MADDER MORTEM ”Marrow” (Dark Essence Records) I wasn’t there from the beginning. I though that this band was a tad too weird even for me, but then I overcame that barrier and really fell in love with their weirdness. This Norwegian band is like no other band. Or at least they used to be. I am really looking forward to hearing this album and to see if they are as weird as they used to be. It just hit me, and I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before but Norwegian MADDER MORTEM does in parts remind me… Continue reading


ALBERT MARSHALL ”Speakeasy” (Red Cat Records Inst Fringe) As the label name suggests this is an instrumental album. Whenever one of these albums comes my way I often find myself at a loss for words. Simply because I am no musician and most of the times I find myself thinking that this is something I have no clues about whatsoever. I feel that way with this album. This is no entirely instrumental. That way this is kinda like Yngwie’s debut album. But that is also the only comparison between the two guitarists. This feels much more bluesy hardrock than anything… Continue reading


SILVER P ”S/T” (Red Cat Records) I thought that I didn’t remember my 90s as well as I remember my 80s but I was wrong. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I do remember a lot of the 90s bands. But they are more death, thrash and black than anything else. So the kind of metal that SILVER P play is something that I don’t remember too well from the 90s. But I do like what I hear on this album. There is a groove and a melodic sensibility that gets me going. I don’t… Continue reading


VESSEL OF LIGHT ”Woodshed” (Argonauta Records) Ever since that very first Black Sabbath album heavy metal has been a thing. And I mean heavy in slow and doomy metal. I cannot what it would have been like to hear that debut album back in 1970 because it must have been so totally opposite of everything else being released that year. Nowadays it is common stuff. And doom metal that evolved to be so much more and yet so many bands still keep returning to that very first Black Sabbath album. As I listen to VESSEL OF LIGHT’s new album I… Continue reading


WHERE’S MY BIBLE ”M’N’R” (Spinefarm) I went to a local gig a couple of weeks back, a sort of mini festival because it was locally and because Darkane was the main attraction. The bill had a couple of metalcore acts. As I stood there listening to it I thought to myself that I am too old for this because I understood nothing at all what the music was about. To me it was just a wall of noise. But then I listen to stuff like Finns WHERE’S MY BIBLE and all of a sudden metalcore makes sense. This has a… Continue reading

24/7 DIVA HEAVEN ”Superslide”

24/7 DIVA HEAVEN ”Superslide” () In a perfect world we would not need stuff like #metoo or riotgrrrlll. Gender equality should be every day stuff and not something we ever thought about. But as the world doesn’t look like that there are those that needs to be constantly reminded about it. 24 7 DIVA HEAVEN play a brand of music that brings to mind Babes In Toyland, Bikini Kill, Bratmobile and those kind of bands. This is punk rock with a twist. Stuff that is a bit dissonant and off beat but still rocks like there is no tomorrow. This… Continue reading

BRANT BJORK ”Mankind Woman”

BRANT BJORK ”Mankind Woman” (Heavy Psych Sounds Records) To say that I am in touch with BRANT BJORK would be to stretch the truth as far as it goes. I think this is my first real encounter with anything he has done under his own name. I missed out on KYUSS totally so that reference is lost on me. But I do appreciate stoner rock. This is very laid back and even a bit psychedelic. But it never really leaves its stoner roots behind. If you like you rock with a clear 70s vibe and don’t mind the feeling of… Continue reading

BLACK VIPER ”Hellions Of Fire”

BLACK VIPER ”Hellions Of Fire” (High Roller Records) This is a Norwegian heavy metal band. Not that is any major surprise. It is just a fact. This is their debut album. Listening to this is like being brought back to the 80s. I know that you get that a lot, but this is the type of speed/heavy metal that was big back then and played by bands like Agent Steel or Savage Grace or Exciter. I am a huge sucker for this kind of speed metal and really miss it like hell. So whenever a band comes along that plays… Continue reading

BLASPHEMY ”Blood Upon the Altar”

BLASPHEMY ”Blood Upon the Altar” (Nuclear War Now! Productions / Ross Bay Cult) You can say whatever you like about BLASPHEMY. That they suck elephants ass or that they are posers or whatever but you cannot deny the impact they have had on the extreme metal scene over the years. I am ambivalent towards them. I recognize their influence but I am not always too impressed with their recordings. This is a rerelease of their debut demo. Recorded on a budget of $800 this is a true testament to the what BLASPHEMY was all about. Heavily influenced by stuff like… Continue reading

DI’AUL ”Nobody’s Heaven”

DI’AUL ”Nobody’s Heaven” () This Italian band play a brand of metal that is heavily influenced by the 70s, or so they claim. But as I listen to this I don’t hear too much of that. Instead I hear a band playing a doomy kind of metal that is pretty timeless. This is not going to break any speed records but it is aggressive enough for you to take notice of it. If you like you metal heavy and doomy, this is for you. I know that it is for me. There is a charm to this that is hard… Continue reading