CORNERSTONE “Somewhere In America”

“Somewhere In America”
(Atom Records)
Everything about this album screams America. Yet I’m not too sure that they’ll break big in America. Don’t get me wrong. Cornerstone are not bad but they don’t seem that conformist too make it big on radio in the US. What struck me the first time was how much the first track made me think of Jingo De Lunch. Continue reading

ENTRAILS “The Tomb Awaits”

“The Tomb Awaits”
(Dark Descent/FDA Rekotz)
The album cover might look like an Entombed cover at a distance but this is Entrails second album. I missed out completely on the first one but this time I’m on top of things. This is old school death metal the Swedish way. Think the break of the 80s and 90s. Think Grave, Dismember, Entombed, Carnage etc. and you get a pretty good picture of where this will take you. Continue reading

ENTRENCH “Inevitable Decay”

“Inevitable Decay”
Just as the second wave of thrash differed from the first, thrash metal in 2011 isn’t the same as it was in 2001 or 1991. Even though many would like you to think so. While thrash never really made it big with the Swedish bands in the 80s and 90s there are today a ton of new thrash metal bands popping up all over the place Continue reading

THE HORDE “Thy Blackened Reign”

“Thy Blackened Reign”
At times I have already painted a picture of what a band will sound like even before I’ve heard a single note of music. The Horde to me should sound like Skullview or Doomsword. Big bombastic heavy metal with all the classic attributes. And in parts I wasn’t too far off. This is big and bombastic but it is more thrash than heavy metal. Continue reading

THE KARMA HEART “Throw Your Light”

“Throw Your Light”
I’ve stated it before. I like Foo Fighters. There is something invigorating about Dave Grohl’s band that appeals to me. So whenever somebody claims to be influenced/inspired by Foo fighters I take extra notice of it. The Karma Heart is just that band. Claiming to be like a female fronted Foo Fighters or a British Paramore might be big words if you can’t live up to them. Continue reading

LUCKY THIR13N “March Of The Young”

“March Of The Young”
Greek hardrock might not seem like a very interesting thing considering the country’s extreme metal pedigree but beneath the more extreme movement there is a myriad of bands playing a softer, more melodic hardrock. Lucky Thir13n might not sound very Greek and that is to their advantage Continue reading


Stellar Master Elite is to me a strange band name that really don’t make any sense. I guess there is a deeper meaning behind it. Being German they are going to have to answer a lot of questions about why both master and elite are found in their name. If you kept an eye open in history class you’ll figure out why. Musically this owes much to Satyricon’s black metal (black’n’roll?). Continue reading

Enormicon – “Storm Of Swords”

“Storm Of Swords”

‘…Stoner metal, psychedelic metal, metal metal, we don’t know what to call this shit. just listen..’!! Oh fuck yeah, these Texans take off their cousins like Dead Horse in producing some new wholesome noise shit fusing High on Fire, Melvins, Celtic Frost and Prong into 6 ditties that are so unpredictable it begs a full listen of this self financed album just to appreciate what the fucks goin on! Continue reading