EXORCISM is a new doom metal band with a bunch of well known guys behind it. Interview answered by singer Csaba Zvekan. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

Is it not enough to do one band? What is it that you get out of doing EXORCISM that you don?t get from you other bands?
-Hi Battle helm and Swedish readers and first of all thank you very much for the interests in EXORCISM 2014. When I did the work with RAVEN LORD that was rather up beat, fast paced power metal with “screamo” type vocals à la Judas Priest I already had EXORCISM partially written and prepare at a much earlier time. The main difference is being the genre as EXORCISM is more in veins of BLACK SABBATH, DIO and therefore more lava doom metal. I couldn’t possibly releases this material under the same band name. While we now have two bands going at the same time the genre, mood and overall prodcution separates the two from each other.

Would you say that you are classic Black Sabbath doom or are you St Vitus doom? Perhaps you are Trouble doom or Candlemass doom?
-When I started writing the songs back in 2006/2007 I strictly kept it in the veins of BLACK SABBATH, DIO as I am not familiar with St. Vitus, Trouble or Candlemass. In fact I’m so old school thinking I was making classic “Heavy Metal” when my manager informed me about the other bands that are doing the very same and the overall genre name called “doom metal” hahahahaha.

When you write songs do you do so with a set mind; that this is doing to be an EXORCISM song?
-Yes, absolutely. I want to differentiate between the projects I’m doing so they won’t sound the same. When doing a whole album I wanted to make sure we have ten great songs that fit to each other. And the great thing with EXORCISM was that I could even choose the era by song. Meaning one songs more like it would have been written in the late sixties, then seventies, eighties and so on. Kind of like going by decades and mixing them all up on the CD. This of course with a more modern touch and an up to date production style making it still 2014.

When you pick songs for an album do you place them as they were written; the first song written ends up as track number one and so on, or do you place the songs according to a pattern of where they fit the best? How important is track ordering?
-Usually not as some of the tracks you make will not be published or pushed for bonus tracks to a later time. The track order is usually done by the record company but in our case we could decide for ourselves. So me and AXEL WIESENAUER from ROCK’N GROWL management would discuss what would be a great opener live, what a great closer song and then fit the songs in the middle together so it all kind of has a nice flow to it. Track ordering is important as it flows the music from the beginning to the end. Even though it’s not a concept album where there are chapters we still want to make sure that moods, tempo and many other factors should flow in a best fit.

What can we expect from an EXORCISM album?
-EXORCISM is going back in time bringing you great “Heavy Metal” in a new and modern package. It is like what was done with BLACK SABBATH and they’r many singers DIO, OZZY OSBOURNE, TONI MARTIN, GLEN HUGHES and even IAN GILLEN. It’s all in there somehow in one record. You will instantly recognise great ideas and fashions that were done and used extensively back in the days when we fell in love with this powerful music.

To me doom metal has its own aesthetic. How much do you think about the way things should look to be doom?
-You are totally right. All in art is about aesthetic and so with this one. In my opinion this type of music needs to be just perfect from A-Z and that’s why we took the time and worked over three months on sound designs that we’re gonna be using. Recording and mixing philosophies were also important topics on how it all should sound at the end. And most important the over all mastering. Except for the recording of JOE STUMP’s guitars and GARRY KINGS’s drum tracks it was entirely recorded, edited, mixed and mastered at TOTAL MASTER SOUND recording studios, Spain.

Will we ever see EXORCISM tour? Play live perhaps?
-That is always the idea. If we put out a record the intention is always to go out there and perform it live. We have just recently been confirmed for Hungarian Festival and some more are coming soon. There is also a EU tour planned. It’s best to sign up with out Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/exorcismband or visit our official website at http://www.exorcism13.com to get the latest doom tour dates in the nearest town to you.

Is it easier to get people’s interest if there are famous names involved or do people not care about that kind of things?
-At times it can help but the fans care more about the music than names. Everybody in the band EXORCISM has a pretty cool history on where and with whom they played before so we all have our individual friends, followers and fans.

When can we expect to see an album emerging?
-Very soon, very soon. The album is done all is recorded, mixed and mastered and delivered to our manager who then now personally delivered the master CD to our label GOLDEN CORE RECORDS, ZYX MUSIC. The release date has not been set as that is up to the people who promote the record and the record company has the final say. Still I have heard dates around the end of March. If we’re lucky it should be out around my birthday hahahahaha.

Is there a future?
-Hahahahaha what a question ? I would think so or we would not spend so much time on all this. The music is powerful and so are the lyrics and melodies they speak for them selves. Once we are allowed to deliver the material to the live audience expect some loud metal that you have been waiting for for so long.

Thank you for this interview

Csaba Zvekan

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