ETERNAL HELCARAXE ”In Times Of Desperation”

ETERNAL HELCARAXE ”In Times Of Desperation” (Naturmacht) I interviewed this band for what now seems like a long time. I cannot really recall how their previous album sounded like but I do remember the very bright colours on the cover. That is no comfort at all right now as it doesn’t help me one iota. This Irish band play a brand of black metal that is full of energy. I know the both Immortal and Bathory are mentioned in the press release but I honestly have a hard time hearing any of that. Emperor are also mentioned and that is … Continue reading

FOREFATHER ”Ours Is The Kingdom”

FOREFATHER ”Ours Is The Kingdom” (Heidens Hart Records) This is actually a band that I am have heard stuff by. For a very long time I just read about them fearing that this was not something that I would like but then I bought a couple of their albums and lo and behold, I actually liked what I heard. This is a rerelease of their 2004 album. Upon hearing this I feel ashamed that I haven’t paid better attention to this band because this album is bloody marvelous. They don’t like to have their music labelled black metal and I … Continue reading

GRIMTONE ”Memento Mori”

GRIMTONE ”Memento Mori” (-) GRIMTONE are a new Swedish black metal act debuting with this album. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is not one single Swedish black metal s. ound. You got countless it seems. Yet if this is to be compared to anything I would place it in the 90s black metal of bands like The Darksend or Ancients Rebirth. You got the intense tempo with little or no variation. The repetitiveness of the riff. There is even a Bathory vibe to this. All in all this is the stuff that made that eras … Continue reading

IMPERIOUS ” Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus, Part I: From Ilion To Hades” “Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus, Part II: From Hades To Ithaca” (Massacre)

IMPERIOUS ” Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus, Part I: From Ilion To Hades” “Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus, Part II: From Hades To Ithaca” (Massacre) This is a double release. A very ambitious project as this is not a double album but two separate albums based on one tale. I gotta say that that is a very adventurous move. It feels like it is a win or loose kinda scenario. I am not really sure if this should be done as two separate reviews or not but I’ll do it as one with the … Continue reading


MINDFEELS ”XXenty” (Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group) I don’t get sent too many AOR albums. When done right AOR can be some of the most beautiful music there is. Aside from being totally fascinated by the most grotesque death metal I also love really good melodies. And you usually find them in AOR. But in doing so I also set the bar high for what I think is the ultimate AOR. And that bar is very high to reach for anybody, even for myself. So I more often than not have to lower it just to … Continue reading

MORTIS MUTILATI ”The Stench Of Death”

MORTIS MUTILATI ”The Stench Of Death” (-) This week’s French contribution comes in the shape of MORTIS MUTILATI’s new album “The Stench Of Death”. There are times when I feel overwhelmed by all the unheard bands that are out there in the world. I wish I could win the Euro jackpot and quit my day time job and just sit at home tracking all bands that I haven’t heard. But until that happens I will let this be my main source for discovering new bands. This is supposed to be black metal but I suspect that there is much more … Continue reading


NEIGE MORTE ”Trinnt” (Atypeek Music) And here we have another French black metal band. But this is anything as controlled as Mortis Mutilati. Instead this is borderline chaos. I like all sort of black metal but this is almost too much. I have to really concentrate to listen to this. And in some perverted way this makes me think of Canada’s Blasphemy and how I remember them sounding on the Wild Rag Records debut from back in the day. This one is hard to explain but somehow I want to say that this is like if Abruptum had used guitar … Continue reading

NIVIANE ”The Druid King”

NIVIANE ”The Druid King” (Pitch Black Records) Rob Halford is to blame for much when it comes to heavy metal singers. Without his high pitched voice many ears would have been saved. NIVIANE’s vocalist have that high pitched voice that you either love or hate. I lean more on the former. This is some really cool European influenced power metal. and since I am a huge sucker for power metal (I am a huge sucker for anything metal) this is perhaps one of this week’s highlights. I like the OTT of power metal. How you take everything up two or … Continue reading


GLENN PROUDFOOT ”Fire And Rain” () Okay, this is another one that I am totally unfamiliar with. But apparently this Australian guitar player is huge in some places. Well not in my place at least. This is his sixth album. As you might have guessed I have heard zero of them. But having gotten the chanced to hear this new album I feel like I might have missed out on something special. Because this is beautiful. I don’t really know how to describe it. I don’t think I have heard anything like this since the latest Shaman’s Harvest album. And … Continue reading


RABITRUP ”Swvmps II” () I totally feel for Nine Inch Nails the moment I heard the first single from “Pretty Hate Machine”. Since then I have had an on/off relationship with the band. I was late in buying Marilyn Manson’s albums and even to this day I am not really an avid fan. But when I played the first track on this record up popped both Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson like rabbits from their holes. This is what I would like to describe as industrial. It ain’t Einsturzende Neubauten industrial. It ain’t Peace Love and Pitbulls industrial either. … Continue reading