ABRIOSIS from Canada proves that there is life beyond Cryptopsy in the ever so technical death metal genre. Answers from Robin Iwasiw, the drummer. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Can we speak of a Canadian death metal sound? What in your opinion set Abriosis apart from the rest?
-Well I think when most people speak of the Canadian death metal sound the first thing that comes to mind is the Quebec metal scene. The province of Quebec has been responsible for some pretty innovative metal bands such as Voivod, Cryptopsy, Gorguts, and Martyr to name a few. I think one thing that makes Abriosis unique in the current death metal climate is that for us the song comes first. We don’t have a set formula or rely on things such as “speed” or “1000bpm tempos” to construct songs. All 4 members input into the writing process is very important. 4 heads are better than 1 and it breathes more life into the music.

Your sound is being described as progressive. What in it is that is progressive?
-We choose the word progressive because to us that means constant change and evolution. I would say we stay away from the “Tech” label because technical is all in the eye of the beholder and means different things from person to person.

You have a new vocalist now that has already appeared on another bands record and has drawn some attention to herself already. Do you think that this will help people discover the band?
-Yes Alxs Ness already had her own following through previous work and developed a strong youtube following through her vocal covers and tutorials. She has worked hard to hone her craft and is constantly expanding her voice. Her hard work has definitely helped expand our fan base.

I’m not one for traditional gender roles but do you think that a death metal band with a female vocalist will gain more attention than a band without?
-Well I think people will check us out from curiosity over the gender thing. We have noticed a stronger female presence at shows with Alxs Ness in the band. It’s kind of a double edged sword. Because death metal is so male dominated you still have some people who are resistant to a female fronted band. Alxs is such a strong front woman and a complete animal on stage so she can win over even the hardest critics.

You have a new EP out now. What was the idea behind releasing just an EP and not an album?
-We all felt that financially and for productivity a 4 song song EP would be our best chosen path. Production costs are lower and this will allow us to to release new music more frequently.

I’ve never ever released an album which makes me wonder how hard it is to write a whole album? Do you come to a point where you just can’t top what you’ve already written and settle for the second best to fill the album?
-No, we never settle for second best. We kill ourselves in the writing process and pine over all the details until everyone is happy. If it doesn’t give us goose bumps we throw it out. The band has a strict ” all killer NO filler” policy haha.

How important is the way the record looks? I’m almost obsessed with lay out and art work and feel almost cheated when something looks too simple and easy.
-The imagery and look of the art work/packaging is very important. I feel it needs to complement the music as well as help portray the themes and feel of the music.

Has technology made it easier to be DIY today? How DIY are ABRIOSIS?
-Yes technology has been very helpful with all aspects of the band. We are a self-financed independent band so at this point we book all our own shows and tours & do 90% of the leg work ourselves. It`s very time consuming but also very important to expanding our fan base.

How much promoting can you do in Canada and the US before it starts to feel like you preaching to the already converted? What would it take for you guys to come to Europe or Japan or South America?
-At this point it seems like you can never promote too much. The internet has made the world a bigger place with all the different online sites, magazines, blogs etc.
If afforded the opportunity we would love to have the chance to play in different countries! We are looking into it but it is quite a challenge for independent bands.

What future do you see for the band?
-We will continue to release new music and tour as much as financially possible. Our next big step will be to venture down to the states and start building a stronger following down there. Right now anything is possible and we will continue to work our butts off and push the band as far as possible. Cheers

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