ABSOLACE came from out of nowhere and knocked me out. I had to find out more about this band so an interview was set up. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Absolace are totally new to me. What can you tell us about your humble beginnings?
-The band was formed in about late 2008/early 2009, to track our debut album ‘Resolved[d]’, which was released in July 2010. The songs though, go back quite some time. It started off kind of as my own writing project, then I got Jack (guitars), who is an old friend of mine, to jam some of the songs with me. We actually went into production just before approaching the rest of the band.

When you come from a place not known for its music scene does that make it harder to be taken serious by the rest of the music loving world?
-Well I wouldn’t say harder to take seriously. Actually people kind of get a bit curious when they hear of a band from Dubai. Its more that its harder to get your music out there, just because of the difficulty of touring in places like Europe and US when you live so far away.

Have you ever felt that you’ve had to prove yourself worthy in a way that you would not have had to had you come from Europe or the US?
-Well yes it does get very frustrating being stuck over here. Believe me all we wanna do is just get our music out there. But we are cooking up some plans, I think you’ll be seeing us very soon.

When you release and album does it feel like you’ve made and can sit back or is it now that the journey begins? Take us through the emotions that run through you?
-No not at all. I think the positive thing about our lack of touring schedule means that we can still ourselves busy with writing music. We already have some ideas brewing for even more music to come.

When do you know that you are ready to release an album? Do you go on gut feeling or are you more strategic?
-Hahahah no not much strategy I must admit. It’s more like, we all get writing, and when we feel we have enough material, we go into production for however long it takes. We try to stick to a schedule as much as possible, but other things do end up getting in the way. We finish when we finish, and once it’s all ready to go, we release it.

How hard is it to find the right kind of people to work with? How do you avoid all the big talkers that promise wide and deliver short?
-Well actually, most people we work with, ranging from all the band members, to designer, to people working for our label, etc, are mostly people we have known for a while. We trust them, and we know they are realistic people. We rarely get ourselves into a situation where someone promises everything and we are gullible enough to fall for it.

We live in a day and age that almost requires that everybody has a computer and broadband connection to not be out of the loop. How can you best take advantage of the social media to further the band?s cause?
-The internet is great for what we’re doing. I mean a few years ago, the pre-myspace/facebook/twitter/youtube era, everybody’s internet time was spent all over the place, and spread very thin. It was difficult to pinpoint where to focus all of your promotion. Now most people’s net time is 90% spent on the above mentioned social networks. That’s where a lot of bands are discovered and made into what they are today. Not only that, but it gives great feedback and insights into your fanbase. We can tell everything about our fans, where they’re from, what age they are, how they heard of us, etc.. It’s great!

How do you reach all those people that still don’t have access to the net? What ways are there still left outside of the electronic in reaching people?
-Well not many people are left out from the internet these days to be honest. Having said that we don’t stick entirely to the internet to promote ourselves. We keep trying to push our radio play. We try to encourage people to buy merch at our shows to wave our flag around. When we throw gigs, we do the traditional flyer and poster thing too. The internet is great, but it’s not absolutely everything.

What would you say has been the greatest experience being in a band so far?
-We’ve had our fare share I think. For me, our two trips to play in Lebanon were the best. That’s just my opinion. The first was opening for Anathema in Beirut, and the second was playing at the prestigious byblos festival. Also I’ll never forget it.

What future do you see for Abosolace?
-Well we’re not done yet, not by any stretch of imagination. Ideally, we would like to see a couple of European tours, and a US tour, under our belts in the next couple of years. Plus another full-length album. We’ll just see what happens.

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