nonNOW OR NEVER is one of these bands that has a name that sticks with you the first time you see it. Simple yet effective. Interview answered by Ricky Marx. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

How important is a band’s name? Is it important that people can identify with it?
-It’s quite important, a name you’ll have to keep til the end, so you better chose the right one !!!

Just so we know what we are dealing with could you please give us a short introduction to NOW OR NEVER?
-Well, NoN is a reunion of old friends with the wiliness to kick asses and empty glasses

Is it important to have a message in your music/lyrics? What kind of message would you say that you have?
-We don’t really have any big message, we just talk about life and how good or bad it can be….

How do you as a band find your own sound? How much does environment play a part in how you sound? Is there a specific sound for your region/country pertaining to the style you play?
-If think that your sound follows you with the years, you just adapt it to the moment… the sound of your guitar play is the conjunction of feeling, experience, sweat and gear…. region? well, we are two scandies and two mediterraneans in the band so i think it’s european style.

Is there a specific sound that is nationally connected to the style of metal that you play?
-Power, distortion and energy and a powerful voice….

Is it important to have an album cover that grabs people?s attention? How do you get people to go from looking at the cover to actually listen to the album?
-The cover is always important, it shows your music, your style…. but now with internet, efficient promotion is the key to get people to listen to your album and music.

Is promoting the band becoming an easier task as you release new albums or do you feel that you still have to educate people as to who and what NOW OR NEVER is?
-The information is so wide now with internet so it’s great in a way ’cause you can reach a lot of people but it makes also some “artificial new comers” because of the internet buzz they make…. and not always good music and musicians… but you always have to educate in a good way with good promotion (hard and soft)

I remember in the 80s how hard it was for smaller bands to get a decent sound? How easy is it today to find a producer/studio that understands your needs
-Now, it’s much easier to get a cheaper studio and also home studio are much more affordable…. but the choice of a good producer is very important for your sound and there are lot of “I can do it” producer but not a lot of good ones at the end…

What part would you like the producer to have? How important in is the producer?
-Well for us, the producer is almost the 5th member of the band, we gave him almost a carte blanche and he understood straight away what i wanted in terms of sound and arrangements …

What does the future hold?
-I hope a lot of gigs, good experiences and another album on its way for the end of 2014

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