I remember reviewing an ABSENT/MINDED album way back. Since the name lives on in my memory it must have been good. Why I didn’t interview them back then I don’t know but it’s been rectified now. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

Could you please introduce the band to us?
-Well, we are ABSENT/ MINDED from Germany. Our headquarter is in Bamberg, a city not far from Nuremberg. We were found in 2009, we released 3 records and we love it to play a dirty doom sound with downtempo beats.

When you form how easy is it to pick up a thread as to where your sound is going?
-In the most cases we have no exact idea, where the songs or the sound should go to. We just know what we like or not. So we check new ideas at the rehearsals and try to find out, which tunes are creating goosebumps. It´s interesting, that we use to work on this way since the beginning of the band. It was very helpful, that the chemistry in the band was very well during the years.

How do you explain the meaning of the band name?
-We had a lot of ideas for a bandname. But the most of them were too lame or on the other hand, too profound. So we had this idea to catch our mood when we are on stage or in the rehearsals and put it in a name. So, Absent/ Minded stands for “go with the flow” or “don’t think too much”.

How important is image to the band? What impression do you want the fans to get of the band?
-Well, we always tried to show, what we really are. It is not our way to wear some masks or fancy clothes just to create a picture. It is important for us to catch a special moment in a song, reflect this moment on stage and keep staying in the here and now. No effects, no special entertainment, just energy. The only thing we worked with was green light and smoke at the gigs… We want to give an open field to the audience, each one lives in an own world with own thoughts and emotions… maybe we can trigger a part of it.

I am a huge fan of LP art work. How important is it to have the right art work for your album?
-With the “ALIGHT” record we gave more attention to the artwork. We don’t want to think about the artwork on the one way and about the music on another way. We like it when music and pictures are coming together and recreate something new on a special way. The artwork shows a man, who wants to be alone in the middle of nowhere. That was the idea of the title “ALIGHT”, go into the wilderness and leave everything behind for a while.

How do you avoid being affected by the hype likes on youtube and facebook can create on social media?
-It seems that one the most important levels is, how many “thumbs up” you got on facebook and youtube. Of course we are happy when people like our music and give us a “like” here and there. But sometimes it is a bit like fast food. The fans could check hundreds of bands in the internet, day by day. It is pretty easy to give a “thumb up”. So, for a DIY band like us its pretty good, to get a platform where we can spread and provide our stuff. But our sound is not affected by the number of thumbs we get. We have to do, what we like the most… and if there are a few people, who likes it, its awesome.

When you play in a metal band does it feel like you are a part of massive community?
-That depends. In our younger years, we wanted to be a part of a worldwide community. And it is fascinating how many people around the globe are going to big rock shows to get some party. At concerts or festivals like this it doesn’t matter how old you are or what language you speak and so on… it’s a place where you can be what you want to be. We still wanna live a way like this, but we don’t see our band as a part of the big “event circus”. Today there is so much business and entertainment in it… there is the next big thing, the next great “sould out” tour or festival. It’s a huge place for sooo many bands. The effect is, big festivals over and over each year, thousands of fans are having fun and spending a lot of money… small festivals and shows with really good bands are struggling to get enough money for the travel costs or for the soundguy. It’s a bit strange sometimes.

How important is it to be signed to label today? What can they do that you cannot so on your own?
-Meanwhile we are on the search for some people or companies we can work with… distribution or booking and stuff like that. It would be awesome to find someone who takes care about these things, but not at any price. We know a few bands, they would do sooo much for getting a bit more famous, its weird. We really really love it, when fans are coming to our shows or checking our CD´s and stuff. But its important for us, that the relationship with a company is based on trust and a good collaboration. If there is some, its good… If not, we try to organize the stuff by ourselves in collaboration with friends and other bands.

How much of a touring band are you guys? How hard is it to get gigs outside of your borders?
-Well, we are on our way to organize a few gigs with other bands in Germany this year. In the future we want to play in other countries also. But it’s a lot of work to organize this by yourself. And sometimes, it’s pretty difficult. But we really love it to play live, so we try to play some small tour and hope to see a lot you guys in front of the stage for having party.

What will the future bring?
-We put a lot of work and energy in the “ALIGHT” record. So at the moment we want to do a bit promo work and tour-planning. But we started with some new tunes again, maybe we make another new video clip. And sooner or later we will enter the studio again for the next damn heavy record.

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