6TH COUNTED MURDER is a band that I had not heard of before they were presented to me. So of course I wanted to know more about them. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

When you look back and see how far you’ve come, what do you think of journey so far and where do you think it will take you?
SIMO: It’s been a long road. Each of us has different musical tastes and different ways of composing. And we’ve always wanted everyone to be satisfied with the final result in order to achieve our own personal and recognizable sound – which we finally got, as you can hear in the differences among all the tracks. Yet they all share a base matrix which identifies the 6th CM project.
LULA: I believe this is just a step. We learned so much by working together, figuring out how to create together. This is the way to improve ourselves, all this experience will lead us to new songs and new music!
GIANLUCA: This is just the beginning, and if those who listen to our new album and come to see us live appreciate the fruit of our work and the energy we put on stage, then I hope it becomes an even longer journey!

I often wonder how people discover that they can do what they do. How did you discover that you can sing and play instruments?
SIMO: By singing and screaming in my mates’ cars since I was a teenager. I started as a guitar player, then guitarist and singer, then I focused on my voice development.
LULA: It was very natural and instinctive. Listening to the music I liked, I felt the need to play it myself. I remember stealing my father’s acoustic guitar, using rope as a shoulder strap, and spending days trying to learn Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”. In the end it worked out pretty well.
GIANLUCA: I started banging spoons on my mother’s pots and pans when I was still in diapers, and haven’t stopped since! 🙂

When did it become a revelation that you can do this and maybe get paid for having fun, instead of just putting out all the money?
SIMO: When I started singing in tribute bands
LULA: I’m still waiting for that to happen…

When you spend a significant amount of your life on a band, does it ever feel like you’ve wasted your time, that you have battled one too many windmills?
SIMO: When your bandmates have the same passion as you, and you all share the obsessive quest for excellence in creating your own music, it can’t ever be a waste of time. And once you hear the results of your effort, all the struggles are just forgotten.
LULA: We still battle windmills every day, but it’s never a waste of time. This applies as much to life as to the band. I will never regret anything!
GIANLUCA: IMO, spending your time on supporting, nourishing and growing your passions is never a waste of time…it’s life!

No matter how small or big you were as a band, you will leave a legacy. How do you want people to treat this legacy?
SIMO: We hope it gets people enthusiastic and thinking that they can play music, too. Music is the heart of everything we are doing and for me, seeing my bandmates being always focused and determined, despite the fact we all have tough jobs, families, some with kids, it’s an inspiration. And I hope the new generation will feel the same passion that pushes us always forward.
LULA, GIANLUCA: We hope that the music we play will be inspirational for other people. We’d love nothing more than to see someone start playing his own stuff because of us.

Is digital taking away the mystery of waiting for a new album, now that you can upload as soon as you have written a song?
SIMO, LULA: Everything is faster now in every field. So while from one point of view a song can be forgotten in no time, from the other, it allows everybody to get some exposure.

How important is image in separating you from all the million different styles of metal out there?
SIMO, LULA: I don’t know how separate we are from the many different styles. I just do what I like.
GIANLUCA: Being able to create something truly unique and different from what’s already been heard, I think that’s the dream, more or less conscious, of any musician.
We all have very different musical tastes and I think that in our small way we have managed to create a very personal amalgam that we hope will be appreciated by those who listen to different kinds of metal.

Do you take on different topics lyrically, or do you keep to one, just using different variations?
SIMO, LULA: Each lyric is different. Some of them are made up once the song is ready and I follow the vibe, other times the band creates a vibe that reminds me of a lyric I wrote in the past, so I dig it up and adapt it. We were halfway finished when we realized it could have been kind of a concept album.

Do you consider yourselves live artists, or do you like to spend most of your time secluded in a studio?
SIMO: Me as a singer, absolutely live.
LULA: It depends on the feeling of the moment. To me, there are times when composition overrides everything. I get lost trying to transcribe my feelings into notes and riffs and structures. That’s why I probably I prefer the studio phase… until it becomes too boring and repetitive. At that point I need to play live!
GIANLUCA: For me, the best way to enjoy metal is live, no question about it!

How much of a touring band are you guys? What memories do you take with you?
SIMO: We won’t be touring that much, but when we do, oh man! That’s gonna be fucking crazy!
LULA, GIANLUCA: Everyday life won’t allow us to do long tours. But we’ll play live every chance we get. Who the fuck wouldn’t?

What does the future hold?
SIMO, GIANLUCA: Music, music, and more music!!
LULA: …and a murder too…

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