If ever there was a classic Swedish death metal band A CANOROUS QUINTET sure are up for the title. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Let’s begin with why A CANOROUS QUINTET never made it big. What happened to the band?
-Well, first of all it was never our goal to “make it big”, we were young kids and just wanted to play music. We were happy to release albums and play. I think very few bands in this genre get successful after just one or two albums, most bands have to keep it up for many years and keep on touring but since ACQ quit short before the second album was release there was never a chance.

You guys where there in the beginning of the Swedish death metal wonder. Did you at the time notice that you were a part of something much bigger?
-I don’t think we noticed it that much to be honest. I assumed it was the same in every country and even if the bands in Sweden were successful we still looked at the international bands in awe and thought they were so much bigger and cooler.

If you look back at your collective work how do you feel that the material has aged?
-With grace I would say. After the years I start to look at the releases a bit more forgiving, and I realize we were still young and didn’t really know what the hell we were doing in terms of recording an album. I think the material and songs are still really strong and I still enjoy listen to it. I think we had something unique going on and in a way it’s a shame we didn’t keep it up.

How proud are you of what you accomplished? What kind of interest is there today for your old stuff?
-I’m very proud. ACQ is a bit of my baby and I still stand for everything we did 100% I don’t know what the interest is for it today, but I think the music is still valid and to me it’s still innovating and original. Compared to much of what’s released in today’s metal scene at least what we recorded was honest.

You were a part of the whole No Fashion crew. Did it help being on a label that was pretty much synonymous with Swedish death/black metal in spreading the band’s name?
-I guess it was both good and bad. Good that the label had a good reputation and lots of people would buy the albums they released even before listening to it. Bad because the label got quickly too big for their own good and weren’t able to properly support all their bands. We were for example offered several times by other bands to open up for them on their tours but No Fashion always said no to giving us tour support and we couldn’t afford paying from our own pockets.

Why are we seeing a rerelease of the stuff now? What is so special with 2013?
-We were planning to release this for the 20th anniversary in 2011 but to make the release as good as it is it took longer to put everything together, everyone in the band does this on their free time and since everyone has busy lives the free time is very little.

When you look back do you feel bitter that you didn’t make more of the band when you had the chance?
-No, I was never bitter about it. And like I said earlier we never had any grandiose ideas that we would “make it”.

When ACQ wasn’t no longer what did you move on to? Did you stay in contact or were you dispersed in the wind and never to be seen again?
-Linus and Jesper had already formed Guidance of Sin and I joined them for a few years until I got too busy with Amon Amarth. Leo formed Niden div and Mårten sang with October Tide and Sins of Omission. We were all friends before we joined the band and stayed friends during all these years.

The last couple of years we’ve seen an explosion in old school Swedish death metal bands all over the years. How does it feel knowing that you were a major part of that whole scene in the beginning?
-I think we still feel we were a bit of an underground band, we had a bit of a following in Stockholm and Germany, but in the states for example no one really knew about us. I don’t feel any different about being in the band from back then, not more than just being a part of the Swedish scene in general.

Will we see a future for A CANOROUS QUINTET?
-That’s something the future will tell.

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