BOLERO might take you on the ride of your life. Sit back and let the journey commence. Interview answered by Morgan Rider – Vocals/ Bass. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

What makes a band want to name themselves after a wear that the toreador uses, that’s not very metal?
-Our band name was inspired by Maurice Ravel’s BOLERO. For us, it is supposed to represent flow, direction, change and diversity in our music.

On that note, why a folk metal band? Please enlighten us to the greatness of folk metal.
-The ‘folk metal’ label was kind of just pinned on to us at an early stage due to the melodies we used in our music. If you asked any of our members now, they would just say we are metal. Epic fucking metal. Folk metal has its place, of course, and we all do enjoy it quite a lot as we do any other subgenre of metal. The best thing about it though is that it is seemingly universal in whatever theme you might want to envelope it in; medieval, Celtic, ambient, etc.

To me there is only one band when it comes to folk, pagan, epic, black, death metal and that is BATHORY. Where do you draw inspiration from?
-You can find inspiration anywhere at any given time. For me personally, I find a lot of inspiration from merely driving through the forests and countryside in my truck. Our contemporaries obviously have a place in our hearts when it comes to writing style, but on VOYAGE FROM VINLAND, it is the lands that were the true inspiration.

I guess there are things you did when you started that you’d do differently today. What has been your biggest mistake to this date? The one thing you’ll never do again.
-I wouldn’t say we’ve made any mistakes. None of us really regret anything we’ve done within this band since we began. We’re constantly growing and learning and every experience we’ve had playing shows, touring and recording have all been extremely beneficial experiences and we don’t regret a single thing.

When I think folk metal I think Finland and not Canada. What are you doing differently from the Finnish bands for me to use my time on Bolero instead?
-Yes, the market for folk metal is obviously much larger in places like Finland as opposed to Canada. When we make our music, we make it with no one else in mind but ourselves and what you are hearing when you listen to BOLERO is a massive disregard for what is to be expected from a metal band – especially here in Canada! We are being true to ourselves musically, lyrically as well as a live unit in every sense of the word and nothing will stop us!

“Voyage From Vinland” as a title brings up images of grandeur and courageous men. Who are these voyagers and where are they heading?
-Us of course! As our history books are teaching people, this land we live in was called Vinland when it was first set foot upon by the Vikings. The title simply refers to ourselves as voyaging from the medium of expectancy that we seem enveloped within here in Canada and discovering ourselves constantly in a musical regard. You’re much likelier to hear a band similar to us in Scandinavia than here in North America.

Canada as a nation is pretty young. Let us assume that the Vikings came to Canada on their voyages, what would they have found?
-Most likely they would have found a land similar to their own. Along with that, a bounty of opportunity and sense of a new beginning.

Where does the fascination for other ancient people’s history than the natives to Canada come from?
-A very large percentage of Canadians are either immigrants, or descended from immigrants from all over the world at whatever given time. My grandparents on both sides, for example, had immigrated to Canada from England and Germany so that is where my background lays. Coming from another viewpoint is that curiosity really does not have any bounds and it is definitely beneficial to one’s own knowledge to have an understanding of other cultures and their respective backgrounds.

To an outsider the structure of the Canadian population seems strange looking at the map. There are strings of population in the East (north to south) and in the West (north to south) and in-between there are huge spots of non (scarcely)-populated areas. How do you build a national following touring a country like that?
-You build it by touring unceasingly. These population groupings are terrific really, because you have massive markets like Toronto and Montreal within a days’ drive with literally thousands of towns and smaller cities in between. I couldn’t imagine the amount of work it would take say, 30 years ago to amass a following nationwide without huge developments like the internet (incl. radio, social networking, etc). Nowadays, distances 3000 miles away are more accessible than ever,

Even though Canada might have somewhat of a rock/metal tradition it still seem like it is really hard to break through. Where do you see the greatest potential for your metal?
-I see our greatest potential for success in our approach to music and how it seems to stand out from the rest over here.

What future do you see for Bolero?
-More shows, beers and music!

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