69 CHAMBERS might not be the most sexy band name floating about but boy is this one exciting band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is the band name some obscure reference to some even more obscure Egyptian burial mound?
-Interesting thesis. Since I can’t really answer the question – the band was originally founded as a hobby project and I never imagined having to explain the name in an interview at the time – why don’t I just say yes, why not?

What is it with Swiss bands and three-pieces? Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Coroner were all three piece bands. What advantages are there to just being three?
-I don’t know if trios are really a specific Swiss thing, but the advantages are clear: Three people that work together well are better than three plus one that doesn’t really fit.

I take that you’ve tried your luck separately as well. What is the biggest difference between your past endeavours and 69 Chambers?
-I founded 69 Chambers like a million years ago, before that I was in a band hardly to be taken seriously. So I can’t really answer this question… But Tommy Vetterli and Diego Rapacchietti sure have had other experiences. Especially Tommy, who’s been with Kreator, Stephan Eicher and of course Coroner has been with much bigger bands on a different level of success, but he especially enjoys the challenge of playing in a much different and musically more versatile band. Plus, both guys have never had a front woman bossing them around ;-).

When you come from smack in the middle of Europe and from a country with no greater metal tradition do you feel that you have to work harder to gain the same exposure and band from Germany or Sweden or the States have to?
-I guess so. The Swiss market is small, plus people only start supporting a local band when it’s already become famous outside the country. At the same time there’s little support outside Switzerland for a Swiss band, but quality music always finds its way out there.

What is the hardest part of being a band in a country mostly known for chocolate and clocks?
-Chocolate will make you fat, and clocks over-punctual. No seriously, I guess the hardest thing is finding a great line-up. People have much to loose in wealthy Switzerland, so there aren’t many that dedicate their time into something as unprofitable as music. At least not when they’re over their teen-age…

The album is 64 minute divided into 14 tracks. What is that makes the album over an hour long? Why not just release a 40 minute album?
-When we worked on the new material there were so many song ideas around that we just couldn’t decide which ones to leave out. Plus, I think 69 Chambers is the kind of band that needs to show the whole range. So why not record a really long album? If you don’t like a song, skip to the next one!

What would you say is the common denominator when it comes to fusing together your individual influences? What bands do you all have in common?
-I wouldn’t exactly know particular bands we all like. The thing is: We all have a metal background, but we’re each open to different music, even pop. Neither Tommy, Diego nor I are the traditional metalhead-type.

How does the album title Torque fit into the picture? Why chose that word as the title?
-The idea came spontaneously. Torque is turning force, and pretty decisive for the power a car gets down on its wheels for instance. Perhaps it’s my day job as an automotive journalist that made the term pop up into my mind, but it just seemed right for us – I believe with the current line-up and song material we have enough ‘Torque’ to get 69 Chambers accelerated.

You are on to your second album. How much of a base did the first one create for you to build on?
-Considering that we were an unknown band with a debut released by an unknown label I think we did pretty well in building up a fan bass that was eager to hear the new album. But there’s still more potential around – I’m sure the second album can reach a wider audience.

What would you like to see the future bring to the band?
-The recognition we believe we deserve. And a decent tour.

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