I’m not a big fan of metalcore but Dead By Wednesday proved me wrong this time. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

I gotta ask why dead by Wednesday and not Thursday?
-Well it’s based off of an old touring expression. When I was in my old band Gargantua Soul we were in Puerto Rico, we flew straight from one show to the next on a red eye flight, didn’t sleep played a couple shows then went to a bar until day light and at that point it was Wednesday. My bassist at the time turned to me and said, ‘If we keep going on like this, we are going to be Dead By Wednesday.’ It just stuck with me for some reason. So when it was time to think of a new band name for my new project after we broke, I had that name and wanted to use it. To me, it still says metal but gives you a very awkward uneasy but curious kind of feeling when hearing it and it sticks with you.

What struck me when I listened to the album was how versatile it is. How hard have you worked on the songs to diversify them from each other?
-We really didn’t ‘try’ to diversify or do anything per say. We just do what you do and not worry about trends or ‘what’s cool’. We have never done that. We have always prided ourselves on being original and if anything went against the grain more so on purpose in the beginning with a huge middle finger up to the industry. You have to believe in what you do or else no one else will. Some of us bring elements of old school metal and some bring newer vibes to the table so it’s a good mix of both. We try to just write what comes out with our thinking too much about it or over analyzing what’s hip or cool at the moment. We just do what we do and hope that people like it like we do!

What inspired you to be this eclectic in sound?
-Well, what inspired us is seeing trends come and go and watching the hordes of over saturated crappy music that surround us. Again, we don’t try to be eclectic, I just happened. Carving our own sound has been a process in the making. We have been developing as musicians and as a band since 2005 to better ourselves & we all truly feel this is our best effort to date. I don’t think it was difficult because this is just what came out of us naturally at this point in time. We have always pretty much tried to stray away from the masses and do our own thing but still keeping it heavy as hell and pleasing the metal heads!
-We all come from different back grounds and musically styles too!

Reading the titles I get the impression that some of the lyrics are really angry. What is it that upsets you enough to write about it?
-Our singer is angry, he comes from the streets…he is a punk rocker at heart but has pride & morals and has pretty much struggled his entire life financially and family wise. Well a lot of our society are just walking around blindly and not really aware of their surroundings or what really matters in life now a days so we try to awaken their spirit a little and open the eyes of some people who are ready to listen. We are angry at our government, with current world affairs, we are angry about humanity in general. Not everyone but as a whole. We are getting ready for the end, this is ‘The Last Parade’.

Tell me your thoughts on the album title contra the art work. What do they have in common?
-The Last Parade is basically about the end of the world. It is based around the apocalypse and the upcoming ideas on 2012. It’s going through the emotions of it really being our last days here on Earth…it’s not really meant to be dark or negative per say…what we are saying is..’Hey, if it really is gonna’ be the end of the world soon’ FUCK IT, let’s have fun, party and do what we gotta’ do as a civilization before it all implodes. So the artwork represents us as a race being creatures and in a parade like setting.

It doesn’t matter who you work with, it is the outcome that counts. What do you benefit from working with experienced people?
-Well, when you work with experienced people, you learn from them instead of learning through your mistakes the hard and slow way like I did for the longest time.

I guess it doesn’t matter where you are from but to me Connecticut isn’t the most exciting state in the US. How do you tackle the boredom of a small town?
-Well, CT. is only a couple hours between NYC & Boston so we have the best of both worlds on either side from us. We’ve been all over the country and let me tell you, there are WAY more boring states then CT. Especially in the mid west, lol…CT. at least has a small but thriving music scene especially believe or not in metal and hard core thanks to bands like Hatebreed who is also from CT. Yale is here so there are a lot of great restaurants and different types of people who come and go frequently. CT. has done nothing but nurture our career and support us so I have nothing bad to say about it.

With three albums to your name what wisdom do you take with you from each new album? How do you grow as a band?
-I would say perseverance, and never giving up! Staying strong and believing in what you do no matter what. The band is like a brotherhood for us. We are all about respecting one another, having pride and a code on honor amongst each other. Yes, of course it’s tough sometimes on the road or living together, you get on each other’s nerves but in the long run, I can punch my singer in the face and then the next minute we are hugging. This type of life style is either in your blood or not.

To me a good home for the band seem like the most important thing but when does a labels rooster become too embarrassing for you to be associated with?
-We don’t get embarrassed about anything we do. If we do it or did it, there had to be a good reason for it and it’s because we believe in our decision whole heartedly. We are very serious about what we do but we don’t take ourselves to serious all the time either. You need to be having fun, and if you not then forget it.

What’s on the table now that the album is out?
-We’re just plugging away and trying to get the word out about the new release. Playing some weekend warrior stuff here in the US until we can find a GOOD solid tour to jump onto as support. We have traveled the country from coast to coast several times and want to go out this time with another bigger band. As far as Europe, we are REALLY hoping to get over there and show everyone what we got. Our live show is very energetic and intense and as most people know now a days, the ONLY real way to sell CD’s and spread the word about your music is the old school way of street heat which is going from place to place, playing live and meeting different people in different places and becoming friends with them all which in turn makes them become fans & family!

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