ROLLED UP SLEEVES “Pointless” (Mighty Music) The first time I heard this they knocked the socks off me. This Danish band might not be the oldest boys in the club, but they sure know how to rock. This is high energy hard rock that brings to mind a whole host of cool bands like The Strokes and the likes. Not the hardest of bands but still with a really cool edge that will appeal to those of us that like retro rock bands like Imperial State Electric and such. What I like is the alternative edge that this has. In… Continue reading

SOLITARY ”Nothing Changes”

SOLITARY ”Nothing Changes” (DOC Records) This is apparently the 20th anniversary of this album. Originally released in 1998 I can’t remember ever having seen it before even if the original art work brings back some sort of memory. It would take them another ten years to release album number two and 9 years for album three. Not having heard this debut before gives me the disadvantage of not knowing it but it also gives me the advantage of hearing it with fresh ears. This is to my ears thrash metal in the style of the second wave. In a way… Continue reading

SOULHEALER ”Up From the Ashes”

SOULHEALER ”Up From the Ashes” (Rockshots Records) This Finnish band are new to me. But as always when I look up a band’s discography I feel like I know or at should know of them. I got that same vibe with SOULHEALER. Yet I cannot remember ever having done anything with them before. Being on their 4th album we here at BATTLE HELM should have done more with them than a single review from 2011, and not even by me. This is melodic heavy metal done the Finnish way. I gotta say that I am still as impressed by the… Continue reading

SUMMIT ”Echoes Of Aberration”

SUMMIT ”Echoes Of Aberration” () Darwin, Australia doesn’t sound like the most exciting place to come from. More like a sleepy small town in the middle of nowhere. But when you look it up it doesn’t look too shabby a place to live. But then most of Florida doesn’t, if not for all the retired people. I have no idea what the music scene is like in Darwin but SUMMIT seem hell bent on bringing their metalcore to the world. This is just an EP, a little appetizer for what to come. Whenever I listen to this kinda stuff I… Continue reading


WILDHEART ”We Are” () Australian WILDHEART is not to be confused with The Wildhearts from England. I guess it makes sense to the band to name themselves the way they have because they might think that “we play hardcore, nobody with know of The Wildhearts”, but they seem to have forgotten about guys like me that is like totally full of old bands names that nobody might not care for anymore. Musically this is hardcore. I don’t know if it find it that melodic. To my ears this is much more moshy than anything else. But it like it. I… Continue reading

Uriah Heep – “Living The Dream”

Uriah Heep – “Living The Dream” (Frontiers Music)  Well, if the title doesn’t say it all, then I don’t know what does. Is it possible that a band, let alone a man could be playing for 49 years?! Well, Uriah Heep and the still very ‘eavy and very ‘umble Mick Box most definitely are, returning on this 25th studio rocker that does just exactly that. Often relegated to the annals of dinosaur rock, Heep certainly had their heyday in the 70s, and while their popularity declined through the 80s, the band ironically achieved cult status which they continue to be… Continue reading

Pig Destroyer – “Head Cage”

Pig Destroyer – “Head Cage” (Relapse Records)  6 years in the making, and Pig Destroyer’s 6th album is also their heaviest to date, not in the least cos it now features a bass player! Well known across the US for their grindcore and no less aggressive politics since their formation in the late 90s, these days Pig Destroyer may be more extreme metal in view of the incorporation of other styles along with a more structured approach, but they are no less savage on the 33 minutes making up the 12 intense tracks on this little piggie. Still with founders JR Hayes and guitarist Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed,… Continue reading

Satan – “Cruel Magic”

Satan – “Cruel Magic” (Metal Blade)  Brother, NWOBHM never sounded so good! Now 3 albums into their resurrection since 2011 featuring the band’s original line up, Satan have never sounded better. If you wanted to know the true essence of this band, often denied to them in their fledgling days, then “Cruel Magic” goes a long way into answering that through the 10 astounding songs here, deep and alluring in all their glory yet resonating the raw and some might say reckless performances of their 1983 classic “Caught In The Act”. Indeed, there’s some true magic here although the band’s name has little to do with any real devilry, instead… Continue reading

Dynazty – “Firesign”

Dynazty – “Firesign” (AFM Records)  Oh wow, this is nothing short of spectacular! Touted by this Swedish melodic metal band as their best album ever, I’d certainly have to agree given the astounding material on show here. Complete with a new, stripped down organic sound both for production and songwriting, it’s all vividly brought to life under the masterful hands of renowned Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) on this 6th album. Formed in 2008, it didn’t take long before Dynazty’s releases were charting and they were supporting Sabaton across Europe and even touring themselves in China! Now comes “Firesign” and it’s nothing short of a ripper,… Continue reading

Siege Of Power – “Warning Blast”

Siege Of Power – “Warning Blast” (Metal Blade Records)  You’ve gotta hand it to Chris Reifert, he’s certainly a busy fellow what with his involvement in Autopsy, Violation Wound, Abscess and Painted Doll. As if seemingly unsatiated with his lot, now comes his latest obscenity in Siege Of Power – named after Napalm Death’s song no less! Opting solely for vocals this time around, the rest of the band is drawn from the cream of the Dutch death metal underground in guitarist Paul Baayens (Asphyx, ex-Hail of Bullets, Thanatos), bassist Theo van Eekelen (ex-Hail of Bullets, ex-Houwitser, ex-Grand Supreme Blood… Continue reading