Goodbye Jersey – “Entertain Me!”

Goodbye Jersey
“Entertain Me!”
(Long Beach Records)

Despite having an East Coast name this lot are from Hamburg and have a jovial sense of humour labeling themselves “…mellodick bjugel pank..” which is close to the Cally style ska skate punk pop that they play, resplendent with horns, poppy melodies and teenage aggression! Continue reading

Coffins – “Ancient Torture”

“Ancient Torture” 2CD
(Deepsend Records)

Total underground doom grind noise from Japan! Coffins have been going since the mid 90s and play sado stench core the way l like it: primitive tribal drums; filthy feedback drenched guitars; fuzz toned bass and ugly evil vocals – no electronics; samples; keyboards etc – just 20 bomb blast tracks played with section 8 mental conviction! Continue reading