ALIASES “Safer Than Reality”

“Safer Than Reality “
Now that I know what the hell Djent is, it is with renewed vigour I take on bands like Aliases. I can appreciate the hard work all bands put into their music even if I at times don’t understand their music. So it is with a mild trepidation that I take on “Safer Than Reality” with hopes that it will be just what the title says; safer than reality. Continue reading

MORBUS CHRON “Sleepers In The Rift”

“Sleepers in the Rift”
There’s a buzz going on for this new Swedish death metal troupe. So much so that I tracked down their demo tape (yes, a tape) a couple of months back. With bands like Feral, Miasmal and a handful more the Swedish traditional death metal sound lives on. I like that a lot. It’s like being teleported back to another time when everything felt new and vibrant. Continue reading

NIGHTRAGE “Insidious”

I’m a Nightrage virgin. Even though they’ve been around a while now I’ve pretty much made it my mission to stay away from them. For what reasons I don’t know. I’ve just felt that there is something about them that wouldn’t attract me. With my New Year’s solution of being more positive I’ve promised myself to give Nightrage a chance anyway. Nightrage makes me think of Arch Enemy in the way they mix melodeath with good old heavy metal and some really nice guitar solos. Continue reading

THE RIVER CARD “Serious Titles”

“Serious Titles”
It might seem strange that I have a hard time with hardcore when I listen to stuff like the most monochromatic black metal but for some reason I often don’t get what the whole deal is with most hardcore bands. I don’t know if it is because I’m raised on 77 punk. That doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on understanding hardcore. Whenever I get a chance I take it to understand more. And most importantly to broaden my taste. The River Card have a sound that to my ears is pretty classic hardcore. Continue reading

SCYTHIA “…Of Exile”

“…Of Exile”
I’m sorry but to me there’s only one band that is folk, epic, dark whatever metal and that is Bathory. If you’re into any of these sub-genres you only need to turn your attention to Bathory for fulfilment. All the other bands are just mediocre clones of a perfect amalgamation. Did I offend you, did I? You want to argue that the Finnish school of folk/epic metal is so much better. In that case I’ll give you Canadian Scythia Continue reading

7HORNS7EYES “Convalescence”

I’m slowly by slowly getting used to this whole digital only download thingamajig. I still take a physical product over a digital 9 times out of ten but when no other options are given I have to settle for the digital. 7Horns/7Eyes’ “Convalescence” should/could be seen as a taster for an album to come later (in physical form too). Continue reading

SIGH “ScornDefeat”

I don’t know how many times this album has been re-released over the years but there seem to a never-ending interest in this record. Originally released on Euronymous Deathlike Silence label “ScornDefeat” shows a Sigh in it infant years before they became this avant-garde metal beast that they are today. Continue reading