conscious thanks to bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal and a couple of handful more. Dödsengel is another of these Norwegian black metal bands that seem to keep popping up on every mountain top. Continue reading


“The Chills”
I don’t want no pansy ass metalcore dressed up to look cool. I want Horrendous to be full on, unashamedly, unapologetic metal. I really need that fix of raw, unadulterated metal to the bone right now. Please give it to me. I can’t take the shit the radio keeps spewing at me. Continue reading


“EP 2011”
There is something very strict and disciplined about the lay-out of Masquerader’s 2011 EP. Even though the images are pretty vile there is a clean aesthetics to it all. This contrast between the disciplined and the vile makes for an interesting brain boggle. Continue reading

Biohazard – “Reborn In Defiance”

Biohazard – “Reborn In Defiance” (Nuclear Blast)

Tales from the hardside!!! Yeah, Brooklyn’s finest return with this reunion album and it’s just da bomb that only messrs Hambel, Seinfeld, Schuler and Graziadei could produce! Man, a lot has happened to Biohazard over the years but I’m really pleased that “Reborn In Defiance” not only shows they’ve still got heaps of ‘muthafucka’ attitude but is a worthy successor to classic albums like “Urban Discipline” and “State Of The World Address” that arguably made the band. Dedicated to fellow Brooklyn bro Pete Steele (RIP) songs like ‘Vengeance Is Mine’, ‘Decay’ and ‘Come Alive’ all have that classic sound of Evan’s hoarse voice (sounds like porno hasn’t made the man any happier LOL – Ed) with Billy’s shouting voice overlaying as it did before, Danny’s smashing da drums like he’s taking apart someone’s face in a Jiu Jitsu fight and Bobby is still that dancing, street skanking dude with that mean guitar that makes you just wanna jump muthfucka, jump! With Evan already splitting it’s difficult to say whassup when it comes to Biohazard, but whether its their final album or not (and I sure hope it ain’t) “Reborn In Defiance” commands only one word: RESPECT! Continue reading

Winterthrone – “The Godslayer”

Winterthrone – “The Godslayer” (Frozen Sun Records)

This one man German project takes me back to the early days of Black Metal with Burzum, Emperor and Dark Throne: underground production and even rawer playing complemented by distant vocal drawls and shrieks. However, Winterthrone have upped the ante by the use of some classy keyboards that not only provide haunting atmospherics, but also big up the sound to an almost symphonic level so that songs like ‘Grave Of Thousand Souls’, ‘The Throne’ and ‘Triumph And Emptiness’ take on almost epic proportions. With exquisitely packaged limited edition vinyl pressings, Teutonic artwork and desperately little information on the band adding to the mystique, the cult of Winterthrone successfully carries the torch of underground black metal into the new era! Continue reading