BEFOULED ”Refuse To Rot”

BEFOULED ”Refuse To Rot” (Great Dane Records) With a name like BEFOULED I expect this to be at least a mega thrash-out. At best a really cool death metal assault. I know that I should not expect things based on a band name but when you have one like BEFOULED you ask for me making assumptions. I have to say that it did not meet any of my expectations. This is neither a thrash-out, nor is it a death metal assault. Instead it is some sort of thrash with death tendencies. They do blast a bit. In a way this … Continue reading


BESVÄRJELSEN ”Vallmo” (Suicide Records) Here is another band that sings in Swedish. I am not really used to this just yet so I won’t comment on that until I actually know what I think of it. BESVÄRJELSEN is a doom/stoner/psychedelic band from Stockholm, Sweden that I only recently got to know of. And here is their debut album. And I gotta say that this is some impressive stuff. Being a Swede I knew what great talent there is in this country but I am still impressed by all the cool bands that keep popping up. To my ears there is … Continue reading


ENCIRCLING SEA ”Hearken” (EVP Recordings) I never get tired of writing “this is a band new to me” as that is mostly why I do this; to get to hear new bands all the time. I have no idea what Australian ENCIRCLING SEA are all about but I do like what I hear. They play a mix of post rock, black metal and sludge that you could call post metal if you like. I call it good. That is all I need to know. In a way I would like to call this doom death metal, or death doom metal. … Continue reading


EWIG.ENDLICH ”Auf Grund” (WOOAAARGH/Dedication Records) Blackened hardcore is not something that I think I have ever encountered. But there has got to be a first for everything. And as much as it sounds like an oxymoron it does actually work in reality. I don’t know too much about the hardcore bit as this is mostly slow, heavy and melancholic but with the screamy vocals. But those you too get in some black metal that has nothing at all to do with hardcore. So I will not pay too much attention to the tagging and just concentrate on what I think … Continue reading

EVIL HUNTER ”Evil Hunter”

EVIL HUNTER ”Evil Hunter” (Fighter Records) I don’t know if there is a heavy metal revolution happening in Spain right now or if it is just that there is a label taking care of letting the rest of the world know what the Spaniards have known for a very long time; that they can heavy metal with the best. This is classic heavy metal with great touches of power metal. I am a huge power metal fan. So whenever an album like this comes my way I shine up a bit more. And when it is as cool as this … Continue reading


THE FLESH TRADING COMPANY ”Necromantic Rituals” () I guess that in this day and age where every Tom, Joe and Bill can upload stuff to different social platforms you gotta stand out to even make a dent in the colossal amount of new talent that appears each day. German THE FLESH TRADING COMPANY stand out just from the name. It is long and once you’ve managed to memorize it you won’t forget it. Musically this is an amalgamation of death, thrash and heavy metal. I have not heard of them before and have therefore missed out on the 2014 debut … Continue reading

FRANCIS ”A Million Years Of Loneliness”

FRANCIS ”A Million Years Of Loneliness” (Sliptrick Records) I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this album. Judging by the name this could be some sort of pop punk in the Blink 182/Sum 41 but thankfully this turned out to be so much more heavy than that. This is metalcore. And I am thankful for that because I don’t think I could have handled the chirpiness of pop punk right now. This suits my mode much better. I am not the greatest connoisseur of metalcore so I won’t be dropping any names but I will say this much; I … Continue reading

GRAVESHADOW ”Ambition’s Price”

GRAVESHADOW ”Ambition’s Price” () I honestly thought that GRAVESHADOW would rise to stardom back in 2016 when they released their debut album. That they would follow in the footsteps of Battle Beast. But something must have gone wrong because here they are back with a new album but not label backing as it seems. When I listen to this is come to think of Sweden’s Hysterica. They too play heavy metal with the addition of growls. I have to say I don’t really understand why this band isn’t conquering the world. This is too good for people to not hear … Continue reading


LEATHER ”II” (Rubicon Music) This is cult. This is to me as important a comeback as when Bruce rejoined Iron Maiden or when Rob rejoined Judas Priest. Back in the 80s there were female metal vocalists but there where none like LEATHER LEONE. She rock everybody’s socks. Her 1989 debut album “Shock Waves” is still one of my all time fave US metal albums. And now almost 30 years later we get a new album. This is really like x-mas has come early. I have been looking forward to this moment ever since that first album in 89. And now … Continue reading


LUCIFER’S HAMMER ”Time Is Death” (Stormspell Records) When a fave country is combined with a fave label I almost goes bonkers. And when it turns out to be a really cool release too my happiness knows no boundaries. This is not a bad release because Stormspell Records don’t deal in bad releases. It is just that I would have liked for this to be even more of everything. More power metal. More OTT vocals. More massive riffing. Just more of everything. As it is now it is a passable power/heavy metal record. A really strong 3 but still not a … Continue reading