It’s not only Twin Peaks that lurks in the forests of the Northwest. Al handful of great metal bands call that place home too. CHASMA being one of them. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

To me as an outsider this whole Cascadian metal eruption seem like a constructed media thing. What is the real story behind the emergence of so many new great bands from the Northwest?
-Honestly, I think the Pacific Northwest draws a group of likeminded (or maybe like-hearted) people. We feel as if we are pushing a sound dissimilar to what is considered “Cascadian” though. The mountain range has nothing to do with our sound.

How would you like people to experience “Declarations of the Grand Artificer” and what is that you want to say with it?
-I think it would benefit the listener if he/she was in a higher state of mind. You can decide what that means. Declarations is truly reflective of the name, we are professing the true nature of infinity.

When I listened to the album images of something totally opposite came to me. I started to think of Spanish, Italian and French films from the70s sexploitation/sleaze era. What is it that influences you in your music making?
-Well, it has nothing to do with film, not that we do not appreciate it. We are solely influenced by our experience with the totality of existence. Everyone brings something different to the table.

In defining black metal you can read into it a whole barrel of stuff. What is black metal to you guys?
-Black metal is a set of rules pertaining to the composition of a piece of music. This is why we do not call ourselves black metal. We feel we bridge many genre gaps.

When you look for a label to work with what is it that weighs in for to sign with them/want to work with them?
-We want a label that works like we do, with precision and tact. We will not be stopped.

If I was in a band I’d be there poking in everything from text size to font use to art work. How involved are you in the portrayal/presentation of the band in all its forms?
-We are in absolute control. Moribund Records and Mylene Sheath Records have nothing to do with driving our artistic capabilities. We appreciate them for accepting our vision.

Is playing live a necessary evil in promoting your band or can you be a band and not play live?
– A band plays live. A project does not. We play live because we HAVE to. It’s not up to anyone who exists in our dimension. Our live performance is the truest form of our expression.

To me at times it seem like there is desperation in being seen in order to be confirmed. If you?re not seen you do not exist. What do you think about all these social media sites that is out there to help promote your band?
-“Social Media” is free, so we take advantage of it, but don’t abuse it. We would much rather perform live in front of everyone who hears us, but that is just not possible. We refuse to pay for a website. Art should be free, unless it’s got some rad packaging 😉

I’m not a big fan of this digital downloading thing that today’s kids prefer over physical records. How do you present your great concept in digital format?
We would rather that not be a media format, but it is. So PLEASE buy the digital download. $$$$$$$$…. HA! We don’t make money.

What future do you envision for Chasma?
-We will tour the world, and indoctrinate your children. We are the next step in true, expressional metal. Chasma is interdimensional war.

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