LORD ”Live At Progpower USA XVII”

LORD ”Live At Progpower USA XVII” () I know of a French band called Lord but I can’t ever remember having heard this Australian power metal band called LORD. Which really is a shame listening to this live album from Progpower USA. I guess if you should start anywhere getting to know a band a live album is a good way to do it. Because now you know that you will get to hear some of the band’s greatest songs. And if you like what you hear then you just have to back track in their discography. And I like … Continue reading

LORD OF PAGATHORN ”Daimono Philia”

LORD OF PAGATHORN ”Daimono Philia” (Woodcut Records) I love metal in all its shapes and forms. That is it. Period. But there are some styles I like more than others. But what it all comes down to is the individual release I am listening to. I cannot say that I won’t like this or that because I never now. What is all this ranting leading to. Well. Let me tell you. It is leading to the black metal of Finnish LORD OF PAGATHORN. They play a sort of black metal that to my ears is old school. The primitive kind … Continue reading


MARCO MENDOZA ”Viva La Rock” (Mighty Music) I don’t know why the name MARCO MENDOZA seem so familiar to me because reading up on who he’s been playing with doesn’t tell me why I know of his name. But as I listen to this I find myself enjoying the music, even though it makes me think of both Electric Boys and Dan Reed Network. Perhaps not my top 100 of bands. But there is a cool vibe to this album that puts a smile on my face. Well at least a grin in my cheek. You can also hear how … Continue reading


MIDNIGHT SCREAM ”Dark Blood” (Slovak Metal Army) MIDNIGHT SCREAM might not scream death metal at full lungs but it is still a cool name that to me brings up images of Italian Giallo movies. This Slovak band play thrash metal. Perhaps with a bit of heavy metal to thrown in. I cannot decide if this is Euro thrash or if it is more US thrash. But I think I will go for the latter. Not that I mind either way. I am just trying to figure which bands this reminds me most of. And I gotta say that I lean … Continue reading


OREGON TRAIL ”h/aven” (Czar Of Crickets) I often ask for more hardcore albums to come my way simply because I don’t get enough of them to keep me satisfied. So when I received this album by OREGON TRAIL I shun up a bit. Then I read that this is being labelled as post hardcore and my smile slightly turned into a soak. But I had not needed to worry as this is pretty darn decent. Sure, it is post but it is still interesting enough to keep me smiling. Or smiling is perhaps not the right emotion listening to this. … Continue reading

RITE OF THALIA ”Discordia”

RITE OF THALIA ”Discordia” (-) Italian symphonic metal. my mouth is watering at the very thought of it. I simply love everything that is epic and symphonic when it comes to Italian metal. It has to be really, really bad for me to dismiss of it. RITE OF THALIA is a band that got in touch with me. That is something I like. This is female fronted like so many of my favorite Italian symphonic metal bands. It is easy to use the cliché of the great composers legacy when you deal with this kind of Italian metal but I … Continue reading


ROAD TO JERUSALEM ”S/T” (ViciSolum) Drummer Per Møller Jensen sent me some snippets from ROAD TO JERUSALEM a while back and I liked what I heard back then. But then I didn’t hear too much from him about this band so it came as a somewhat of a surprise when this album popped up in my email. I honestly don’t know how to proper describe this. The closest I can come is Mindfunk simply because it doesn’t beat the usual trodden road. But that is okay. I can handle the off the beat stuff too. This could be described as … Continue reading

SAMSARA ”When The Soul Leaves The Body”

SAMSARA ”When The Soul Leaves The Body” (Slovak Metal Army) There are a couple of bands that I always keep coming back to in every different genre of metal. When it comes to death doom I always keep coming back to early Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride. Those are to me the defining bands of this whole genre. You could add Anathema to the list if you like. These are the bands to whom I measure all death doom. Slovak SAMSARA are pretty darn close to the top of that scale. This is death doom, funeral doom, funeral death … Continue reading

SIXES “Mephistopheles”

SIXES ”Mephistopheles” (-) This is some really slow stuff. Sludge doom is somewhat of an acquired taste. You either love it or you hate it. There is no in between. And since I hate very thing things I just gotta love this. It won’t win any land speed records but like the hare and the tortoise this will win in the long run. And that is all that counts in my book. Here today, gone tomorrow is not my melody. I am all for the longevity. What is so cool with this is that all though it is slow it … Continue reading

STERCORE ”Eternal Sunlight”

STERCORE ”Eternal Sunlight” (Slovak Metal Army) I work nights so for me eternal sunlight would be a positive thing. That way I too could get the necessary vitamins that the sun rays provide. Not that it has anything to do with this Slovak deathcore band. They are being tagged as death metal too but to me this is much more deathcore than anything else. And since I have decided to take a more positive stance for anything with core in its genre name I sit here trying to dig this. And that I do. Sure, it is not the stuff … Continue reading