Switzerland is a pretty blank spot when it comes to metal in general and extreme metal in particular. Or so we are left to believe. Check out this interview with CREMATION to realize that’s not the truth. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How often have you been mistaken for Crematory? What made you chose the name you did for the band?
-Not as often as you think. Never actually. We chose the band name because it is easy to remember and it speaks for itself.

How important is that the band name is some sort of declaration for the kind of metal you play? Could a band be called Cannibal Corpse and play soft pop?
-It is easier if you can see what you’re gonna get offered on the basis of a bad acting band name. Flowerparadise would be probably to far-fetched for a Metal Band

How hard is it to release an album today? How murdering is the competition?
-There are a lot of great Bands around. And there is of course a lot of competition . You must offer something special to the people to inspire them for you.

How much of a DIY band is CREMATION? How important is DIY if you want things to happen for your band?
-100% That is what it’s all about. Doing things as WE like it so.

What are your feelings on your latest record? Did it turn out exactly the way you wanted?
-Yes . We are very satisfied with the result .We made everything by ourselves, from the recording of the songs up to the mix . This makes us even prouder

What is the best way to promote a record these days? How important is the professional side of things today?
-The best way to promote a new record is to play concerts. The people absorb more of you if you can inspire them with a good concert

Is the scene vibrant and alive in your area or do you have to travel far to get to be a part of any sort of scene?
-Because Switzerland is not very large , there are no wide travel The scene in Switzerland is well connected . There are different locations and concert organizers in every bigger city. So a band can visit the different regions regularly.

How important has it been to the band that there are likeminded souls to share your experience with?
-This is the most important thing. We all have the same Visions and interests. And its easier to go forward

What lies in the future for the band?
-We will continue to make our music, playing gigs , writing songs, and the rest we will see

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