RHODIUM “Scream Into The Void”

RHODIUM ”Scream Into the Void” () I don’t know what it is with Greece and metal but as long as they keep producing new cool acts as well as the old keep it going I am a happy metalhead. RHODIUM is this week’s new Greek discovery. This is not death or black metal. This is power metal. And since I keep asking for more power metal I am pretty happy that this has come my way. As always with power metal very much hangs on the line if the vocals don’t work. I gotta say that the vocals on this… Continue reading

SOLAR TEMPLE “Fertile Descent”

SOLAR TEMPLE ”Fertile Descent” (Eisenwald) I gotta say that this had me hooked from the very first note. There is such an ambience to this that it is hard to not get caught. This is a two man Dutch black metal horde releasing a two track album. This is atmospheric black metal with a very eerie feeling. Almost alien like. And as with almost all atmospheric black metal this is melancholic as hell. Totally up my alley. This is the stuff I can just sit and listen to and do nothing else. Just enjoy it and let it take over… Continue reading


STINS ”S/T” (Red Cat Records) At first I had a hard time decoding this band’s logo. I thought they were called Sins to begin with until I realized that they are called STINS. In Swedish Stins means the man that made sure that the trains left the station safely. I have no idea what it means, or even if it is an English word. But let us not get stuck on the band name and concentrate on the music instead. This is an Italian hardrock band with a modern twist. The more I listen to this the more I like… Continue reading

STRÄNGEN “Rock på Svenska”

STRÄNGEN ”Rock På Svenska” (Wild Kingdom) I did not know Strängen, or Robert Dahlqvist as his family knew him as, as a person. All I knew him from was his music. But it was still a chock to learn of his death, accidental from drowning in the bath tub as a result of an epilepsy attack. Apparently, he was in the midst of finishing an album when this happened. With the support of his family the musicians involved in the project got the go to finish the recording and here is the result. As the title says (a paraphrase of… Continue reading


TOTENMESSE ”To” (Pagan Records) Polish black metal with a slight avant garde touch. Does that sound like your trip? It can be a hit or miss thing. Done wrong it is just fucking unbearable. Done right you end up with something like Deathspell Omega or Blut Aus Nord. TOTENMESSE are not a miss. There is a quality to this that keep me listening. And it doesn’t even require that much extra patience to listen to this. I am not saying that this is easy listening black metal. But despite it being a bit awkward this is still not that hard… Continue reading

TRIPLE KILL “Age Of Rebellion”

TRIPLE KILL ”Age Of Rebellion” () I had hoped that this Aussie band was gonna be a thrash metal band but no such luck. Instead I got another power metal band. Two this week. That must be some sort of a record for me. this might be power metal but I do detect a slight thrash vibe in there. And that makes me even happier. This one turned out to be a real stonker of an album. This is the way I want my power metal to be. Melodic but with a bite that feels. And with a vocalist that… Continue reading

DEAD EXPRESS “The Noble Art Of Self Destruction”

DEAD EXPRESS “The Noble Art Of Self Destruction” () I know that I downloaded this album for review purposes but then I forgot all about it until now. So this is like being surprised twice by this Swedish band that sounds like a cross between Detroit rock of the early 70s and The Hellacopters. You can say whatever you like about this whole retro rock thingamajig but the bands sure do rock. This is groovy and as hell and it swings more than a trapeze artist. This is pure joy. The kind of sweaty rock club music that you can’t… Continue reading


DUNBARROW ”II” (Riding Easy Records) There are some labels that you know will deliver on every occasion. Like Twin Earth or Riding Easy Records. You know that when you get sent an album released by any of these labels it is just a question of how in awe you are gonna be. Norwegian DUNBARROW play a sort of doom rock/metal that is so not Norway in sound. For some reason I get flashes of the Scottish moors when I listen to this. There is that harsh wilderness to this. And the fact that it at times reminds me of the… Continue reading

EMPTY ” Vacío”

EMPTY ” Vacío” (Osmose Productions) There used to be a time when Osmose Prod was the coolest label in the world. Then they stopped being that. But now they seem to be on the hunt for that position again. This Spanish black metal band is new to me despite having been around for what seems like forever. “Vacio” is their fifth album. There is an eerie atmosphere to this that I kinda like. Not the most brutal black metal I have heard. More in the vein of dramatic than anything else. Perhaps a bit avant garde. I know that this… Continue reading

GORY BLISTER ” 1991.Bloodstained”

GORY BLISTER ” 1991.Bloodstained” (Mighty Music) This is Italian GORY BLISTER’s sixth album. As always I have not heard any of the previous 5 which kinda bums the hell outta me as this is good old, old school death metal originally influenced by Death, Kreator and Pestilence. It is no coincidence that the album is titled the way it is as this is in a way a homage to the good old days. But you don’t have to be old to like this. it works just as good if you have just discovered death metal and want to hear some… Continue reading