TUXEDO were new to me but I liked what I heard on the album. So much so that I wanted to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Is humour in music important to you guys?
-Humour is one of the most important things in our band. We enjoy very much what we do, but we don’t take us too serious. We take music serious, for sure, but not ourselves. Sometimes it seems that bands think it’s necessary to look evil on stage all the time, but we don’t want that. We always have a lot of fun on stage, that’s very important and we
want to transmit that to the people. Our show is full of funny and crazy specials with which we always try to bring a little smile on people’s faces.

What made you go with the name TUXEDO? Jackie Chan?
-No, no, that has nothing to do with the film. It refers to our traditional outfit we wear during our shows. Meanwhile it has become kind of a brand. When somebody sees guys with traditional Austrian trousers and a white shirt playing metal on stage, he or she should know that tuXedo is playing. This year we have seen more and more people who also wear this clothes during our shows. It’s crazy and really, really funny, because normally nobody and I really mean nobody, wears this clothes when he or she goes to a metal concert and this is a honour for us and makes us proud.

What is it that has defined your sound, what makes TUXEDO sound like TUXEDO?
-We are six musicans and everyone has a more or less different taste in metal music. So we try to put the best ideas of each into our songs. One characteristic feature of our sounds are definitely the melodic guitar riffs, which have a high recognition value. Another feature, which isn’t often seen: Three drummers on stage that gives our music absolutely a different sound, compared to many other bands in our scene. Moreover it makes our sound extremely powerful and unique.

How would you like to describe the music to somebody that reads about you for the first
-I think our music is a balanced mix of metalcore and thrash influences combined with some other elements. Most of our songs are full of energie and power. The best way to check out, is watching videos on our youtube channel, or even better, if you have the chance, come to one of our shows! It’s gonna be an awesome experience!

I guess releasing a new record is just a part of your plan. How do you intend to take it
from here?
-Yes, of course. To release the album was important, but tuXedo is absolutely not a studio band. We are definitely a live band and everybody who knows us can confirm this. So the most important thing for the band is to perform live. At the moment we’re booking the summer festival shows. We are looking forward to the festival season every year. Unfortunately it’s very hard for
an unknown band like tuXedo to grab slots on festivals. So we’ll see, where we might play in 2014. Another target for the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015 is to play a tour as support of an etablished band, like we did it in 2012 with the guys of Ektomorf. And, last but not least, we’re already working on new stuff. A couple of songs for a new album are already finished.
So we will record a new album next year.

Is it important to have an album cover that grabs people’s attention?
-Yes, we think so. It should be an eye catcher and should make people, who don’t know the band, curious about it. There are so many releases every month and especially in the case of bands, which aren’t known very well, it’s absolutely necessary to differentiate from others. Of course, the music itself should be the main reason for buying a CD. But it’s also thinkable that an extraordinary cover makes people amazed, wanting to know what’s behind it.

How do you get people to go from looking at the cover to actually listen to the album?
-Good question, but we think, that you have to find your own style. It is an advantage when it’s a little bit different to all the other metal covers. What takes peoples attention? We thing that something new or something strange takes attention, and our cover related to a metal band is al little bit of both. As we already mentioned, we hope that the people want to know what is behind this freaky cover and listen to the music.

What is the climate for the kind of metal you play, nationally as well as internationally?
-Hopefully internationally. We played many shows in Austria, but we have also played shows in Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Slovakia and each time we got a very good feedback from the people directly after the show and also on our homepage. We love to meet people from other countries and enjoy getting to know other cultures. So we hope that in future we can play in many other countries.

Would you say that you’ve made the best possible album you could?
-We are really satisfied with the result and we love every song on this album. It’s hard to say if it’s the best possible album, because there are always small things that you could do better. The most important thing is that we are convinced of the songs and this can be definitly answered with a yes. We hope that the people also do so.

How will you top this new one?
-We already have begun with the songwriting for the next album and, holly shit, this is really some asskicking stuff. We are so excited about that. It’s always hard to estimate if your own songs are better or poorer. It’s important that we like them and the people like them. Be prepared for that! If somebody knows us, she or he will definitly recognize the typical sound of tuXedo, but, of course, it differs from the actual album. But we have just released “Flowerfield Melodies” so have fun with this songs, for the moment! ;)

Is playing live an important factor in spreading a band’s name?
-For us it’s the most important factor. We are definitely a live band. We love to play for the crowd and to have fun on stage. In our case it’s the best way to demonstrate our power and to perform our songs. After a show people should talk about you and tell others, “hey man, you should visit a concert of this band, they are fucking awesome”, than you know that you are on the right way.

What kind of live scene is there?
-Of course there are many metal fans in Austria, but the scene divided into many musical
tastes. Therefore no metal genre has a really big scene. Furthermore we hope to play also more shows abroad in future.

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