DEATHRAISER is to my ears what the second wave of thrash metal was all about in the late 80s/early 90s. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Does being Brazilian and playing the kind of thrash that Sepultura, Sarcofago Sextrash etc. did in the 80s help opening up people’s eyes to your music?
William: We believe it has a good point, because they were great bands of our scene, but already today are not like before, and the public misses this season, but of course we have to play the way we like, these bands have the same sounding our identity, something they also had the same sounding slayer season haha, it is clear that good influences can add the band and try to absorb what is good about these bands, if the public likes them, will certainly like to hear something influenced by them.

When you come from a country and a continent that has given the world so much great thrash does that add to the pressure of being good?
William: I think not, because if it were the bands of the Usa or Germany would be fucked up haha, but I think that pressure does not happen, we make our sound regardless of the media like it or not, do nothing forced, and we are totally against it. But we understand that to get some good sound also has to be good.

When you play music that isn’t the latest trend and you lose a member how hard is it to find a like-minded to fill that gap?
William: It is always difficult to find musicians wanting to do this kind of music, especially here in the interior where it is not very popular, but we trying to give the way, being in trio or quartet sound cannot stop haha

I guess everything is a trial and error trip being in a band but is there something that you with the answer in hand would have wanted to have done differently?
William: Just would do differently if we had money haha. But we like to produce like that, you have to break down walls, sometimes difficult but it has moments that takes the band to want something, it was all too easy would not have the same grace.

What is the label situation like for thrash/death metal bands in Brazil? Are there any labels worth signing with that can bring your music to the World?
William: Today we have many labels serious here in Brazil that really help the bands, but also have those who do nothing. I believe it is everywhere and it would be different here in Brazil. But working with a good Label but we have great chances to achieve larger goals.

When you see bands like Krisiun getting signed and touring the World does that increase the motivation in you to work your hardest to get that too?
William: We always had the motivation, of course it is great to do great tours, playing in several places, but I believe this is the result of a good job, these bands worked hard to get have earned to date, and we see no other way unless so work hard, always make the right choices with a passion for doing things will always work.

Do you feel that you are a part of a new thrash metal wave going round the world?
William: We feel that we are more a Thrash Metal band looking to play with passion and style that will not only be more of a new wave, this is not our desire, this whole “new wave” shows that most bands are just “waves “that appear and disappear, so if you’re not in” new wave “, many bands that have emerged and appear in this” revival “of thrash just does not hold in the scene, following trends or anything like that, thrash metal is the even though “Old” or “new wave” and always will be played and heard, so for us is Thrash or Die hahaha.

Is the thrash metal scene one big united one or do you feel competition and envy from other bands?
William: Here in Brazil at least some thrash bands do not see this competition, where we do festivals with bands of our friends and we see much unity, at least in this environment, there may be competition yes, but not from us, we like and why not to create divergences in something we believe in and raise the flag, we see that saying “Cooperation, not Competition”!

What ways are there to promote your music in Brazil? Is the paper fanzine still big in Brazil or is it all digital there too?
William: Promoted in various ways, and most of them surely is the internet, but there are still printed zines, magazines and other digital forms, whichever is best to publicize we certainly all means are welcome, but is Printing clear that here zines fell dramatically due to the increase of the Internet.

What can we expect from Deathraiser in 2012?
William: We have several plans in mind, if all goes well we will do our first clip, we are also planning a South American tour later this year, and of course make something new, for 2013 we have a new full length, thanks to all who enjoy and support the Deathraiser hopefully see you soon on stage! Keeping The Spirit underground!

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