ORCRIST “The Return Of Armageddon”

ORCRIST ”The Return Of Armageddon” (Iron Fist Productions) I love the black metal that came out of Norway in the 90s. The cold, harsh, wintry kind that froze your heart when you listened to it. That kinda came to shape the form of black metal aesthetics for a whole new generation. The simplicity of it all was pretty much its charm. You didn’t need thousands of chords a minute to make cool music. You could repeat the same chord over and over and still create an atmosphere so violent that it hurt listening to it. ORCRIST has that same vibe… Continue reading

OSSUARY INSANE “Decimation Of The Flesh”

OSSUARY INSANE ”Decimation Of The Flesh” (Blood Harvest) Whenever a band makes me think of Confessor a warm and cozy feeling spreads inside of me. OSSUARY INSANE are so far from the technical thrash that Confessor played but there is that same vibe going in the death metal that this band play. This is some sort of compilation that collects OSSUSARY INSANE’s debut demo “Fallen to the Pits” (as Ossuary) from 1995 as well as the very last thing that they did record in 2006, the “Bottom Feeder” promo. I gotta admit that I do not remember this band from… Continue reading

RAGING ROB “Always The True Assassin”

RAGING ROB ”Always The True Assassin” () I don’t remember if Rob left or was kicked out of Assassin in 2014 but something did happen back then and judging from the title of this album, it wasn’t amicable. But whatever reasons was behind the split we did end up with another cool German thrash metal band. If you are a fan of old school Teutonic thrash this is an album to check out. And if you like me are an Assassin fan then this too will work. To my ears this is like the follow up to classic Assassin albums… Continue reading

RIBSPREADER “The Van Murders – Part 2”

RIBSPREADER ” The Van Murders – Part 2” (Xtreem Music) To say that I am the greatest RIBSPREADER friend would be to stretch the truth very far. I have occasionally dived into the universe that is RIBSPREADER. So now that there is a new album out it is once again to put on the goggles and dive head first into the death pool. Because this is death metal done the classic way. Nothing fancy or melodic. Just pure fucking filthy death metal. The one with a real heavy bass presence, where the rumble from it resonates in your gut. The… Continue reading

TOMB MOLD “Manor Of Infinte Forms”

TOMB MOLD ”Manor Of Infinite Forms” (20 Buck Spin) This Canadian band are new to me even though they are on their second full length now. If you like your death metal like a cross between Bolt Thrower, Obituary and Cannibal Corpse then this is the stuff for you. I could easily have name dropped more bands but I think that these three pretty much gives you a sense of where to find TOMB MOLD musically. This is some seriously heavy shit. You don’t get any subtleties here. Just a full-on blast of death metal. Listening to this is best… Continue reading

VULCANO “Live III – From Headbangers To Headbanger”

VULCANO ”Live III – From Headbangers To Headbanger” () VULCANO is one of the classic Brazilian extreme metal bands. Having been around since the 80s in one form or another this is pure thrash metal royalty. I gotta admit that I have been bad at keeping track of everything that the band has done over the years but the band has always been in my metal heart in one way or another. This live album features 23 VULCANO tracks played by a band in form. I don’t like live albums but this one is an exception. This is pure fucking… Continue reading

WøMB “Taciturn”

WØMB ”Taciturn” (Purodium Rekords) This Portuguese band play a sort of black metal that is heavily distorted, almost to the point of it being noisy. But it is also that raw feeling that gives this its charm. Listening to this is at times very hard on the ears. Not because it sucks. This does not suck in any way. Musically this is some really cool primitive black metal. No, it is hard on the ears because it is constantly border lining the unlistenable. Musically this gives me vibes of old Bathory. Very basic yet very effective. An almost restraint feeling… Continue reading

Kataklysm – “Meditations”

Kataklysm – “Meditations” (Nuclear Blast)  Oh man, just how slick is this album!! Whoever said that death metal couldn’t sound polished or dare I say it, stylish clearly hasn’t heard “Meditations”!!!! While many people might associate 13 with bad luck, I’d say Kataklysm have hit it right on the head with this 13th release, which I would say is their best album in many a year. Sure, its a far cry from their days with Sylvain Houde (for those of you that remember), but I’m certainly impressed by the frictionless, well oiled machine that Kataklysm have become, wallowing graciously in a meadow of melodies while rolling… Continue reading

Nervosa – “Downfall Of Mankind”

Nervosa – “Downfall Of Mankind” (Napalm Records)  Now world renowned thanks to the legendary success of Sepultura, Brazil’s thrash scene has never looked back and now comes the next generation like Nervosa! Breaking ground as did the Cavalera brothers, Nervosa is an all female thrash trio whose power has been unleashed on 2 prior albums and now is set for maximum burn on “Downfall Of Mankind”. As well as competing with their fearsome male counterparts in speed and aggression, there’s also the equality factor in what must be one of the most macho societies in the world but hey, being born and… Continue reading

Gruesome – “Twisted Prayers”

Gruesome – “Twisted Prayers” (Relapse Records)  Man, if you loved “Spiritual Healing” by Death then you’re gonna love this! Continuing the legacy of Chuck Schuldiner comes Gruesome’s 2nd release complete with Ed Repka artwork and guest guitarist James Murphy!!! Founded by Matt Harvey, an underground legend in his own right through Exhumed, and featuring former members of Possessed and Malevolent Creation, this veteran band plays it authentically just the way Evil Chuck did and oh so well too, being a natural continuation rather than some retro rehash. Clearly acknowledged judging by their fanatical following right from the beginning just 4 short years ago, Gruesome brings… Continue reading