I like the aesthetic that Darkthrone created with albums 2-4. American A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL has that same feel to their whole black metal being. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How does a Transylvanian funeral differ from any other funeral?
-That would highly depend on the corpse in question.

What was it that made you wanting to do ATF on your own?
-ATF started as a duo but my co-writer lost interest over time. I have found that to be the case with many ‘musicians’, therefore, I assume all responsibilities.

How important has Darkthrone’s albums 2 -4 been to the whole black metal movement in terms of both music and graphics? I don’t know how many albums I’ve seen with the same kinda aesthetic approach.
-I would say they have been extremely influential. With any form of art, you have pioneers, imitators and derivative works. I like their material, so…

In creating the music you do, do you have to be in a specific set of mind or does it come to you like running water?
-I prefer to be in a specific state of mind. I usually warm up on guitar and just work in an elevated creative mindset with different melody structures, drum pattern feels, lyric phrasing feels, etc. Most of my favorite songs came to me quite easily, with little re-writing effort.

How much does the environment you live in play a part in the outcome of A Transylvanian Funeral? How much do channel into the music?
-I would say yes. I live in a good city that I enjoy. I don’t complain about where I live like most people. I live in the Arizona desert but with an hour drive, I can walk in snow covered forests, if I choose. I don’t go to clubs or bars and prefer to be at home, in my studio, working on being creative, working the label, zine, etc. So, yes, my reclusive nature lends itself well to the art.

What is it about black metal that appeals to you and what does it give you that other metal genres can’t?
-To me, black metal is more memorable. With ‘scenes’ and bars and bullshit, it becomes a party, it is fun and social and it is a fashion show. Black metal is, to me, none of those things.

How do you promote your release without losing too much cred and still reach those who might be interested?
-I just release my music and put it out as many places as I can so people can hear it. I don’t worry so much about ‘losing cred’…not sure what you mean by that. I have had a positive response from the material I have released but can’t really be too concerned if others don’t enjoy it or criticize it negatively.

Is there a rule book to black metal that you feel you have to obey to in order to be true? What is true to you?
-I don’t think there are any rules specific to black metal that don’t apply to any other art form. An artist should attempt to be good at what they do and do it for the sake of the art, not for the scene or bragging rights at the local bar. Being ‘true’ is being true to the art and one’s self, working hard and persevering when the drummer quits or the reviews all say that you are a terrible writer.

Can you name 5 essential black metal records that those new to the genre should have in their collection?
• A Transylvanian Funeral – S/T (of course!)
• Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
• Limbonic Art – Moon in the Scorpio
• Inquisition – Into the Infernal Regions…
• Thornspawn / Black Angel – Impious Jaws…

Will we see a future for A Transylvanian Funeral and what will it contain?
-There is definitely more material on the way from A Transylvanian Funeral. I will be performing drums on the next release, so don’t expect another drum machine for a while. There are a lot of aspects to what I do, the main idea is to not repeat myself too much in terms of production style or songwriting and just stay fresh with ideas. Thanks for your time, 666!!!

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