White Wizzard – “Infernal Overdrive”

White Wizzard – “Infernal Overdrive” (M-Theory Audio) 2013 was not a good year for White Wizzard. After a near disintegration of the band through just about everything from personnel issues to being dropped by their label, many thought it would be the last we would hear from the band that was ironically formed as a counter reaction to the screamo music that was prevalent in the LA scene around 2007. Pretty much an instant hit with their traditional 80s heavy metal meets 70s hard rock and prog, White Wizzard signed to Earache, toured the US and UK and along the way … Continue reading

Night Demon – “Darkness Remains – Expanded Edition”

Night Demon – “Darkness Remains – Expanded Edition” 2CD (Steamhammer / SPV) If you thought that NWOBHM was dead then tell that to the boys in Night Demon – who must’ve thought it moved to sunny California instead ha ha! Honestly, I can understand old headbangers like myself still yearning to hear this stuff cos we grew up on it, but it speaks bounds that generations down the line, bands like Night Demon are not only fans of it, but actually want to play the style – and do it all so well an’ all. Frontman Jarvis Leatherby not only … Continue reading

ACEPHALIX ”Decreation”

ACEPHALIX ”Decreation” (20 Buck Spin) I cannot say I have been the most loyal follower of ACEPHALIX. And that is something I regret. Because this US death metal combo is one band to keep both eyes and ears out for. They play a style that is part Swedish death metal, part crust and part US death metal. a combination that is awesome. I often talk about groove and it might seem strange in combination with death metal but to me the groove is everything. And this grooves like hell. It feels in my bowels. That is how much this grooves. … Continue reading

AERODYNE ”Breaking Free”

AERODYNE ”Breaking Free” (Street Symphonies Records / Burning Minds Music Group) Ever since the 70s Swedish hardrock has been some of the best in the world. Nothing has changed as we now just entered 2018. It is still one of the best in the world. So it is no wonder that up pops new bands all the time. Formed at the beginning of 2016 AERODYNE follow in the footsteps of Swedish sleaze like Crazy Lixx and Crash Diet. Perhaps not as sleazy as those but with that vibe. Sleazy hardrock is not me really but that said, I have no … Continue reading

ANTIPOPE ”Denial/Survival”

ANTIPOPE ”Denial/Survival” (-) I can’t say that I am familiar with this Finnish band’s history. But apparently they started out as black metal but evolved over time to be more industrial/gothic/progressive. That is all fine but what I really want to know is if this sucks or not. Listening to it I can hear the black metal roots but I also hear the other stuff they’ve incorporated into their sound. And it doesn’t suck at all. Instead this is rather nice. There is an atmospheric vibe to this that I like. If I were to label it I’d place it … Continue reading


CRYPTAE ”S/T” (Sentient Ruin Laboratories) CRYPTAE are a Dutch death metal band. I know nothing whatsoever about them other than they are sonic terrorists, at least judging by this EP. To people on the outside death metal can be perceived as pure noise but to us in the know it is pure pleasure. But then along comes something like this EP and even I start to question my sanity. This makes Carcass’ debut “Reek Of Putrefaction” seem dynamic and multifaceted in comparison. This is noise. And no, I don’t mean that as a bad thing. It is just that this … Continue reading

DE LA MUERTE ”Venganza”

DE LA MUERTE ”Venganza” (Revalve) I am not the greatest Los Lobos fan. But I gotta say that I enjoyed the cover DE LA MUERTE do in this album. Other than that I find this a rather confusing band. They hail from Italy but everything about them screams Mexico, or is it Spain? But once I’m over the confusion I can start concentrating on the music. And musically this is good. From the very first track to the very last they got me in their grip. This is melodic heavy metal. the kind you cannot refuse to sing along to. … Continue reading

DRACENA ”Cursed To The Night”

DRACENA ”Cursed To The Night” (Infernö Records) In my collection I have a DRACENA 7” and a CD so this is a band I am familiar with. After a long hiatus Mia Larsson is back with her pet project. If you are familiar with the previous records you will know what to expect. If not I can tell you that this is old school deathrash. Or at least it used to be. On this new album the sound is a bit more contemporary. Not so old school as I thought it would be. And maybe a bit more blackish than … Continue reading

DSEASE ”Rotten Dreams”

DSEASE ”Rotten Dreams” (Sneakout Records) Back in the 90s I tried checking out the EBM scene. I read magazines about it and I listened to Nitzer Ebb but then it all faded away. But it came back today when I sit here and listen to DSEASE. They try to mix EBM with hardrock and I gotta admit that it does not sound too bad. I will not do any backflips any time soon listening to this but there are enough good parts for me to enjoy it. And that is no small effort from the band. I am not gonna … Continue reading

ETERNAL FLIGHT ”Retrofuture”

ETERNAL FLIGHT ”Retrofuture” (Massacre) This French/Swiss band play a progressive kind of power metal. I have said it before and I will say it again; I don’t get to hear enough power metal to keep me satisfied. To me power metal should be big and bold and full of really cool melodies and harmonies. It should be larger than life. This is good but I still feel that it lacks that umpf that puts it even higher up. That doesn’t just make it another by the numbers play through. This album comes close to it but not all the way. … Continue reading