VOICELESS VOID I found in a catalogue from Germany. The description sounded tantalizing enough for me to want to check out the band and what better way to do it if not with an interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Had I not received a mail order catalogue I had not heard of you guys. How hard is it in today’s metal climate to make yourself heard and seen?
-Yes you are right, we’re not too well known outside of Russia (the group has existed since 1993), although I have received letters from various European countries (Germany, Czech Republic, Finland and others) from our European audience. I think that due to the active development of the Internet is now much easier to bring their creativity to the audience than when we started. Then, in the Russian Internet was a novelty, in addition, there was virtually no record labels that produce this music, and live performances with the organization was difficult. Today in Russia, a sufficient number of record companies, working with heavy music, as well as clubs and concert promoters, so that everything is much simpler.

Voiceless Void makes me think of the vastness of space. What is the meaning behind the name?
-No special meaning in the title I did not invest. Just once got in a forest area, burnt during the fire. There were a vast sea of scorched earth and a few charred oak. The silence around and light rustle of wind in my head and there was a name – that’s all.

What does inspire you to create the music you play with Voiceless Void?
-Hard to say. Probably will not be an original, almost all the songs are written by me under the influence of strong personal feelings or some events that have impacted on my life.

I can sometime feel that some musicians try too hard to be cool and forget everything about the song. How important is the songs to you as a band? To you look for that specific groove/feel when you write songs?
-Of course, when I write an outline for a new song, I feel a huge emotional lift and some euphoria. Listen to recorded pieces by many times. If that does not like it, destroy it ruthlessly – only that does not hurt my ears at first, then goes to work. Actually writing the songs – quite an intimate process, so it’s hard to describe my feelings during the creative process.

When you work on songs do you try to imagine what they will be like played on a big stage with all kinds of pyrotechnics and stuff? What goes through your heads when you write songs?
-We do not use any special elements of the stage show live, so I do not think about these aspects when writing songs. That with regard to the arrangements, then I try to connect the organic sound of all instruments in the fact that every musician was interesting technically and emotionally, to play its part. In addition, ending each of our albums, I always knew what songs we play live, and which are not very good for live performance.

Do you as a musician feel a connection with all the other musicians throughout the world or do you feel more like a secluded entity operating outside the norm?
-No, we do not separate myself from European or American heavy metal music, although we are still closer to the European scene. We had a very successful joint performances in Russia with Draconian, Xandria, Crematory, Throes of Dawn, and others. In addition, we follow the novelties of the world metal scene.

Not being a part of Central European metal community do you ever feel like you are forgotten about/ignored?
-We do not ignore the European metal community, if you do that? Just as long as we fail to become a part of it, but we will try in this direction! We have a page on myspace, as far as I know, there is a group page on Metal Archives, I recently received an offer of a review of our latest album from Rhys Stevenson (been writing for Terrorizer) and a man with doom-metal.com, so the process goes.

You’ve done a couple of records already but you don’t seem that well known. Why is it that not more people know of you? Isn’t it important to you to get recognized?
To date, we have four officially released albums:
Symphony of Pain (1998)
Content of human being (2003)
Vampire – Another side of Death (2005)
Songs of black roses (2010).
In Russia and CIS countries, we are quite well known, although there are, to go. As for the promotion of our music in Europe, so far, except for the Internet, unfortunately, we see no other way. We are in contact with European record companies, such as Firebox and Avantgarde Music, but the understanding was not found. The same situation is emerging as a European concert promoters. Let’s hope that situation will change for the better, maybe this will contribute to this interview?

How hard is it to promote yourself when you don’t have the same financial backing like those signed to larger labels?
-In Russia, unfortunately, even with a major label contract does not provide any support group. Our Major is not considered necessary to carry out even the slightest support releases published by the (ironic, huh?). Therefore, most metal bands in Russia are engaged in the promotion of his work for themselves and soybean money. While we, for example, by selling their albums in Russia and the small fee for the concerts, are paying the cost of recording albums, t-shirts, etc.

Where do you want to see Voiceless void going in the future?
-Well we have a lot of plans. Now finished writing material for a new album in the spring of his plan to record. I would like to make our release records in Europe. In addition, the year the group – the anniversary of 20 years, we will try to organize a tour about it, if possible, with a stop in Europe. That’s something like that))

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