SUMMONING – New Album Details Announced

Ever since the release of their debut album Lugburz (1995) SUMMONING have proven themselves to be the true guardians of Middle Earth! What started out as a project deeply rooted in traditional black metal took an epic turn in the following years – evergreens like Dol Guldur (1996) and Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame (2001) bear witness to a continuously refined soundscape. Five years after Old Mornings Dawn, Protector and Silenius have turned over a new leaf in their bottomless saga: titled With Doom We Come, SUMMONING finally unveil first and hotly anticipated details about their upcoming opus, which … Continue reading


Dark Age Productions announces the release of the debut album of DRACHENFEUER titled Realm Of Light on Double CD Digipak and limited edition Cassette. DRACHENFEUER is cinematic dark ambient soundtrack “dungeon synth” for fans of Summoning, Mortiis (Era 1), Ringbearer, Elffor… The music of DRACHENFEUER is an epic journey through Middle Earth and its creatures. Soundscapes that will transport you to a land where dragons breath fire, where warrior legions raise their swords, where the beauty of friendship comes to a dark edge and where mighty forests cover the land in darkness… The album was recorded at W.A.R. studios in … Continue reading


CURSE/STYGGELSE/WAN ”Necroholic” (Satanath) This is a three way split between two Swedish bands and one Icelandic band. All well known within their own spheres. And with their own take on what black metal. CURSE are like cross between Motorhead and Darkthrone. This is very much the black’n’roll that when done wrong rubs me the wrong way in so many directions that it’s ridiculous. But this isn’t that bad at all. I find myself liking the simplicity of CURSE. STYGGELSE are more 80s sounding. More German in their approach. Still simple and to the point but with more of a thrashy … Continue reading


DRAMA/PERDITION WINDS ”S/T” (Satanath) I have a feeling that I’ve come into contact with both bands on this split one time or another in the past but I can’t for the fuck remember if I’ve heard anything by them before this disc dropped in on me. DRAMA has a melancholic touch to their black metal without making it DSBM. There is much more of a heavy doomy metal sound to it. Even if I haven’t heard anything from DRAMA prior to this I find myself liking this. It is my kind of melancholy. PERDITION WINDS only contribute with one track … Continue reading

DRUK’N’ROLL “In The Game”

DRUK’N’ROLL “In The Game” (Another Side) This is a band that I’ve followed for some albums. At first I was a bit skeptic about the band name (still is) but musically they’ve won me over. That they sing in Russian is not such a bother. I could deal with it in the 80s so why shouldn’t I be able to deal with in the 10s? I have no idea what modern heavy metal is but this is to my ears like a heavy metal version of Rammstein, but in Russian. This is a OTT as Rammstein are but in a … Continue reading

FENIX TALES “The Abyss Eye”

FENIX TALES “The Abyss Eye” (-) I have a special place in my metal heart (yeah, it is a darn enormous heart) for Italian bands ever since the 80s and Vanadium. And so should anybody that consider themselves true metal because we’ve seen some really cool releases come from Italy over the years. If there is a country operatic metal should come from it is Italy. But as it is now Finland was first with that one and the rest of the world had to follow. FENIX TALES does it great. You get the dramatic feel of an opera listening … Continue reading

THE PHOENIX “My Turn To Deal”

THE PHOENIX “My Turn To Deal” (Demon Doll Records) Ever since I got introduced to hardrock/heavy metal in the 80s I’ve had a soft spot for female fronted bands/all female bands. Don’t know if it has to do with me being a man being into women or what, but when you can combine two likes in one then I’m all for it. So whenever I get to hear a band full of women rocking my socks of I am one lucky guy. And lucky is just what I feel listening to this album by Italian THE PHOENIX. The used to … Continue reading

DIESEAR “Ashes Of The Dawn”

DIESEAR “Ashes Of The Dawn” (Total Metal) I’ve been trying to figure out how to pronounce this bands name and what kind of word play it is but with no luck really. So instead of wrecking my brain on that enigma I’ll concentrate on the music instead. Hopefully it’ll prove less of a challenge. This Taiwanese band plays a sort of melodic death metal that is easy to take in. no strange time changes or break beats. Just full speed ahead melodic death metal. Perhaps not something we haven’t heard before but they do it with such conviction that you … Continue reading