WINTERBLUT ”Seid furchtbar und zerstöret Euch!”

WINTERBLUT ”Seid furchtbar und zerstöret Euch!” (Nihilistische KlangKunst) I gotta say that Nihilistische KlangKunst has quickly grown into a fave label as of recently. The stuff I have so far heard has all been top notch and I have no reason to doubt that WINTERBLUT won’t be. Having started out as more traditional German black metal the band has since then turned away from it to a more dissonant and experimental form. I can but agree. The first track on this album felt like one long journey to hell. Dissonant and eerie as fuck it took me into the universe… Continue reading

Immortal – “Northern Chaos Gods”

Immortal – “Northern Chaos Gods” (Nuclear Blast)  And lo, the gods heard the woes of the people and returned the sons of northern darkness unto them!!!! As if hell could’ve actually frozen over, it’s been almost a decade since we’ve heard from these blasphemers from Bergen. After spending 4 years working on a new album, following the split with Abbath, who took all the existing material with him (!), a new album had to be forged virtually from scratch by drummer Horgh and Demonaz, who assumed vocal and guitar duties, with producer Peter Tägtgren lending his skills on bass. Don’t ask about Apollyon! Yet despite… Continue reading

Obscura – “Diluvium”

Obscura – “Diluvium” (Relapse Records)  In geological terms, a diluvium describes deposits following an outburst from something like a giant, glacier dammed lake – if so, this 5th album from German technical death metallers Obscura couldn’t be better titled! Concluding a 4 album concept that started with 2009’s “Cosmogenesis”, “Diluvium” brings forth an apocalyptic ending that couldn’t be better spelled by the bountiful amounts of technical virtuosity exuding from all members of the band – and if that’s how you like your metal, then the material should satiate even the most demanding of techno-geeks. That said, the Death inspired core of Obscura is still there, although less… Continue reading

Ribspreader – “The Van Murders – Part 2”

Ribspreader – “The Van Murders – Part 2” (Xtreem Music)  Ha ha, how many bands has Rogga Johansson played in – now that’s a question that could occupy the UN (or anyone for that matter) for a very, very long time indeed….needless to say, it’s too many to mention!!!! Paganizer, Megascavenger, Putrevor, The Grotesquery, Bone Gnawer, Revolting and Necrogod would certainly spring to mind and here on Ribspreader, he does his thing once more – namely, elite level death metal in every sense of the word. Joining him on this savage foray are lead guitarist Kjetil Lynghaug (Paganizer, Echelon) and drummer Brynjar Helgetun (Putrevor, The Grotesquery,… Continue reading

Axegrinder – “Satori”

Axegrinder – “Satori” (Rise Above Records)  Fomented by Thatcherism during the mid 80s, Axegrinder were an agit British crust punk band whose legacy has remained intact largely due to their 1989 debut “The Rise Of The Serpent Men”. Inspired by the likes of Amebix and Conflict, the dirty hate filled sound matches the angst and furore inherent in the socio political lyrics and vocal expression as you might expect, directed at authority, capitalism and inequality. Now, some 29 years on and fuelled by the current state of world affairs, original vocalist Trev and guitarist Steve have resurfaced to issue this 9 track sophomore which pretty… Continue reading

Extremity – “Coffin Birth”

Extremity – “Coffin Birth” (20 Buck Spin)  Adding to Oakland’s already rich heritage of bands like Machine Head, Vio-lence and Heathen comes Extremity, a death metal band no less in a sea of thrash. Wisely taking inspiration from neighbours Autopsy as well as legends like Death and Immolation, this (presently) trio feature a very cool dual male / female vocal combination in twin guitarists Shelby Lermo and Marissa Martinez-Hoadley who between them delivery plenty of grim and nasty riffing while backed by a fiery kick ass back beat. Formed by members of underground bands like Vastum, Ludicra, Agalloch, Repulsion and Cretin, Extremity is their… Continue reading

Null’O’Zero – “Instructions To Dominate”

Null’O’Zero – “Instructions To Dominate” (ROAR ! Rock Of Angels Records)  Despite their strange name, this debut is nothing short of excellent. Formed in Greece in 2012, Null’O’Zero play a mixture of modern metal and in its more aggressive moments thrash, but throughout I have to commend the very classy performances and the material which is resplendent with plenty of epic passion throughout – despite the macabre album cover! Taking elements of Dio, Metallica and Symphony X, this 5 piece have risen steadily from winning battle of the bands contests in the underground to mini tours of their homeland, opening for Accept and playing at Athens Wreck Fest 2015. Now comes their… Continue reading

THOSE POOR BASTARDS – “Behold The Abyss” LP Reissue

THOSE POOR BASTARDS – “Behold The Abyss” LP Reissue (Tribulation Recording Co.) After discovering the weird “country doom” of THOSE POOR BASTARDS, Behold The Abyss quickly became one of my favorite albums. Each track has a unique and catchy style which lends itself to being easily memorable and soon becomes one of those addictive albums that’s great to sing along with. Behold The Abyss is a concept album which centers around the murderous and necromantic deeds of an evil traveling minister named Edgar Switchblade and his horse Old Red – who eats people. Having just the right mix of creepiness… Continue reading

ANUBIS ”Different Stories”

ANUBIS ”Different Stories” ( This is as far as I can remember my first encounter with ANUBIS. To be honest I thought that this was gonna be some really brutal death metal based on the name but instead I am met with an album full of songs that have been rearranged from its original form. Which might not be the greatest way to be introduced to a band. But even though this is mostly done acoustic there is still a feel of this being a progressive metal band in its original form. My first thought was that this reminded me… Continue reading

THE BLACK SORCERY “…And the Beast Spake Death from Above”

THE BLACK SORCERY “…And the Beast Spake Death from Above” (Krucyator Productions) This Canadian band play a brand of Black/death metal that feels like a linear descendant of Blasphemy. You know the kind of chaotic, almost incomprehensible noise metal that only the truest of the true underground black/death metal fanatics can appreciate. The dudes and dudettes like me that have been down in the darkest pits of hell and picked up the coolest of the cool bands. As much as I love death and black metal as much does it feel wrong not being able to fully appreciate this to… Continue reading